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Why video-powered customer experience is the future

Why video-powered customer experience is the future | Tomer Azenkot - Vee24

Vee24 is a SaaS company that aims to bring the in-person experience online and improve customer experience. The episode begins by discussing Vee24’s mission to improve customer experience online. The company’s first customer was Lexus, who wanted to excel in customer experience when launching in the German market. Vee24 helped Lexus build an online experience using video to connect dealers with potential customers, which has since expanded to other verticals.

Vee24’s approach is to supplement the human-to-human connection with technology rather than relying on automation alone. They use co-browsing technology to track orders and show customers different products on their website, and they recently launched a mobile app that can be used in retail use cases. The app is critical for car manufacturers transitioning to direct-to-consumer models because sales teams can provide seamless customer experiences by using mobile devices to showcase products in person.

How to bring your in-person selling online

Throughout the episode, the speaker stresses the importance of human-to-human connection, particularly in scenarios such as financial advising. Features such as co-browsing and form-filling make customer support and sales interactions easier, but chatbots fall short regarding complex tasks or creative problem-solving. For V24, the core of their value proposition is the human connection they facilitate, and they plan to invest in co-browsing technology to enhance that connection.

One of the examples discussed in the episode is Vee24’s partnership with a luxury watch and jewelry retailer with stores worldwide. The company does not use video, but agents use co-browsing technology to show customers different products on the website and provide more detail. V24 plans to enable transfers from the contact center to a store associate, who can then show products in-store to customers remotely using the mobile app.

Overall, the episode provides insight into the key areas of focus for V24 and the challenges they face as they work to improve customer experience online. The company emphasizes the importance of human-to-human connection and the right use of technology to enhance that connection and meet customer needs. This episode is perfect for those interested in customer experience in the age of digital transformation and how companies can leverage video and other technologies to enhance customer engagement.