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Attentive Pricing

Attentive’s pricing is tailored, focusing on the client’s unique needs and operational scale. The platform offers personalized mobile messaging services, including SMS marketing, audience segmentation, AI-driven campaign automation, and email marketing.

Specific pricing factors include usage volume, selected features, and business size. Interested businesses should contact Attentive directly for a customized quote that aligns with their specific goals and requirements.

What is Attentive Pricing?

Attentive’s pricing is not explicitly listed, reflecting their customized approach. The platform likely tailors its costs to each client’s specific needs and the scale of their operations.

Personalized Mobile Messaging

  • Attentive focuses on enhancing customer engagement with targeted mobile messaging strategies.

Services Offered

  • SMS Marketing: Engage customers directly through SMS campaigns.
  • Audience Segmentation: Tailor messages based on customer data segmentation.
  • AI-Driven Campaign Automation: Leverage AI for efficient marketing automation.
  • Email Marketing: Integrated email strategies to complement SMS outreach.

Customized Pricing Approach

  • Attentive likely considers factors like usage volume, feature selection, and the scale of operations to determine pricing.

Contact for a Personalized Quote

  • To align Attentive’s services with your business goals, directly contact them for a detailed quote.


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