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How to send email & SMS that really sell

How to send email & SMS that really sell | Rytis Lauris - Omnisend

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Rytis Lauris, the co-founder of the marketing automation platform Omnisend. The episode focuses on how to effectively use email and SMS marketing to drive sales and the challenges and strategies faced by companies in the e-commerce space.

Rytis Lauris describes Omnisend as a platform that aids online sellers in marketing their products through various channels, such as email, SMS, and web push notifications. He emphasizes the importance of these channels, noting that a significant portion of revenues, often up to 40%, can be attributed to them. Omnisend aims to assist businesses in automating their communications with customers, syncing data from offline and online stores, and creating personalized, timely, and relevant messaging through automated campaigns.

A significant point of discussion is the challenges faced by companies that Omnisend helps to address. Rytis emphasizes the significance of automating marketing efforts to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. He explains how Omnisend provides tools and presets to help businesses automate their marketing processes, ultimately driving better results and customer engagement.

Furthermore, Rytis discusses AI’s impact on the business and the launch of features like Charge EPT. He touches on AI’s role in assisting with email composition and generating subject lines, highlighting the balance between human creativity and time-saving features. Additionally, he shares that AI has been welcomed as an assistant in the marketing process rather than a complete replacement for human creativity.

How Rytis started Omnisend

The episode delves into the origins of Omnisend, revealing that it began as a spinoff from a digital marketing agency. Rytis shares his initial struggles and the process of transitioning from a service-oriented business to a product-driven company. He also provides insights into the company’s growth trajectory, including the decision to bootstrap the business and the organic growth of the team.

Rytis then shares valuable advice for founders, emphasizing the importance of solving significant customer pain and launching a minimum viable product (MVP) to test and refine ideas rapidly. He also shares his experiences of failure and the importance of maintaining solid personal relationships even in business challenges.

The episode concludes with a look towards the future, where Rytis envisions expanding the market for Omnisend by serving a broader range of online businesses and forging partnerships with smaller e-commerce platforms. He also hints at the ongoing development of AI capabilities within the platform.

Throughout the episode, Rytis’s insights and experiences provide a holistic view of the challenges, strategies, and valuable lessons learned in email and SMS marketing for e-commerce, making it a compelling listen for those in the industry.