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When discussing Dreamweaver pricing, there is one important consideration to make. Specifically, there is no free version, and you are always tied to a subscription. All Adobe products require a subscription and work in the cloud. While this allows for seamless integration and fluid workloads, it has drawbacks.

Namely, if you do not keep up with the monthly payments, Dreamweaver is gone, and all the projects you have been working on are lost. Still, the benefit is perpetual updates that mean you always have the latest and greatest features and security.

Of course, DW is part of the wider Adobe Creative Cloud platform, which means you can opt to buy it as an individual platform or as part of the bundle. If you are only buying Dreamweaver, you can get it for $20.99 per month on a one-year subscription, $32.49 per month if you pay each month or $239.98 for the entire year.

Adobe Dreamweaver Pricing Plans

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Sometimes it makes more sense to combine Dreamweaver with the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. If you are doing that, the following pricing tiers are available:

  • Students and Teachers, All Creative Cloud Apps with 100GB ($19.99 per month): Includes Dreamweaver, 20+ desktop apps, mobile apps, and web services for less than a single app subscription.
  • Teams and Businesses ($79.99 per month): Includes Dreamweaver, 20+ desktop apps, mobile apps, and web services for your business or department, plus a management console and instant asset syncing across devices.
  • Schools and Universities ($34.99 per month): Includes Dreamweaver, 20+ desktop apps, mobile apps, and web services for small workgroups, departments, classrooms, labs, or even entire institutions, plus manages license deployments and updates from one central console.

Dreamweaver is an extensive and complex app, and you will need to make a monetary commitment to using it. So, it is important to test the app before you commit long-term. Luckily, Adobe does offer a free trial of the website building platform. With the 7-day free trial, you get access to all the DW tools without commitment to purchase at the end of the test.

Adobe Dreamweaver vs. Similar Products

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