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How to grow your brand’s online presence

How to grow your brand's online presence | Richard Fallah - VBOUT

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina sits down with Richard Fallah, the founder of VBOUT, a comprehensive SaaS marketing platform designed to help agencies and marketers scale their operations efficiently. The episode uncovers Fallah’s insight into building a business and strategies for growth, particularly in the competitive world of digital marketing.

VBOUT offers many features, including marketing automation, social media management, and email marketing. With a pricing model that starts at a reasonable $100 per month, the platform aims to provide a cost-effective solution for marketers who seek to consolidate multiple tools into one, backed by solid customer support.

How Richard started VBOUT

Richard Fallah dives into the origin story of VBOUT, sharing that it sprouted from the challenges his digital agency encountered with existing tools that were expensive and lacked the necessary capabilities. This gap in the market prompted the birth of their product, which is explicitly designed to serve digital agencies and small businesses, with half of their customer base today comprising agencies.

A significant pivot for the company was transitioning from service-based to software SaaS, focusing on equipping agencies with new technologies, including AI, to streamline their operations for better efficiency. Fallah illustrates VBOUT’s scale of growth, expanding from a team of five to 20 members, mainly engineers, all nurtured by bootstrapping funds from their predecessors without external funding.

With 12 AI-powered tools, VBOUT primarily aims to boost brand awareness, enhance lead generation, and close more deals. The top three products, as mentioned by Fallah, center around email marketing, social media scheduling, and content creation for reels and videos. Fallah boasts success stories, including one agency that doubled its customer base by consolidating tools and automating outreach and an e-commerce business that surged to over $10 million in yearly sales through the sophisticated use of the platform’s marketing automation.

Richard Fallah’s appearance on our podcast paints a picture of entrepreneurial resilience, inventive marketing strategies, and insightful leadership. His journey from starting online businesses to launching VBOUT serves to inspire and guide agencies and marketers in their growth trajectories, making the episode a valuable resource for listeners looking to escalate their businesses to new heights.