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Gumroad Review

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Gumroad is an online platform that allows users to sell their products directly to their customers without paying high fees. Gumroad app gives you a payment form that you can easily share on your website or the internet and insights about who your customers are, how they find you, and how to make them keep patronizing you. They have a free plan, and their paid plan is affordable. Gumroad is the best place to sell your physical or digital products. It has a fantastic number of features that you can use for your business.

Ease of use
Value for Money
Customer Support
Pricing Details

Starting from: $10/month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Yes, has free trial

Yes, has free version

  • Check stats
  • Ease of use
  • Good customer support
  • Low cost
  • Get all the information about your customer
  • It lacks customization options
  • Few third-party integrations
  • Not suitable for selling many items
Best for
  • Personal
  • Freelancers
  • Small business
  • StartUps
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based

Gumroad Shopping Cart

Gumroad is a great and user-friendly shopping cart that lets you easily sell digital products. Our Gumroad review suggests that it is a cart platform with decent features and takes a small percentage from every transaction, thus making it great for beginners. Moreover, Gumroad is one of the cheapest e-commerce platforms you can find online, and it has a free plan. Although the free plan has some limitations, it is still a good way of selling your products online. The paid plan costs $10 a month, and it is way cheaper than what other e-commerce companies are charging today. However, Gumroad’s support is only limited to email and documentation.

Yet, one beautiful thing about selling your digital products on Gumroad is that you will be able to get a lot of information about your customers. This is amazing, especially if you create an email list and provide value to them after the sale.

Gumroad is suitable for creators and artists like filmmakers, comic artists, educators, musicians, software developers, designers, writers, etc. You can easily sell anything on Gumroad–you can do this in different ways:

  • Use affiliates to help you sell.
  • Sell on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.
  • Integrate Gumroad into your website.
  • Build your email newsletter.

What is Gumroad?

The Gumroad shopping cart platform is user-friendly and allows you to sell both physical and digital products online. Moreover, the Gumroad app has many features that you can take advantage of to boost your business. Also, the Gumroad shopping cart platform is best for beginners or people who need a platform to help them promote their business easily.

Gumroad app is for you if:
  • You don’t have a website because you don’t need a blog to place Gumroad links. It works on various social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • You are a content creator who wants to spend most of his time creating excellent products and dealing with the technical aspects of your website. The Gumroad app is very fast and simple to integrate.
  • You have one product to sell.
  • You have not sold anything online before. This is because the Gumroad method of selling digital products is very easy, and anyone can use it. In addition, you don’t have to bother about payment processing and payment collection because they handle it for you.
Gumroad app is not for you if:
  • Sell thousands of digital products.
  • You only sell physical products instead of downloadable digital products. Shopify will likely be the best option for your needs.
  • You are searching for a very online store. Unfortunately, Gumroad does not provide the ability to create an online store–they only let you sell digital products on your existing blog, social media account, or website.

How does Gumroad work?

You can use the Gumroad app to sell digital products or physical products. We will show you how this application works below. Before you can start using Gumroad, you will need to first create an account and set up your payout details.Then, create a product and upload all the important files.

Publish your product and share the link with others through a newsletter, your website, social media, bathroom walls, telephone poles, and others. Your audience would then click the link you shared, enter their payment details, and receive their unique download link in their email. Gumroad will then verify your account and your sales, and turn on your payouts.

Each Friday, they will pay you the net amount of your sales (that is, your sales minus their fee). But if you sell physical products, they will process the payments for you, although you will have to handle the shipping of the products to your customers.

What you can sell on Gumroad?

You can sell almost anything on Gumroad, as long as your clients are getting a tangible good in exchange for their money. Some of the common items that are sold on Gumroad are tutorials, software, music, films, and e-books. You can also sell pre-orders, one-time purchase products, memberships, both physical and digital.

But before you start selling any product, ensure that it is what Gumroad allows to be sold on their platform. It will be good you check their Terms of Service and Prohibited Items.

After setting up your account, you will get a confirmation email from Gumroad. Ensure you confirm that it’s yours. If you don’t receive the confirmation email, check your spam box, or set up an email filter to accept all emails from the domain.

Gumroad affiliates

If you have many people that are interested in selling your products, you can add them as Affiliates on Gumroad and give them a commission after selling your products for you. But they need to have a Gumroad account before they can start selling your products. Under the “Products” icon, you will find the Affiliated dashboard. This is where your affiliates can view the products they are affiliated with, their sales, fees, and the revenue they have made.

You can get live notifications on your phone if you use the Gumroad Dashboard application for iOS–that is where you can view all the sales you make in real-time. The Sales dashboard in Gumroad shows all the sales, conversion rates, and views on your products and profile page, and the referral sources of your customers. You can download all your sales data as a CSV from your Customer Tab. While on the Following dashboard, you can monitor the number of followers you have and where the places they are following you from.

Gumroad provides support to your customers for any questions related to downloads, payments and receipts, and other questions that are about their service. On Gumroad, you are the one who will be in charge of refunding your customers. Choose a refund policy, and place it at the bottom of your product descriptions.

Gumroad Features

These are some of the features of Gumroad:

  • Simple to use

Gumroad is best for beginners and professionals that are searching for a platform to sell their products. It’s either you integrate it on your website or you create a landing page on Gumroad so that when visitors get to your profile, they can buy anything they want to buy. Gumroad has a beautiful interface and you can easily find your way around the app.

  • Sell anything

There is no limit on how many products you can sell on Gumroad. Whether you are a graphic designer, novelist, artist, woodworker, craftsman, or painter, the paltform will help you sell your digital and physical products.

  • Integrations with other apps

Gumroad has many tools and apps that it can be integrated into. The platform connects to Zapier that allows you to connect to more than 250 applications like Infusionsoft,  Aweber, Mailchimp, and others. Plus, it supports ConvertKit for email-related tasks, Booklaunch which is a landing page-building tool, and you can integrate Gumroad to WordPress using the Gumroad WP plugin. Infusiosoft allows users to monitor customer leads, tags, affiliates, and others.

  • Add-ons to enhance sales

There are many features on Gumroad that are seen as sales boosters. Some of them are, creating coupon codes that you can either publish through posts on Gumroad, send it through email, or mention it on your blog or website and other avenues. You can create a lot of coupons for the same products, create discounts on every product, and more.

Another tool is Affiliate Marketing. It allows you to create product links for affiliate users and influencers that will run their affiliate program to earn by selling their products. You can set up their email addresses as long as they are Gumroad users. You can edit the commission you would like them to have on selling each unit of your product and that’s all.

  • Auto updates

Gumroad allows you to send automated emails through its Workflows feature. The moment you set it up, visitors and customers will get emails that you can plan and schedule in advance. Also, you can use an email subscription platform like MailChimp or get a built-in one as a way of allowing visitors to sign up and get automated emails. It will also send out automated feedback emails, thank you notes, and other important emails that can convert visitors into customers.

  • Analytics

With analytics, you can get the best out of any marketing strategy. And the platform provides a fantastic analytics feature that allows you to track moves that are made by visitors. The dashboard has information like the total number of visitors and views, followers, and others to help you build your audience. The Analytics features contain details about users who read, listened, watched, and downloaded any of your products.

  • On-demand streaming

The Gumroad free plan provides unlimited SD streaming while the premium creator plan provides unlimited HD streaming on the platform. This is a great feature for those that sell digital products on Gumroad because it makes these products available immediately.

Gumroad Pricing

Based on our review, Gumroad pricing is not pricey and it has a 14-day free trial. Yet, they offer a free plan for beginners and those that want to try out the online cart platform before they get to sign up for the Pro plan. If you are using the free plan, you can include unlimited products and get real-time analytics. You also get options for SD streaming, customer management, and include limited posts and workflows. It has a five percent plus charge fee that it levies on purchases.

The Creator or Pro plan gives you access to one thousand customers at $10. This plan gets rid of Gumroad branding or watermark and allows you to use your domain. There is no limit on posts and workflows to include on the platform and unlimited HD streaming support is available too. Finally, this plan charges 3.5% plus thirty cents per purchase reducing the charges that the Free plan levies on it.

Gumroad has a feature called “Discover” that includes another 10% fee if subscribed. This feature recommends products to users based on their search or past orders and this increases your sales.

Gumroad Alternatives

Gumroad is not the only online platform where you can sell digital products. There are many Gumroad alternatives that you should check out below:


SendOwl is part of the best Gumroad alternatives that you can use for selling your products, subscriptions, and memberships. Samcart is a conversion-friendly online platform that supports a lot of languages. The checkout pages for your customers are usually placed in their native language. SendOwl has three pricing plans and they differ based on the number of products and subscriptions. Moreover, SendOwl doesn’t have LiveChat or Facebook community support and it lacks A/B split testing.


This is a WordPress-based sales funnel builder that you can use to get more leads because it maximizes profits and conversions. It has different templates that you can use to create conversion-friendly funnels. CartFlows supports all the eCommerce payment methods but currently, you can use Stripe, PayPal,  or Cash on Delivery for a one-click upsell. CartFlows has a free version with limited features while its Pro plan costs $299 yearly and it comes with all of the features to explore the app.


With Sellfy, you can sell your physical products, digital products, and subscriptions. You don’t need a website to sell your products. You can use the Sellfy storefront or you can embed Sellfy checkout to market your products. Sellfy has only two payment gateways: PayPal and Stripe. Sellfy has limited payment gateway integrations.

Gumroad vs. SamCart

Samcart and Gumroad are two popular online tools that you can use to sell digital products. They are similar and different in various ways. Check out their differences and similarities below:

Samcart was founded in 2014 and it permits you to create your online store within a few minutes, sell your products, attract customers on the web and help you to enhance your eCommerce sales. Many eCommerce merchants use Samcart to streamline their sales funnel process. This platform has been used to sell more than four million products making up to 750 million dollars in worth. Samcart has features like A/B testing, cross-selling, one-click upsells, checkout pages, and others. Moreover, Samcart is best for both small and medium eCommerce businesses. It has sophisticated features for large enterprises.

Gumroad was founded in 2011. It has more than 40,000 eCommerce merchants that use it. It has a revenue of more than 286 million dollars since its inception. The digital platform is great for people that want to attract a paying audience on the internet. With the numerous features that the products offers, you can build an online selling platform, audience, sell products or services, and collect subscriptions and memberships.

Both tools are very simple to set up. You won’t have to spend hours setting up your account.

On the other side, Samcart has a visual builder for creating product pages but Gumroad does not have. Samcart and Gumroad both have premade page templates but that of Samcart is more customizable. And Samcart has more sales funnel options with upsells and downsells than Gumroad.

 Samcart has an A/B testing tool, but Gumroad does not have. Although Gumroad has the Test Purchase option that is white similar to the A/B testing tool. Customer management is better on Gumroad than Samcart. Gumroad lets you easily download your contact list directly without the need to access your email box but it is not so on Samcart.

Both platforms have excellent analytics and reporting tools but Samcart has more options and reports categories while that of Gumroad is more transparent, detailed, and simple to understand.

Gumroad vs. Thrivecart

ThriveCart and Gumroad are both platforms that you can use to sell digital products online, but they differ in various ways. The first one is a shopping cart platform that started in 2016. It focuses on aiding online business owners to sell digital products excellently. With this software, you can create customized sales and pages order forms. While Gumroad is a digital product marketplace that started in 2011. Their purpose is to help creators sell products directly to customers easily.

On the other hand, ThriveCart is more focused on online brands that want to sell more and increase profits, Gumroad is more focused on creators that want to sell digital products easily and effectively. ThriveCart is still in its prelaunch phase, so it has a lifetime license available. It has a price point of $495 with an optional $195 upgrade to pro that will give you lifetime access to this software. But when it is fully released, it will cost about $95 monthly.

For Gumroad, it is a completely free platform but you will need to upgrade if you want to gain access to more features. When you just start, the platform will cost $10 per month to upgrade until you get to one thousand customers. Once you reach that stage, you will pay more for each one thousand customers you get.

Gumroad Review Conclusions

Gumroad is one of the best platforms where you can sell digital products. It is easy to use and it is a great way of making money online by selling physical or digital products. Our review suggests that it has a base of more than 40,000 artists that have earned over 321 million dollars in revenue since its launch. Also, they offer a free plan and their paid plan is very affordable–they are not as expensive as their competitors. To sum up, this platform where you can sell digital your products has a lot of amazing features that you can take advantage of to boost your sales.



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