How to supercharge your outbound prospecting using AI

How to supercharge your outbound prospecting using AI | Lorenzo Tiberi - Crono

In this episode, we interview Lorenzo Tiberi, the founder of Crono, a sales platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to supercharge outbound prospecting. Lorenzo shares his journey in the sales industry, starting with his experience in a fast-growing startup where he played a vital role in growing the Italian market. He then joined Salesforce in Dublin, gaining valuable experience selling CRM products. However, his desire to build something of his own led him to create Crono.

Crono is designed to be a user-friendly and intuitive tool for B2B sales teams. It leverages data from various sources, such as CRM and LinkedIn, to provide specific suggestions on achieving sales targets. With intense competition in the sales solutions market, Chrono aims to stand out as a smart and accessible platform.

Our guest highlights the significance of selling for a company’s success and believes that companies actively seek ways to improve their sales processes even in challenging economic conditions. He notes that companies spend significant time on non-sales activities, such as data entry and analysis, which hampers their productivity. To address this issue, Crono utilizes AI to analyze data and suggest actions that increase conversion rates.

Additionally, the episode delves into the challenges and opportunities of outbound prospecting. Lorenzo emphasizes the importance of reaching decision-makers through networking and influencing them positively. While digital interactions have benefits, he believes that real interactions and face-to-face connections still play a crucial role in building relationships.

In conclusion, this episode provides valuable insights into how artificial intelligence can revolutionize outbound prospecting. Lorenzo’s expertise and experience shed light on the challenges and potential of the sales industry, emphasizing the importance of a user-friendly tool like Crono. With its AI capabilities and focus on increasing conversion rates, the SaaS aims to support sales teams in achieving their targets and driving business growth.