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How to build and run your influencer dream team

How to build and run your influencer dream team | Mads Wedderkopp - Dreaminfluence

In this insightful episode of Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina sits down with Mads Wedderkopp, a key thought leader in the world of influencer marketing and the CEO of Dreaminfluence. The company boasts a curated network of 30,000 verified influencers across Europe, significantly simplifying the process of influencer scouting.

Dreaminfluence has emerged as a remarkable platform for influencer marketing. With a massive influencer library, brands can readily use influencer-generated content for up to 24 months. This not only saves them time and resources on content creation but also guarantees high-quality content with proven influence. By automating campaign management and tracking, Dreamfluence has smartly eliminated the need for manual intervention.

Touching on the topic of growth, Mads highlights the importance of a well-knit, harmonious team. With a series of strategic hiring, firing, and rescaling of roles—like the challenging transition of their former CEO to another role—they eventually emerged stronger to meet their ambitious growth targets. Their hiring process, as Mads highlights, is thorough and focuses majorly on individuals’ talents, cultural fit, and alignment with the company’s core values.

Mads emphasizes the importance of early conversations about long-term management roles in start-ups. He believes it’s crucial to identify individuals best suited for these strategic positions, advocating for a well-considered process based on an individual’s potential and alignment with the company’s culture. Our guest initially joined as an advisor, then he was the chairman of the board and helped the CEO sell the company. The new holding group wanted Mads to be the new CEO.

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, which started at 14 with a webshop, Mads has learned invaluable lessons. He believes in a founder’s ability to reinvent themselves at different stages of a company’s growth. He also highlights the significance of complementary skills within the founding team, calling it a critical element of success.

Mads shared his experience of starting a company that evolved from a digital menu running on iPad into an integrated point-of-sale system. The enterprise grew to accommodate 70 employees, managing 7 million euros in annual recurring revenue. In October 2020, following a merger, Wedderkopp transitioned from CEO to COO.