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Meet and learn from global SaaS actors

Meet and learn from global SaaS actors | Stephen Lurie - B2B Rocks

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina welcomes guest Stephen Lurie, the Chief Growth Officer at B2B Rocks, to share insights and experiences from the global SaaS industry.

We delve into the differences between the European and US markets. Stephen describes the European market as Balkanized with smaller markets. Despite the industry facing a crisis, he notes the emergence of new companies with a more mature vision and a focus on bootstrapping. He mentions how successful companies like Revolut have inspired employees to start their ventures, contributing to the industry’s growth. Furthermore, the SaaS industry has attracted diverse individuals globally sharing a similar mindset.

Our guest also discusses the effects of layoffs within the industry, which have led people to join other startups or start their own. He views this as a positive opportunity for individuals to explore new avenues. Stephen points out that younger individuals may find it easier to adapt to remote work as they are more accustomed to it. However, he stresses that the industry is still driven by human connections, with events playing a vital role in networking, exchanging ideas, and driving business growth.

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Stephen provides insights into his role within the company, describing himself as a “mad scientist.” With vast experience and education, he brings a unique perspective to the company, particularly in uncertain tasks. He enjoys working with younger individuals, as their energy and fresh perspectives inspire him to learn and adapt. We also discuss the importance of events like B2B Rocks, emphasizing the value of meeting SaaS actors in person, learning from mentors, and networking.

Stephen concludes by discussing the importance of creating products with a global market and combining product development with strong branding. He emphasizes the significance of customer experience, onboarding, and problem-solving in successful organizations. Additionally, our guest acknowledges the prominence of AI in the current landscape. He also speaks about the

This episode provides valuable insights into the global SaaS industry, highlighting the challenges, culture, opportunities, and emerging trends. Listeners gain a deeper understanding of the industry’s dynamics and the importance of human connections in driving growth and success. Check out B2B Rocks, and it’s happening on the 19th of September in Paris, France.