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What SaaS founders need to know about design

What SaaS founders need to know about design | Tracy Osborn - TinySeed

In this episode of the Tekpon SaaS Podcast, host Cristian Dina interviews Tracy Osborn, the program director at Tiny Seed. The conversation focuses on design fundamentals and shortcuts for SaaS founders. Tracy offers valuable insights and advice for SaaS founders looking to improve their design strategies.

We start with the importance of the call to action on a landing page. Tracy emphasizes that the CTA can often get hidden if it is the same color as the web page or buried within a lot of content. She recommends tracking metrics to determine the effectiveness of CTA changes and emphasizes the need for persuasive language, specific instructions, and contrasting colors to make the CTA easily visible.

Tracy suggests adding CTAs throughout the website copy, not just at the top of the page. She emphasizes the need for sufficient CTAs within the content to capture attention and encourage action when potential customers are ready to click.

Design fundamentals for SaaS founders

Our guest suggests prioritizing copywriting before designing the website to optimize a landing page. It is crucial to refine the copy, making it concise and easily skimmed with bullet points. Seeking feedback from non-customers and high-value customers on the copy and website is essential. Design updates should be based on the new copy, which is why hiring a designer who understands effective copywriting for conversion is ideal.

The discussion then shifts to branding and the importance of making all visual elements of a company, such as logos and websites, look cohesive and representative. Tracy warns that disconnects between a landing page and the product can lead to confusion and customer churn. She advises that changes made to a landing page should be reflected in the product’s front and back end to maintain brand consistency.

Tracy concludes the episode by discussing her work at Tiny Seed. She highlights that her role as the Program Director involves helping founders improve various company operations, including sales, marketing, pricing, design, and hiring. Tracy finds fulfillment in facilitating the growth of the companies in the program and celebrates their successes.

Overall, this episode provides valuable insights for SaaS founders looking to enhance their design strategies and highlights the importance of effective branding, CTAs, and refining copy before diving into design. Tracy’s expertise and experience in the field make this episode a must-listen for SaaS founders looking to elevate their design game.