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How to boost your global presence with AI translation

How to boost your global presence with AI translation | Matija Kovac - Taia

In the latest episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, we sit down with Matija Kovac, the CEO of Taia, a smart AI-assisted translation solutions company. Matija shares valuable insights and secrets to help businesses grow by leveraging AI technology in the localization industry.

The introduction of AI in translation is a game-changer, according to Matija. AI not only helps humans do things faster and more efficiently, but it has also made previously unaffordable localization projects possible. While AI can translate certain types of content, such as product descriptions, Matija points out that human translation is still essential for content like homepages and legal documents.

Our guest talks about the challenges of entering a demand-driven market. He reveals that educating potential customers about the affordability and ease of their translation services is crucial. To reach the right audience, Matija emphasizes the effectiveness of SEO and SEM in targeting customers who are actively searching for localization solutions.

He notes that while advertising on LinkedIn has become expensive, targeted advertising can still yield good results. He also highlights the importance of remarketing to ensure that visitors remember the company and its brand. Matija recommends using the Google Display Network and Facebook Display Network as cost-efficient remarketing tools to stay top-of-mind with potential customers.

How they survived a co-founder breakup

The role of founders in sales is another key topic. Matija stresses that founders need to be heavily involved in sales, especially in the early stages, as they have the best understanding of the product and how to communicate its value. Being on the front line of sales is crucial until a self-replicating sales machine is established.

Matija candidly shares the challenges his own company faced, including difficulties with securing further investments. However, Taia managed to survive and become profitable, going through downsizing and leadership changes. Matija transitioned from CTO to CEO, and while the journey was turbulent, the company is now growing and hiring.

Managing burn rate and optimizing company growth are crucial elements discussed by Matija. He believes in the power of quicker firing and slower hiring to ensure that team members contribute effectively to the company’s growth. Clear financial management is also emphasized, as founders need to know where their money is going and make informed decisions.

In the rapidly evolving world of AI, Matija acknowledges that the industry is becoming crowded but positions Taia as offering a more personalized human touch compared to faceless corporations. Overall, this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast provides insightful strategies and firsthand experiences from Matija Kovač, highlighting the power of AI-assisted translation solutions in growing businesses and navigating the localization industry.