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How to have full control of your commercial process

How to have full control of your commercial process | Gustavo Pato Paulillo - Agendor

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Gustavo Pato Paulillo, the CEO and co-founder of Agendor. Agendor is a sales CRM platform that provides SMBs with a comprehensive view of their sales pipeline. It helps sales managers and directors track the progress of deals at each stage of the sales process.

The biggest problem that Agendor solves for companies is getting sales teams to use CRM platforms actively. Gustavo emphasizes the importance of getting sales teams to input information into the platform to keep it updated. With the communication layer and automation features, Agendor aims to make it easier for sales teams to engage with the platform and eliminate the need for constant data entry.

The founding story of Agendor goes back to 2012 when Gustavo’s father, who worked as a sales manager, needed a solution to improve sales pipeline visibility. Gustavo and his brother, a software developer, created Agendor to offer a lean CRM platform with a strong focus on usability. The positive responses from other companies led them to create their own company, and they officially launched Agendor in 2012.

As for Gustavo’s journey, he started his career as a software developer and eventually transitioned into marketing and sales for Agendor. His advice for software developers looking to venture into sales and marketing or start their own company is to take small steps, experiment, and seek out content and knowledge available on the internet. Continuous learning and participation in events are crucial for a successful transition.

In closing, Gustavo recommends that aspiring SaaS entrepreneurs explore the vast opportunities in the market. With millions of potential customers needing CRM solutions, there is ample room for innovation and growth. He encourages entrepreneurs to partner with other companies, engage in content marketing, and seize the opportunities available in the SaaS space.