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Start, launch, build & scale your own SaaS from scratch

Start, launch, build & scale your own SaaS from scratch | Mike Strives - Zero to SaaS

In this episode, we interview Mike Strives, who shares his insights and experience of starting, launching, building, and scaling his own SaaS from scratch.

Our guest shared his biggest challenge in building a previous product in the home improvement market. Despite making over 1 million and having a successful team, he found himself unfulfilled and not enjoying solving problems for the audience. The biggest challenge was scaling the product while not loving working on it, and eventually, he had to hand it over to someone else. The lesson learned was that it wouldn’t work long-term if you don’t love your audience and the problem you’re solving.

Mike believes there is no right or wrong way to go to market but emphasizes the importance of getting an MVP in front of a target audience to validate and test the solution. He suggests targeting a small audience in specific regions or countries that can help identify and resolve issues early in the process.

Wrapping up the interview, Strives reflects on his experience of scaling a business to over 1 million and explains that while he had the opportunity to get funding and hire to grow even bigger. However, he realized that scaling isn’t for him and doesn’t think bigger is always better. He prefers to exit and sell the company if it’s better for it to grow that way. He adds that he delegates and grows opportunities that align with his vision, and if not, he’s content where he is now.

In conclusion, this episode provides valuable insights into starting, launching, building, and scaling a SaaS business. Strives shares his experience and lessons learned, providing aspiring entrepreneurs with valuable insights and actionable tips for creating successful and fulfilling business ventures.