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Why more traffic doesn’t always mean more sales

Why more traffic doesn't always mean more sales | Lashay Lewis

In this episode, we interviewed content marketing expert Lashay Lewis to discuss the challenges and opportunities of effective content marketing for SaaS companies. The discussion covers various topics, including the pitfalls of working with agencies, the importance of subject matter expertise, the effectiveness of content marketing, refining writing skills, keyword research, and AI’s impact on low-level writing.

Lewis begins by advising SaaS companies to be cautious when seeking help from content marketing agencies. While agencies often focus on reporting website traffic, Lewis stresses the importance of ensuring agencies report on metrics that the company cares about, such as Inbound Demos. Furthermore, Lewis notes that agencies that lack subject matter expertise and struggle to track leads from content can do more harm than good for a company.

Regarding keyword research, Lewis notes the importance of considering profitability rather than focusing on high search volume. She suggests targeting keywords with high intention rather than just high search volume, and this approach will enable companies to focus on intentionality and conversion from inbound leads.

Lewis believes that AI will replace low-level writers in the future, and low-level writers should improve their skillset to avoid replacement. Low-level writing involves using Google to search and copy content from the top results without adding one’s own opinion or thoughts. She suggests that writers should focus on creating high-quality content with a strong point of view and storytelling elements. This approach can be achieved by gathering information from the company, honing content writing and interviewing skills, and correctly positioning customer pain points in articles.

In summary, Lashay Lewis provides a wealth of insight for SaaS companies looking to improve their content marketing strategies. She recommends being cautious when seeking help from agencies and continuously refining one’s writing skills. Keyword research is not only about targeting high search volume but profitability and intentionality. Lastly, to avoid replacement by AI, she asserts that writers must build a strong point of view and storytelling elements into high-quality content.