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How to close more deals with virtual selling

How to close more deals with Virtual Selling | Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel - CEO Salesdeck

About SalesDeck

SalesDeck is a customer meeting platform that allows you to have better-prepared and more engaging customer meetings. You can track the progress of your meetings, have more visibility, and you can also receive automatic reporting post-meeting.

It is an all-in-one Sales Enablement Solution that helps businesses modelize, train, deal, and manage the sales playbook. Sales processes are modeled with different types of cards. For example, there are reactions, objectives & agendas, conversation, co-browsing, structured data cards, and more.

Virtual selling became a thing during the pandemic when all sales processes were done via video. Gabriel spent two years refining the system that we call today SalesDeck – a simple tool that covers every part of a virtual selling process – pre-meeting, during the meeting, and post-meeting.

If you want to learn more about virtual selling, listen to our podcast.

What is the problem that you solve?

Gabriel: “Since the start of the pandemic, we all do virtual customer meetings, and by doing that, we have gained a lot of efficiencies, but we are also losing many things compared to in-person meetings. There is less informal stuff, it’s also more difficult to have an emotional relationship, and meetings get more difficult to engage, and that’s one of the pains of customer meetings.”