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Optimize your marketing campaigns from any traffic source

How to track and optimize your marketing campaigns from any traffic source | Julia Draghici -CPV Lab

About CPV Lab

Julia: CPV Lab is a performance marketing tracker that helps marketers track, test, and optimize multi-channel marketing activities in one place. Businesses today run campaigns on multiple channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, and many more. To keep track of all this data, you need to go to all these platforms to check the data, to optimize it, and that’s where a marketing tracker comes in. You get all the data from all the sources in one place, plus it also tracks data internally in the tracker. You have an extra level of tracking done by the tracker, and you can compare the data with the traffic.

Best CPV Lab features

Julia: A cool feature is that you can optimize your campaigns in the tracker. Let’s say you run a campaign, have three landing pages you are testing, and see that one is performing better than the other. You no longer have to go to the traffic source to pause the campaign or update it to optimize it. You do all the optimizations in the tracker, and then you don’t go to the learning phase in the traffic source. You avoid that phase, and it is a remarkable thing.

Our software helps a lot with attribution, meaning that you attribute the commercial to a specific ad for a particular user. After Apple released the IOS14 updates, there were issues with the attribution. Now the traffic sources are predictions based. They have an algorithm to do this attribution based on predictions of past conversions, but that’s not 100% accurate. They need data to feed this algorithm. And that’s how you can use a marketing tracker. You’ve tracked the data in the tracker, you track the conversions, and then you feed the algorithm with the correct data. Your attribution is better, and your cost with the traffic is lower.

Last but not least, you have this superb overview of all your campaigns in one thing, in one place, and you can share that with stakeholders, investors, or members of the team. If you are a marketing agency, you have all the reports daily and just create another user for your client to see the report. This also works for affiliates, and our customers are mainly affiliate marketers. We also have e-commerce owners. SaaS owners and marketing agencies that are using our tool for their activities. A tracker is essential for affiliate marketers if they want to perform.

CPV Lab pricing plans

Julia: We have three layers. The pricing starts at$ 39 per month, or you can choose to buy yearly or lifetime. We do offer a free trial, and we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cloud-based vs. self-hosted

Julia: CPV Lab is a self-hosted software, and we recently developed a cloud-based version, and we have big hopes for it. Since our main customers are affiliate marketers, they’re very private with the campaigns. They don’t want somebody to steal the winning campaigns because that’s how they make money with commissions. They install it, and we don’t have access to that data. That’s one of our promises, and it’s privacy 100%.

Most of our competitors are cloud-based, and only one is self-hosted. And we are now the only one with self-hosted, but also with the option for cloud and unlimited tracking for them. We decided to do this because we had customers coming to us saying – I want to use it, it’s affordable, powerful, and it has so many features, but I’m not a technical install. Lately, the trend is to be on the cloud, and it’ll also be much easier for us to maintain the software.

The story of CPV Lab

Julia: Back in 2011, my partner started doing affiliate marketing, running campaigns, and together with a partner from the US, found this need for getting the data in one place, and so they started doing something as a side project. They soon discovered that others needed that project there, and they were enthusiastic about it. They focused on it, and in 2018, the other partner retired from the project. And that’s when I come in as a co-founder. That’s why I said it found me, not the other way around.

What’s your vision for CPV Lab?

Julia: As I said, we just launched CPV One, the cloud version. We want to grow this team. We’re going to take the company to the US and open an office there. We want to conquer the US market. We want to be the best affiliate marketing tracker, and that’s something that we want to aspire to do.

Are you looking to raise funds?

Julia: We are a bootstrap company. That’s how we develop everything. We have invested in product development since last year. We discovered we missed some opportunities, which was frustrating, so we entered an accelerator program in Bucharest last year. We won the program, but that’s not the important part. The important part is that we learn many things about the startup ecosystem, how investments work, what they are looking for, and things like that.

For me, it was a mindset change. I realized I need to change things faster and accelerate, and for that, we’ll need investment. Our plan for this year will be to get investment to develop further investment marketing and grow the product. We want a strategic partner, not anyone out there, and they have to have connections in marketing or, at least network, an extensive network behind them. I am confident that we’ll find somebody.

What has been your best growth tactic for gaining customers?

Julia: Our customers, our best sellers. We have a referral program in place, and they recommend us. We are an affiliate marketing tracker, so it’s normal to have an affiliate program. They are our best sellers. We have actually customers that have courses, webinars, and things like that, and they use CPV Lab in their courses when they teach others.

What is your story, Julia?

Julia: I started at university. I have a degree in computer science and economics. I started working at the university as a developer. That was a short period, less than a year, because my boss at the time saw something that I didn’t realize back then. He saw some potential and asked me to do other work like project management, team management, quality assurance, and customer support. I did like all of that, and it was an exciting period. It was actually a software development company doing products for a marketing company, and it was a fascinating period. I learned a lot and realized that I like doing product growth, business development, and product development rather than software development.

After five years, I joined work in the corporate world. I wanted to try that as also as a project manager for a software development company. What I can say about that period is that it was a relaxed period. I didn’t like how your idea is not implemented quickly in the corporate world. You say something, and the management must approve it, and it takes a very long time to have something. Then I had maternity leave because I have two beautiful kids. Then I joined CP V Lab, and since then, I’ve been learning a lot. I wear many hats every day.

What has been your biggest challenge since joining the company?

Julia: My biggest challenge was networking and going outside my comfort zone because I’m an introvert and don’t feel comfortable in the spotlight. I like being behind the computer doing stuff and talking with my customers, but I don’t like being in the spotlight. That’s still a big challenge for me.

What’s your favorite software apart from CPV Lab?

Julia: My favorite software is Snagit. I have been using it for more than ten years. It’s a screen capture tool that I use for giving answers to my customers about how to use something. I use it to send details to the development team, I use it a lot daily, and I love it.

Podcast Host & Guest(s)

Cristian Dina


Cristian Dina

Managing Partner & SaaS Podcast Host @ Tekpon
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Managing Partner & SaaS Podcast Host @ Tekpon

As one of the founding members of Tekpon, Cristian has worn many hats within the company, but perhaps none shines brighter than his role as the charismatic host of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast. With over 200 SaaS industry leaders gracing his episodes, Cristian's insatiable curiosity ensures he always has one more question. Cristian is a community builder at heart, being the Bucharest city leader for SaaStock Local and the author of the best-selling book King of Networking.

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