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How to safely control SaaS usage in your organization

How to safely control SaaS usage in your organization | Galit Lubetzky - Wing Security

In the episode, we interview Galit Lubetzky, the founder of Wing Security, a SaaS Secure management company. Throughout the conversation, Galit shares insights into the importance of securing the SaaS layer and their solution’s benefits to customers.

Galit begins by acknowledging that the SaaS market has matured significantly. However, in the early stages, they faced the challenge of educating prospects about securing applications and permissions. Today, most prospects understand that securing the SaaS layer is as crucial as securing endpoints.

One notable development in their approach is the decision to offer a small portion of their solution for free. This free offering allows users to discover their applications without human interaction. Galit explains that this decision was driven by both the difficult economic climate and the desire to continue providing capabilities to customers. The free offering focuses on application discovery, providing insights and risks that the company can help remediate. It serves as a strategic go-to-market approach for Wing Security.

Our guest emphasizes the importance of understanding the data stored on applications and how it flows between them due to the interconnected nature of SaaS applications. The first step in securing SaaS usage is to discover and inventory the domain. This involves identifying unnecessary applications, deprecated users, and potential data leaks. Wing Security’s solution helps with posture management, providing insights into gaps and assisting in closing them.

In conclusion, the episode provides valuable insights into the importance of securing the SaaS layer and how Wing Security’s solution helps organizations ensure the safe usage of SaaS applications. Galit’s passion for tackling big problems in the SaaS industry shines through, and they express confidence in their team’s ability to provide peace of mind to customers through their comprehensive solution.