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Brandfolder Reviews

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What is Brandfolder?

If you are looking for a digital asset management (DAM) application, there is an excellent chance you have heard of Brandfolder. Simply put, Brandfolder is the best-known DAM platform on the market. Plus, it is popular amongst organizations around the world. While most popular does not always mean best, Brandfolder has a solid reputation for providing powerful DAM tools for company assets in a user-friendly package.

Therefore, Brandfolder offers an accessible interface that makes the complex facets of digital asset management less daunting based wholly on the cloud. Moreover, users can organize, collaborate, and share files efficiently without requiring a steep learning curve. In addition, more granular features allow organizations to boost productivity through deep analysis of resources, helping to form wider strategies.

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Pricing Details:

Brandfolder pricing is a tricky subject because the cost of the platform depends entirely on the size of your organization and the number of features you want. Thus, two different packages are available, each with its as-standard perks, but customers can then pay for additional extra features.

Brandfolder Premium

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Brandfolder Enterprise

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  • Asset Categorization
  • Asset Sharing
  • Brand Guidelines
  • File Conversion
  • File Preview
  • Metadata Management
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Search/Filter
  • Version Control
  • Workflow Management

Additional Features

  • Asset Library
  • File Conversion
  • Asset Sharing
  • Customizable Branding
  • Artwork Management
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Fulfillment Distribution
  • Archiving & Retention
  • Digital Asset Management
  • ROI Tracking
  • Template Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Document Management
  • API


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Tell us your opinion about Brandfolder and help others.

Brandfolder is one of the big names in digital asset management (DAM). If you want to manage your brand assets and tap into countless features and integrations from a single location, Brandfolder is easy to recommend. In this full Brandfolder review, you can find out what we liked about the software and what we think can be improved.

Brandfolder Digital Asset Management

Brandfolder describes itself as the most usable digital asset management (DAM) solution currently available. Thus, we determined whether the platform lives up to the claim. And see if “most usable” also translates into the best DAM service. After using Brandfolder extensively, we have found plenty to love about this software and some complaints. Check out our full Brandfolder review below and learn all you need to know about this company assets management platform.

What is a DAM Platform?

Before getting into the specifics of the Brandfolder review, it is worth looking more closely at the concept of digital asset management (DAM) solutions. Unfortunately, this is an often misunderstood section in the enterprise productivity chain. As a result, many businesses remain unclear on what exactly DAM offers.

DAM services underpin brand assets, allowing organizations to manage, share, and store digital assets in a single location. Think of a DAM as a file-sharing and storage solution, similar to Google Drive, but on an enterprise scale. Of course, there is a little more to brand asset management than that, not least promoting increased productivity.

A digital asset is any media you want to share across an organization, such as photos, documents, videos, and any other file. Enterprises have fast-growing digital assets, and having a single service to manage and distribute them is ideal. In addition, DAM solutions ease demands on teams, allowing them to utilize their time elsewhere.

Main benefits of DAM software

  • Keep digital and brand assets in one location.
  • Find media files and other digital assets easily.
  • Automate sharing and collaboration tasks to boost productivity.
  • Manage brand collections.
  • Watermark files, including images.
  • Manage copyrighting and permissions.
  • Generate auto tags through facial recognition technology.

How to Use Brandfolder?

Collaboration has become a fundamental part of the enterprise experience in recent years. This trend will continue, especially as more businesses and employees turn to remote work environments. However, it is surprising how inefficient collaboration can still be, especially when integrating internal and external situations.

We have seen companies like Google (Workspace) and Microsoft (Office 365) move towards frictionless collaboration. Those companies have file-sharing and cloud storage solutions that provide robust editing in real-time collaboration, file management, and more. However, neither are bona fide DAM platforms, lacking many features on Brandfolder.

Digital asset management requires more than simply sharing and saving files in the cloud. For organizations that require a complete suite of tools for managing their brand assets, Brandfolder excels. One of the big selling points of the platform is how easy it is to use, including the swift and hassle-free sign-up process.

Navigating through the Brandfolder system is easy and accessing features and implementing them across your organization is fast and seamless. Your teams will spend little time managing this platform, allowing them more time to focus on important tasks. There are some core principles of Brandfolder that underpin the solution, including:

  • Instant Use with No Training

Brandfolder provides an excellent user interface experience that allows you to access the tools you need when you most need them. One of the biggest issues organizations face is lost time, with scores of hours each month wasted on finding digital assets and managing them. This platform streamlines your assets into a central location for cloud-based access on demand.

  • Scaling Distribution

Part of the efficiency provided by Brandfolder DAM is how easy it is to share brand assets, allowing you a more rapid collaboration. Admins can share single assets, collections, or even the whole digital assets portfolio without compromising security or compliance. Moreover, Brandfolder makes it easy to manage permissions, allowing access only to team members you want.

  • Advanced logistics & insights

Several cloud-sharing solutions – such as OneDrive and Google Drive – deliver robust sharing and storage tools. However, Brandfolder goes beyond its DAM features, including understanding better assets and how they perform. This is provided through proprietary AI models that use machine learning to offer deep insights into assets.

Details of Brandfolder Features

Part of the appeal of Brandfolder is its completeness. This DAM solution covers all bases with a rich suite of features covering every part of managing your digital assets.

  • Storing Assets

Core to the Brandfolder experience is storing all assets/files in a single location to recall whenever you need them. Storage and digestion features include:

  • Upload, store, share and manage unlimited assets on a single secure cloud server.
  • Access for both internal and external users (through permissions).
  • Support all file formats, including documents, images, media, and more.

  • Customize Your Brand

Customization gives organizations using Brandfolder the ability to make their DAM backend match their brand:

  • Use and maintain your brand image for both internal and external access.
  • Customize your Brandfolder system to sync with your brand style.
  • Integrate your Brandfolder into your website by having a bespoke URL.

  • Organization

One of the main goals of managing your brand assets is to generate usage of those assets. Brandfolder provides tools to help towards this goal, including:

  • Inspire usage of assets with tools for rapid discovery.
  • Streamline workflows to boost productivity in other areas.
  • Allow teams to work on other projects instead of handling digital assets.
  • Find assets through robust curation options.

  • Smart Search & Discovery

Some organizations may have thousands or more digital assets, so quickly recalling a single file is important. Brandfolder search allows you to pull up the assets you need easily:

  • Search based on metadata, taxonomy, and other filters.
  • Intelligent search features for multiple searches and automated discovery.
  • Save your most frequent search terms to speed up discovery.

  • Management Tools

If you need more power from the management of your digital assets, the platform has the following features:

  • Utilize bulk editing features.
  • Tap into insight reports on individual assets or collections.
  • Manage exactly what information you receive from brand assets and customize metadata for each asset.

  • Edit & Convert

Being able to edit directly within Brandfolder gives the platform an extra facet of usability, improving asset management further:

  • No need to convert and edit assets in third-party solutions.
  • Edit file format and sizes when exporting.
  • Access preset sizes or crop to a custom size on assets, including social media providers like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

  • Workflow & Collaboration

As mentioned, collaboration is vital to organizations in the modern world, and Brandfolder delivers across many management areas:

  • Develop your brand with process features.
  • Integrate your assets into current projects.
  • Provide permissions for your network/customers/employees to customize assets without giving up admin controls.

  • Privacy & Security

In a world of evolving cyber threats, having a secure platform for collaboration in the cloud is essential. Brandfolder understands these security demands and provides the following protection:

  • Leading cutting-edge encryption technology to protect data storage and transfer.
  • Regular auditing to ensure the Brandfolder platform is secure.
  • Locked server access through a single gateway host and the latest technology.

  • Rights Management

An important part of managing collaboration across your organization is deciding who has access to specific files.

  • Set up publication and expiration dates for digital assets.
  • Use AI automation tools to control the viewability of assets internally and externally.
  • Receive notifications when permissions expire.

  • Creative Tools

One thing that sets Brandfolder apart from basic file-sharing tools is its in-built creative tools. Customers can perform many creative tasks directly within the app:

  • Leverage creative design tools through direct integrations in Brandfolder.
  • Utilize the in-built video editing tool and avoid using third-party apps.
  • Receive information about multiple versions of the same asset, allowing easy removal.

  • Embedding & Sharing

As noted, collaboration sits at the heart of the Brandfolder experience, allowing organizations to manage assets across teams seamlessly.

  • Run whole eCommerce sits through Brandfolder.
  • Set up updates for product branding and imagery.
  • Embed Brandfolder directly on your website.

  • Insights & Analytics

Brandfolder provides a fairly deep level of analytics and reporting, allowing you to micro-manage your assets through informative insights.

  • Track usage to manage permissions.
  • Receive actionable insight on brand health.
  • Reports on distribution channels and the effectiveness of brand assets.


Because collaboration plays a pivotal role in the Brandfolder experience, allowing customers to tap into third-party services directly within the app is important. The whole concept of Brandfolder rests on allowing customers to get as much done as possible from a single location. To help facilitate this, the digital asset management tool has a rich catalog of integrations available.

With plugins from just about every major enterprise software vendor, you can do much within Brandfolder without ever needing to leave the platform. From creating assets, designing tools, editing videos, communicating across teams, and sharing across a community. Among the popular tool’s integrations are Salesforce, Open API, Adobe, Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, and many more.

Alternatives to Brandfolder

Brandfolder is probably the complete digital assets management (DAM) platform, but it may not be for everyone. For example, the pricing mentioned above model may be a dealbreaker for some customers, while other organizations may need more focus on a specific area of brand assets. Either way, there are plenty of alternatives to Brandfolder.

  • Canto
  • Centralpoint
  • Publitio

Brandfolder Review Conclusion

To sum up, Brandfolder has been the leader in digital asset management for some time. And we think its position at the top of the market is secure. Moreover, it provides an amazing selection of brand asset management features. But more importantly, this is such an easy piece of software. That makes this tool an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes and all abilities. We would be remiss to end the review without pointing out that Brandfolder is expensive and the pricing model confusing. Still, if you have the budget, you will find Brandfolder represents value for money.


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