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How to automatically deliver personalized advice reports

How to automatically deliver personalized advice reports | Stefan Debois - Pointerpro

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina sits down with Stefan Debois, the founder of Pointerpro, to discuss the process of automating personalized advice reports and the journey of building a successful SaaS company. Stefan Debois started his entrepreneurial journey eleven years ago when he founded a company focused on surveys. However, realizing that the survey market was highly competitive and saturated, Stefan shifted the focus of his company in 2019 to assessments.

How they differentiate in the competitive survey market

This strategic decision proved a game-changer, allowing his company to stand out in the market. Combining questionnaires, automatic reports, logic scoring, and a logic engine sets Pointerpro apart from its competitors. The software platform enables professional service companies to automate the entire process of delivering personalized advice. The assessment engine allows for the creation of questionnaires, and the responses from participants are used to perform calculations and generate personalized advice reports.

One of the remarkable features of Pointerpro is that their reports are often mistaken for being written by human consultants. The reports are the most loved outcome of the tool and are highly customizable, incorporating branding and design aspects. This personalized touch adds value and credibility to the reports, creating a remarkable customer experience.
Stefan shares valuable insights into the challenges he faced while building his company. One of the biggest challenges was finding a product-market fit in the early years.

By recognizing that the general survey market would not lead to long-term success, Stefan explored different options and eventually found a niche in the assessment market. He advises other SaaS startups to focus on finding a niche that is big enough to earn money but small enough to avoid competition from larger companies. Another challenge Stefan encountered was the ability to pivot when something was not working quickly. He believes that being able to conclude quickly and move on to a new idea would have led him to find a successful product and market fit sooner. This ability to adapt and pivot is crucial for startups in the SaaS industry.

Throughout the episode, Stefan provides valuable insights into building and scaling a successful SaaS company. From finding a niche market to automating personalized advice reports, he offers practical advice for entrepreneurs in the SaaS industry. The story of Pointerpro serves as an inspiration for anyone looking to create a disruptive SaaS solution and revolutionize the professional services sector.