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How startups can find buyers with MicroAcquire

LIVE with Andrew Gazdecki - CEO - serial entrepreneur, mentor and investor

If you have taken as far as possible with your startup and feel like this is the end, you should find a buyer for your project. And let that person grow the idea further. But finding the right person is not an easy process. And the acquisition process is so time-consuming.

What if I tell you there is a platform where you can do that without too much hassle? It’s an acquisition marketplace where both sellers and buyers can find their match. It’s incredible to notice what technology and people can build together for society. But enough with our dreams, let’s see what MicroAquire is and what it can do for you!

About MicroAcquire

In short terms, MicroAcquire is a startup acquisition marketplace where people can sell their startups to the right people. The concept was designed by Andrew Gazdecki, a serial entrepreneur, mentor, and investor. After building two companies, Bizness Apps &, both acquired, he realized that he could devise a solution to make the acquisition process much easier for both startup owners.

And, then, MicroAcquire was born with the genuine desire to reduce the hassle of buying/selling a startup. Moreover, he designed the platform for serial entrepreneurs looking to purchase small companies and grow them and for startup owners with annual recurring revenue (ARR) of less than $500,000 and looking to sell them. So, practically, it is a win-win situation for everyone, and the platform simplifies the process.

“Our goal is to help startups find buyers. Simple as that.”

Andrew Gazdecki

If you are an entrepreneur looking for new great opportunities or small startups, you should watch this video. But if you’re a startup owner looking to reach the right people to grow it, then you should double-watch it!