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How to create more customer connections

How to create more customer connections | Barrett King - New Breed

Welcome to another insightful episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast. In today’s conversation, host Cristian Dina brings a special guest, Barrett King, the Senior Director of Revenue at New Breed. Barrett brings a wealth of knowledge from his extensive B2B SaaS, sales, and partnerships career, particularly his time at HubSpot and his role leading business growth at New Breed, the premier partner in North America in HubSpot’s ecosystem. This episode delves deep into creating more customer connections and the various facets of career growth in the tech industry.

Barrett’s journey is one of unconventional progression. From an art college graduate to a leading figure at New Breed, he outlines the steps and pivotal moments that shaped his career. At HubSpot, he honed his skills in partner acquisition, sales training, and go-to-market strategy, reinforcing his customer-centric approach. King emphasizes the critical aspect of hyper-specific content and the investment in long-term strategies to build audience connections and foster a community.

During the episode, Barrett King discusses the transformation that content sharing has undergone. He points out the need for companies to navigate towards delivering more effective content that stands out for its value. Indicative of this shift, his podcast “Outcomes” aims to provide actionable insights tailored for B2B partnerships within the tech industry, fitting impactful knowledge into digestible 20-minute episodes.

Throughout the conversation, it was clear that the guest had a passionate advisory side. He is eager to connect with others in B2B, tech, and partnerships to provide advice and feedback. He sees profound value in beginning one’s career in customer-facing roles—be it marketing, sales, service, or partnerships—as these experiences imbue a sense of adaptability and an ability to tackle challenges with integrity.

The speaker offers tangible advice to listeners on career growth, encouraging them to consider roles such as sales development representative (SDR), sales rep, or business development rep (BDR) to build foundational skills for success. He underscores the importance of diversifying experiences and accumulating a wealth of “bricks” or skills that contribute to a strong foundation, much like building a dynamic pyramid of expertise.

Barrett honestly shares his uncertainties about the future despite his current clarity and role. Like many, he confronts self-doubt and societal pressures but finds solace in literature around emotional control and the wisdom of setting short-term goals and aspirational visions for the future.

In this episode of Tekpon SaaS Podcast, Barrett King shared his unique journey. He provided listeners with actionable insights into creating more meaningful customer connections and navigating a career in technology. A profound takeaway from the discussion is the tenet to strive towards self-improvement continually and aspire to be the best version of oneself.