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Gumroad Alternatives

Top Gumroad competitors

Gumroad is not the only online platform where you can sell digital products. There are many Gumroad alternatives that you should check out below:


SendOwl is part of the best Gumroad alternatives you can use to sell your products, subscriptions, and memberships. Samcart is a conversion-friendly online platform that supports a lot of languages. The checkout pages for your customers are usually placed in their native language. SendOwl has three pricing plans that differ based on the number of products and subscriptions. Moreover, SendOwl doesn’t have LiveChat or Facebook community support, and it lacks A/B split testing.


It is a WordPress-based sales funnel builder that you can use to get more leads because it maximizes profits and conversions. It has different templates that you can use to create conversion-friendly funnels. CartFlows supports all eCommerce payment methods, but currently, you can use Stripe, PayPal,  or Cash on Delivery for a one-click upsell. CartFlows has a free version with limited features, while its Pro plan costs $299 yearly, and it comes with all the parts to explore the app.


With Sellfy, you can sell your physical, digital, and subscriptions. You don’t need a website to sell your products. Instead, you can use the Sellfy storefront or embed Sellfy checkout to market your products. Sellfy has only two payment gateways: PayPal and Stripe, and Sellfy has limited payment gateway integrations.

Gumroad vs. SamCart

The list of Gumroad competitors continues with SamCart.

Samcart and Gumroad are two popular online tools for selling digital products. However, they are similar and different in various ways. Check out their differences and similarities below:

Samcart was founded in 2014, and it permits you to create your online store within a few minutes, sell your products, attract customers on the web and help you to enhance your eCommerce sales. Many eCommerce merchants use Samcart to streamline their sales funnel process. This platform has been used to sell more than four million products making up to 750 million dollars in worth. Samcart has features like A/B testing, cross-selling, one-click upsells, and checkout pages. Moreover, Samcart is best for both small and medium eCommerce businesses and has sophisticated features for large enterprises.

Gumroad was founded in 2011. It has more than 40,000 eCommerce merchants that use it and a revenue of more than 286 million dollars since its inception. The digital platform is excellent for people that want to attract a paying audience on the internet. With the numerous product features, you can build an online selling platform and audience, sell products or services, and collect subscriptions and memberships.

Features are necessary to take into consideration when learning about Gumroad alternatives.

Both tools are straightforward to set up. As a result, you won’t have to spend hours setting up your account.

On the other side, Samcart has a visual builder for creating product pages, but Gumroad does not. In addition, Samcart and Gumroad have premade page templates, but Samcart is more customizable. And Samcart has more sales funnel options with upsells and downsells than Gumroad.

Samcart has an A/B testing tool, but Gumroad does not. However, Gumroad has a Test Purchase option similar to the A/B testing tool. In addition, customer management is better on Gumroad than on Samcart. For example, Gumroad lets you easily download your contact list directly without the need to access your email box, but it is not so on Samcart.

Both platforms have excellent analytics and reporting tools, but Samcart has more options and report categories, while Gumroad is more transparent, detailed, and simple to understand.

Head to our SamCart reviews page to learn more about it.

Gumroad vs. Thrivecart

Another software from Gumroad’s competitor list is Thrivecart.

ThriveCart and Gumroad are both platforms you can use to sell digital products online, but they differ in various ways. The first one is a shopping cart platform that started in 2016. It focuses on aiding online business owners to sell digital products excellently. With this software, you can create customized sales and page order forms. In comparison, Gumroad is a digital product marketplace that started in 2011. Their purpose is to help creators sell products directly to customers quickly.

On the other hand, ThriveCart is more focused on online brands that want to sell more and increase profits. Gumroad concentrates more on creators that want to sell digital products efficiently and effectively. ThriveCart is still in its prelaunch phase, so it has a lifetime license available. It has a price point of $495 with an optional $195 upgrade to pro that will give you lifetime access to this software. But when it is fully released, it will cost about $95 monthly.

For Gumroad, it is an entirely free platform, but you will need to upgrade if you want to gain access to more features. When you start, the platform will cost $10 per month to upgrade until you get to one thousand customers. Once you reach that stage, you will pay more for each one thousand customers you get.

Other Gumroad alternatives are Podia, Selz, PayHip, Hyax, and CartFlows.

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