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Reduce window of vulnerability for all your applications

Reduce window of vulnerability for all your applications | Venkatesh Sundar - Indusface

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Venkatesh Sundar, the founder of Indusface, a company specializing in protecting web applications and APIs. Venkatesh shares his insights on the importance of reducing the window of vulnerability for applications and discusses how his company helps businesses achieve this goal.

During the podcast, Venkatesh outlines the three most loved features of Indusface’s platform. The first is its ability to combine discovery, risk assessment, and protection in real-time, offering comprehensive and integrated application security with management included. The second feature is the platform’s use of case-specific behavioral learning capabilities, particularly focused on DDoS attacks. The platform understands the application’s behavior and provides recommendations for policies. The third feature is the 24×7 support and management, recognizing no silver bullet for security.

The importance of working with the right people and creating the right ecosystem is emphasized by our guest. He believes that having fun and respecting each other, despite conflicts, is crucial for sustained success. He also advises startups to avoid assuming success in one market can be easily replicated in another, drawing from his experience in expanding to the US.

Indusface offers free risk assessment services to help businesses evaluate their application security. They offer basic health checks for free, with more specialized assessments available for a monthly fee. For ongoing monitoring and personalized services, they have plans at different price points, including an enterprise plan for companies with multiple assets.

In conclusion, this episode highlights the importance of reducing the window of vulnerability for applications in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. Through its comprehensive platform, Indusface aims to protect businesses’ applications and APIs, enabling them to embrace digital transformation fearlessly. Venkatesh’s insights and experiences provide valuable lessons for startups and established companies.