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Join the B2B SaaS networking conference in Berlin

Join the B2B SaaS networking conference in Berlin | Julius Gollner - ARRtist

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Julius Gollner, co-founder of ARRtist, an ecosystem for software founders in German-speaking countries. Julius shares his entrepreneurial journey and provides insights into building successful SaaS businesses.

Julius explains that ARRtist aims to connect B2B SaaS founders in the German-speaking region with each other, investors, and service providers. The ecosystem includes a major conference in Berlin, a podcast, a Slack community with over 800 SaaS founders, local events, and a new addition called the ARRtistCircuss, a festival focused on sales and customer success teams in tech.

Regarding the team at ARRtist, Julius states that they started with three co-founders and have now expanded to eight team members, including marketing, design, project management, and founder associates.

Julius reveals that the idea for ARRtist emerged from his extensive experience building and investing in B2B SaaS companies. Recognizing the common challenges that SaaS founders face, he saw the need for a network to facilitate knowledge sharing and support among the community.

When asked about the target audience for the conference, Julius explains that while the primary focus is on the German-speaking region, the events are open to anyone interested in doing business in the DACH region. He emphasizes the complexity of the German market and the importance of providing relevant content and connections for those looking to succeed in the region.

Julius describes the Berlin SaaS week as a platform for decision-makers to come together for networking and learning. He explains the rigorous curation process for the summit to ensure that attendees find value in every conversation and content.

What Julius learned after investing in over 40+ SaaS companies

Julius shares his journey from studying economics and business administration to working at McKinsey and later joining the founding team of Zalando. He emphasizes the shift from building entrepreneurial projects to managing corporate responsibilities and eventually transitioning to founding and investing in multiple SaaS companies.

Offering advice to budding entrepreneurs, Julius stresses the importance of validating ideas with potential customers before building a product and the value of building a network of experienced advisors for guidance and support.

Finally, he outlines his selection criteria for angel investing, focusing on market size, the team’s experience, and the ability to execute, with a personal emphasis on enjoying spending time with the founders.

In the conclusion, Julius invites listeners to reach out for questions, collaboration, or joining the ARRtist community. The episode provides valuable insights into building an ecosystem for SaaS founders, navigating the German-speaking market, and the personal journey and advice of a seasoned entrepreneur and investor.