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Ecommerce marketing automation that builds brand love

Ecommerce marketing automation that builds brand love | Sebastian Vaeggemose - Drip

In our latest podcast episode, we had an engaging discussion with an experienced paid acquisition manager. Meet Sebastian Vaeggemose from Drip. He shared insights on various aspects, including managing paid advertising and performance marketing for different ad platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. In addition, he also talked about his role in controlling the outbound sales team that cold calls potential eCommerce businesses in Europe.

Our guest emphasized the importance of tracking attribution, which is becoming increasingly difficult. Despite the challenges, he spoke about how the best advertisers focus on overall business goals instead of solely increasing click-through rates through ads. They prefer a more holistic approach instead of looking at individual silos. Sebastian also highlighted the importance of simplicity when it comes to paid advertising. Many advertisers make the mistake of overcomplicating things. But the key is to keep things simple and focus on educating and inspiring prospects.

We also talked about how Drip has acquired Sleeknote, one of the world’s leading pop-up tools, making the platform one of the best in the industry regarding pop-up features. Sebastian told us how un-gating content is the latest trend in B2B marketing, and educational content is becoming more popular in eCommerce businesses.

We hope you enjoyed this latest podcast episode and gained valuable insights. Stay tuned for more exciting conversations by subscribing to our newsletter and checking our website regularly.