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Canto’s approach to digital asset management might not be unique, but they have done everything that needs to be done to make Canto a feature-rich DAM solution in the market. It covers all the basic features offered by other asset management solutions and goes beyond to provide advanced features. In our Canto review, we take a closer look at its features, ease-of-use, security, and other vital aspects to see if it fits modern digital assets management philosophy.

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Canto Digital Asset Management

Working with digital assets may sound simple. However, it can soon become overwhelming when dealing with multiple digital asset types and sources. That’s where digital asset management(DAM) comes in. There are plenty of digital asset management solutions for businesses. However, Canto seems to stand out in the market. It is a digital asset management software. Canto digital asset management markets itself as an easy-to-use functional solution; that offers companies an organized way to manage their assets.

But does it provide value to businesses that do not want to have a dedicated IT team or outsource their IT support elsewhere? In our Canto review, we will try to evaluate its value proposition for companies. So, let’s get started.

What is Canto Asset Management?

Canto is a digital asset management solution aimed at businesses – from small-scale businesses to enterprises. Companies constantly require IT support to manage their assets and IT infrastructure. Canto aims to remove the IT support demand or at least reduce it so that you can focus on the actual project. They have 25 years of experience in the industry and have helped many brands to manage their assets effortlessly using their digital asset management solution.

To achieve the goal, it offers teams to work through a seamless dashboard where you can easily organize your assets visually. The approach is secure and also easy to do. For instance, teams can work seamlessly within the DAM solution to tag, report, and collaborate with digital assets using a visual environment.

Canto for Businesses

For agencies, this means that they can work effortlessly on multiple projects and do not have to spend separately on a person to manage the assets entirely. Furthermore, it offers a visual interface with an intuitive design approach to achieve all of these, similar to most asset management solutions. In addition, you get features such as watermarking, automatic file organization, tagging, sharing, metadata creation, and so on.

Users can also secure the assets with an access-based approach for brands. In terms of connectivity, it supports workflow integrations with popular software and storage solutions, including WordPress, Slack, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Facebook, Google Drive, Twitter, Box, and Pinterest. In short, you get a proper assets solution capable of handling website asset(s), brand assets, and more!

What is a digital asset management tool?

Digital Asset Management(DAM) enables companies to handle their digital assets internally from a central location. This means that companies can use DAM to organize, share and store digital assets. Digital assets can be any creative file, including videos, images, and other media types. However, not all digital assets type can be classified as assets. In addition, to be classified as assets, the company needs to have the rights.

DAM is important for companies as it brings multiple benefits to their business, including:

  • Improves team productivity and creativity
  • Offers a centralized approach for digital assets organization
  • Manage picture collections and press kits effectively
  • Better search capability for searching media files
  • Tags images automatically
  • Offers facial recognition
  • Automates image watermarking
  • Provides extensive copyright functionality

DAM can be set up in multiple ways by enterprises, including internal centralization, external distribution, and internal storage.

Is Canto cloud-based?

Yes, Canto is a cloud-based solution. This means you do not have to worry about infrastructure management with Canto. The cloud-based approach also makes it easy for companies to scale when needed.

Canto Features

Canto is a feature-rich DAM solution. To simplify organizing assets, it offers features that range from organization to sharing to reporting. To understand what they have to offer, let’s through their core feature sets one by one.

  • Organize

Here you get access to a plethora of features that simplify organizing assets. At the core, you get smart albums that automatically organize and sort the assets based on their file types. Apart from that, you also get albums, folders, and contextual labeling in the form of tags.

  • Albums and Folders

You get the option to organize your assets by folders and albums. In addition, they provide customizable sorting options. This way, you can create a proper structure that lets you quickly sort the assets by file type, date, or alphabet — with a single click.

  • Keywords, Smart Tags, and tags

Tags and keywords best understand media assets. Canto makes it easy to identify tags using tags, smart tags, and keywords. You can use any keyword or tag that makes it easy for you to identify them. In addition, these labels provide the necessary context required to work with them later on.

  • Smart Albums

Canto also automates organization by organizing assets through smart albums. They are created automatically when you upload assets to the platform. Moreover, the smart albums are easy to navigate and work with — providing you value.

  • Personal Collections

Teams can also create their own personal collection to simplify their work process. For instance, a personal collection is best suited to collect and organize assets related to a particular project.

Canto offers excellent search functionality to help teams working on large projects. It offers search to be filtered by dates, authors, keywords, types, and other metrics.

  • Global search

Teams get access to global search. It is a simple-to-use default search option. The search done through global search include important information, including metadata, filename, and dimensions. In addition, the global search is fine-tuned to find files that are hard to search through other means.

  • Advanced search

The advanced search offers more advanced search functionality so that every single file stays within your reach. Here, you can fill in more details such as descriptions, categories, metadata, and even old comments. This way, you can fine-tune your search. Also, users can do the advanced search to narrow down the search on previous search results.

  • Filters

You can also quickly sort through your assets using Cant’s filter features. Users can access the filter feature directly through the main interface. You can filter using statuses, metadata, content type, and other vital information. It is a quick way to access files.

  • Facial recognition

Canto’s facial recognition is one of a kind. With it, you can search for a person’s image in just a few clicks. To make it possible, Canto utilizes Amazon’s Rekognition technology. Companies can use the facial recognition feature to find colleagues, event speakers, and executives across the database. If you think you don’t need it, then the feature can be enabled or disabled.


Assets are meant to be shared. That’s why Canto offers a comprehensive feature-set to enable teams to quickly and safely share assets. This means you can choose to share assets via expiring links or even emails — without the need to leave Canto. Teams can also share it through social media sites or storage sites.

  • Portals

Portals are a way to share assets among organization users with limited privileges. Moreover, portals can also be set as public or private and are completely customizable.

  • Share with links

Colleagues can share content via share with links. In addition, its addition, it lets others upload assets which they can later upload to Canto’s main library.

  • Expiring links

Expiring links provides a unique way to set an expiry on shared content. However, after the expiry date is reached, the content is neither interactable nor downloadable.

  • Social sites and file storage services

With this option, you can quickly share files with storage services and social sites, including the likes of Dropbox, Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, and much more!

  • Advanced download options

You can optimize images before downloading. For instance, you can zoom, crop, and adjust image quality directly from the Canto’s dashboard.

Visual Previews

DAMs must provide excellent visual previews. Canto knows that and offers visual previews for easy workflow through thousands of assets.

  • Video: You can preview videos directly from the dashboard in full high-definition.
  • InDesign layouts: Work seamlessly with full Adobe InDesign documents.
  • Images: Canto also offers a full preview of images along with metadata information.
  • PowerPoint and Documents presentations: Offers proper PowerPoint and documents preview.


Canto also provides a special feature set for branding purposes. So, if your company have a brand style, you can integrate it directly within Canto with the following features:

  • Style Guides: With Canto, you can create a proper style guide reference within the app. You can set brand colors, typography, logos, and other critical info with your brand style.
  • Login screen: Setup a proper login page for your company – customized to showcase your brand. You can customize the background image and logo as per your liking.
  • Customizable interface: Canto also offers a customizable interface so that it feels like home.
  • Download presets: You can also set presets for downloading images. This way, you can control the image’s height and width when downloading through portals or other means.
  • Watermarking: You can use your own watermarks(image or text) on your assets.

User roles

It is vital to control access to assets to ensure proper asset management. Canto comes with user roles to facilitate access control over the assets. The three access roles it offers include:

  • Administrators: Complete control over Canto account.
  • Contributors: They can upload content, add metadata, create albums or folders.
  • Consumers: Consumers can share, preview and download digital assets


Canto offers excellent security out of the box. As Canto uses Amazon Web services, they inherently get benefitted from highly secure data centers. In fact, Canto is SOC 2 compliant, which means increased security. You can also set custom permissions for different ecosystem users, including vendors, company and collaborating agencies. On top of all of these, you also get secure sharing. Lastly, you can also set digital rights management to your assets. In short, you get the following:

  • Secure data centers
  • SOC2 compliant
  • Custom permissions
  • Digital rights management


With Canto, you also get the ability to collaborate within the organization and outside it. Canto offers portals and workspaces for easy on-brand collaboration. To improve collaboration, you also get access to Workflow. It simplifies task management and ensures that transparency is maintained by participating members. You can also do approvals and provide valuable comments to the assets. So, in collaboration, you get the following features:

  • Workspaces and portals
  • Workflow
  • Transparency
  • Approvals and comments


With a visual dashboard, the admin gets a complete overview of the user’s activity. You can also arrange report widgets to customize your dashboard. Furthermore, you also get access to detailed reports and a complete audit trail. So, the reporting features include:

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Visual dashboard
  • Detailed report
  • Complete audit trail

Canto Pricing

Canto doesn’t offer any official pricing. To know about Canto pricing, you need to contact them. They believe that each use case is unique and hence provide tailor-made pricing for those. Thus, to know more about Canto pricing plans, you need to contact them via their pricing page. However, they do come with a free trial. To get started with the free trial, you need to register through their free trial page.

Is Canto DAM free?

No, Canto DAM is not free. Instead, you need to contact them for pricing-related queries.

Canto Integrations

Canto offers a good number of integrations to make it more accessible to everyone. Therefore, it offers integrations to file storage solutions, browsers, social, creative, video, communication, and other apps and solution. Currently, Canto offers the following integrations:

  • Box
  • iOS
  • Chrome
  • Dropbox
  • Drupal
  • Facebook
  • Adobe
  • Google Drive

  • LinkedIn
  • Apple
  • MailChimp
  • Windows
  • Photoshop
  • OneDrive
  • Egnyte
  • Slack

Canto Alternatives

Canto is not the only DAM solution in the market. Unfortunately, there are few alternatives to Canto that are worth trying if you are looking for digital assets management software. Thus, here are some of its best alternatives:

Canto Review Conclusions

In conclusion, Canto is an excellent digital asset management solution. It excels at what it has to offer. You get a seamless dashboard to work with. Canto’s high standard for security and ease-of-use means many features that offer excellent team collaboration, sharing, and brand customization. Their lack of pricing structure can hinder some businesses from going forward with them. Yet, I am sure that customized pricing goes a long way to digital asset management. To sum up, if you are looking for a DAM solution that ticks the majority of the boxes, then Canto is for you.