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Recruitment is one of the most fundamental parts of an enterprise. Businesses big and small need to hire new people frequently. For large organizations, managing candidates comes with plenty of challenges. Breezy HR helps you overcome these challenges by providing a massive list of features across every stage of the recruitment process.

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Breezy HR System

Breezy HR made its debit in 2014. Despite being a relative newcomer to the enterprise software market, Breezy has swiftly become the go-to recruitment platform for over 3,000 global companies. As the market leader, Breezy offers recruitment streamlining features and simplifies the whole recruitment process. After spending some time with the HR software provided by Breezy HR, we think it is worthy of its reputation.

What Does Breezy HR Do?

While Breezy HR is branded as a human resources tool, it is not a complete HR suite like a platform such as Sage HR, Calamri, or Namely. Instead, Breezy focuses on one specific part of HR… recruitment. This makes it a specialist HR system that your organization can leverage to streamline the recruitment experience.

With the Breezy HR software, you get an efficient platform to manage the entire recruitment pipeline, from discovering candidates to hiring employees. For large organizations with extensive recruitment channels, the HR tools in Breezy allow you to handle many applicants easily.

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Breezy has some excellent end-to-end software features, such as automation posting onto multiple job boards. Elsewhere, you can develop a Career Portal that highlights your organization to promote to prospective employees. Tracking applicants is also part of the Breezy experience, allowing you to track feedback, applications, interviews, and more.

Who Uses Breezy HR?

If you are a business owner looking to make your recruitment more efficient, there is a chance you have been reading Breezy HR reviews. However, those reviews probably do not answer whether Breezy is the best option for your company. We can help because we have tested all aspects of the Breezy HR recruitment software and know how it can help businesses.

For large organizations that need candidate tracking systems, Breezy HR is a fantastic piece of software. However, it is much better suited to big companies and multinationals than it is too tiny businesses. That is why giants such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Nando’s, and T-Mobile use Breezy to handle their recruitment pipeline. However, for those smaller organizations, the power of Breezy is likely to be lost, not to mention the cost (Breezy is expensive) is hard to justify for more modest operations.

Breezy HR Features

Breezy has a wide range of features covering every aspect of recruitment. Below we will look at some of the core abilities of the platform:

  • Job Postings

If you want to create a job opening, Breezy HR makes it a simple process. Your recruitment team can build an introduction via a built-in wizard that takes you through each step. Alternatively, you can create your postings by tapping into one of the hundreds of templates available. Further customization is possible, such as changing the Application Form to include essential information specific to the role.

  • Job Advertising

Nothing is more important in the recruitment pipeline than advertising your jobs. If prospective candidates do not see the posting, they will never be able to apply for it. So, reaching those candidates is essential, giving you access to the best-qualified people for the role.

On Breezy HR, there are several valuable tools to help you promote your jobs in the most successful way. We especially like the automatic job posting feature, which posts your job to major job boards (Google Jobs, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.) and social media platforms.

With the Career Portal, recruitment teams can develop a bespoke dashboard where you can see all job openings, manage applicants, and more. This powerful tool is easy to use and allows organizations to add company branding, media and develop engaging job advertising.

Interestingly, there is no integration in Breezy to add job pages to your website. This is a tool that is available on rivals such as Jobsoid. Breezy HR goes some way to making up for this omission by including a “Jobs Widget” add-in for websites.

  • Managing Candidates

Most Breezy HR customers are influential organizations that have large recruitment operations. These companies may be recruiting hundreds of prospective employees at any one time. In addition, it can become even more complex for multinationals that have recruitment in multiple countries under differing laws. Therefore, being able to visualize and manage these candidates is essential.

Breezy uses visual pipelines that represent each recruitment stage (application, interview, feedback, outcome, etc.) to make managing and understanding candidates easier. You can set up custom pipelines that meet your specific goals, while you can move candidates across each stage of the process through an intuitive drag-and-drop UI.

Once again, automation plays a big part in the Breezy software experience. You can create automatic actions that go live when a candidate passes a specific goal in terms of candidate tools—for example, sending an email to a candidate to answer a questionnaire when applying for a job. Automation removes repetitive tasks from your workload and allows recruitment teams to focus on more productive duties.

Knowing who candidates are is also essential, which is why Breezy provides in-depth profiles. You can access these candidate profiles to see their resume, contact details, applications, and more. In addition, to make profile creation easier, when you upload a resume, Breezy will automatically parse important information from it to create a profile.

  • Interviews & Scheduling

While recruitment is changing in the modern world of remote and digital work, interviews remain an essential step in many application processes. On Breezy HR, you can schedule interviews and communicate with applicants directly within the platform. Setting interviews is easy enough by heading into the candidate profile.

With the in-built calendar or a third-party integration such as Outlook or Google Calendar, hiring teams can create interviews, add new attendees, and set other tasks. You can also tap into third-party communication tools, but there is also a built-in Video Conference tool. This feature is more valuable than ever before in an enterprise world that is increasingly shifting to remote work. You can see the softcore skills of an applicant, such as presentation, confidence, language, and so on. All responses in the video meeting are automatically stored in the candidate profile.

When conducting an interview, your hiring teams can see the candidate profile and a guide on-screen. This puts all relevant information at hand and viewable, including a recommendation for interview structure. We like this guided process (optional) because it allows organizations to develop the same interview structure across job roles.

  • Collaboration

While you can integrate with third-party messaging services, Breezy also provides its in-built messaging system. You can find all discussions stored within the candidate profile, with comments listed in chronological order. If you want to reach specific team members, you can @ mention them for more direct contact.

  • Reports

Businesses in the digital age do not just want results. They also want to know how those results happened and how they can be replicated moving forward. This is achieved through data, and Breezy helps users access data for recruitment processes. Not only does tapping into available data help boost workflow, but it also helps reduce costs and free up time.

Breezy has a robust reporting network that helps you track candidate data throughout the whole hiring cycle. You can leverage the available data to gain insights on areas where you can make improvements.

With pipeline metrics, you can see how applicants are fairing within the funnel, such as where they are in the process. In addition, the report allows you to group job postings and compare them to see which projects need more attention.

Breezy HR Pricing

There are a lot of options with Breezy HR pricing, including a free option. However, to get the most from the platform, you will need to upgrade to a paid tier. There is no way to ignore the fact that the Breezy HR pricing plans are expensive.

Starting From: $171/month

Pricing Model: Subscription

Breezy Integrations

Modern enterprises expect services to deliver deep integration. Getting as much done as possible within a single application is essential for productivity, and it is something businesses increasingly demand. When looking at integrations in Breezy HR, there are some considerations to make.

Firstly, Breezy is a single service platform. It delivers excellent recruitment management and organization and not much else. This is not a product pretending to provide a breadth of enterprise productivity solutions. This focus on a single service makes Breezy HR such an excellent recruitment platform and popular amongst many massive organizations.

However, it also means integrations are entirely focused on recruitment and making the experience more efficient. This is not Salesforce, where you have access to thousands of third-party add-ons, and nor should it be. Instead, the HR tool provides a solid selection of integrations that appeal to users seeking efficient recruitment solutions.

You will be able to access integrations such as Traitify and HackerRank for assessments, Checkr and GoodHire for background checks, Office 365 Calendar and Google Calendar, Gmail and Outlook for email, ClickBoarding, Sapling, Paylocity and Gusto for HRIS, and Slack and Zoom for communication.

Does Breezy Integrate with LinkedIn?

Yes, at least partly. Since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26 billion in 2016, the company has positioned the social network as a recruitment platform. So, in some sense, LinkedIn is a rival to Breezy HR. However, it is also a valuable resource as the most significant employee and skills database globally.

If you are looking for candidates for a job role, LinkedIn is an excellent place to look. Breezy allows you to get the best exposure for your job postings by automatically posting to free job boards like Glassdoor, Facebook, Google for Jobs, and more. You can also add the posting to premium job boards, including LinkedIn.

However, you will not get a deep integration between these two. That means no sharing of data between the two platforms, at least not directly. However, third-party solutions like Zapier can help you create automations and integrations between the two apps.

Breezy Alternatives

There are plenty of alternatives to Breezy HR, but we do not think any of them are quite as good. Still, there is no doubt some of these competitors can deliver benefits that this HR system may not be able to. For example, some alternatives provide better recruitment tools for smaller businesses, while others have more robust free versions:

  • Jobvite – offers many of the same features as Breezy HR but is even more expensive.
  • Zoho Recruit – Better options for smaller businesses.
  • Jobsoid – Similar feature set to Breezy HR but not as easy to use. Breezy has more detail, such as video conferencing and remote hiring tools. Jobsoid is a better choice if you require deep analytics tools.

Breezy HR Review Conclusions

Breezy is simply the best software for big businesses that have large recruitment operations. It helps to make onboarding processes more efficient and helps to streamline job postings. In addition, we love the way this tool makes the whole recruitment pipeline easy to manage, thanks mainly to functional automation.

However, it is worth remembering that Breezy HR does not make sense for smaller organizations. The free version is not good enough, and the experience is too expensive for smaller businesses.