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How to secure your next growth phase with compliance

How to secure your next growth phase with compliance | Darren Gallop - Carbide

In this episode, Darren Gallop, the CEO of Carbide, shares insights on data privacy and security. Carbide provides a platform for organizations to simplify data privacy and information security compliance. He emphasizes that Carbide generates tailored and unique controls and policies for customers instead of providing generic templates like other tools.

Darren, who previously managed a SaaS platform for managing music festivals, including big events like Coachella and Burning Man, became obsessed with using SaaS to solve data privacy and security problems. They sold their previous company in 2018 and started their current company, which has around 200 customers using their security platform. Since then, the company has grown to have around 200 customers using the platform for its security program.

Darren believes having passionate employees and satisfied customers is key to a successful business. The importance of having a natural and collaborative company culture is emphasized in the episode, especially for remote teams. Communication within the team is crucial, and they focused on clear metrics and objectives, transparency, and frequent communication to help bring the team together. This has resulted in a better understanding of each person’s role and the importance of their work, eliminating confusion and improving team operations.

Is automated compliance enough?

The episode highlights an intriguing topic about vendors in the compliance sector. The speaker points out that there are approximately 80 vendors in this area. Many platforms claim to automate compliance, which can create a false sense of security (known as security theater). Additionally, some auditors offer “affordable” SOC 2 certifications without adequate scrutiny. Carbide prioritizes data security rather than just fulfilling compliance requirements. The company stands out by providing best practices and training, instead of solely relying on automation and giving a misleading sense of protection.

To sum up, in a world where data privacy and compliance with information security standards are increasingly important, Carbide aims to help small and medium-sized SaaS companies navigate through the complex compliance space. The company focuses on building a world-class security program and providing best practices and training rather than relying on security theater or automation alone. Their demonstrated ability to create customized and effective security solutions and policies that meet various data privacy and security regulations sets them apart from their competitors.