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Bright Data Alternatives

Gathering data, unblocking sites, running crawler, access to millions of IPs…Bright Data got it all! However, it is not the only proxy service provider out there. There are quite a few Bright Data alternatives that you can try before making your decision on what to use.

So, what are your options? Let’s list the Bright Data alternatives below:

  • Smartproxy

Smartproxy is an efficient proxy provider that offers scalable solutions and is not heavy on the pockets. With pricing starting at just $30 per month, it is one of the cheapest proxy providers out there.

Like Bright Data, it also offers access to the residential, Datacenter, and dedicated Datacenter proxies. It also offers a no-code scraper which is easy to set up. It also offers SERP Scraping API, Web Scraping API, and eCommerce Scraping API. Overall, their proxy numbers are good. In residential IPs, they have 7.1m in the US alone. Smartproxy is a great pick over Bright Data if you are looking for a cheaper alternative. It lets you gather data by overcoming restrictions and scaling your business using its tools to analyze SEO and marketing.

  • Fivetran

The list of Bright Data alternatives continues with Fivetran.

Bright Data lets you fetch data using proxies and transform unstructured data into structured data using algorithms, automation, and other excellent tools. The next step is to create a data pipeline that ensures data is centralized and gives the team the necessary platform to make better decisions on insights.

For this to happen, you need a platform like Fivetran that offers one of the best ways to create and manage data pipelines. Here, you can connect all your apps and databases to extract the data. Once done, the centralized data platform uses advanced analytics with integrated transformations to make proper sense and give you insights.

Fivetran offers 99.99% platform uptime and can sync up to 1000+ terabytes of data monthly. Currently, they have deployed more than 200+ engineers to maintain the pipelines daily. You can get started with Fivetran with their 14-day trial. Their pricing starts at just $60 per month.

  • Apify

Apify, just like Bright Data, offers a powerful web scraper coupled with automation. In addition, it offers ready-to-use flexible tools that are accurate and get your job done. Their stats also speak widely on their reach with customers and infrastructure — with 4.4M web automated workflows weekly, 130 TB data transferred weekly, and 232.3 M web pages crawled weekly.

Apify’s main attraction is its tools, such as Amazon Product Extraction, Google Search Results Scrape, Instagram Profile Scraper, etc. It also lets you turn your website to API and then use it to collect data in a structured format. Automation is also a big feature as it lets you automate tedious tasks and speed up workflows.

Apart from that, it also offers good integration and offers a rich developer ecosystem for anyone to build with it. Apify offers a free version with limitations. Their paid version starts at just $49 per month.

  • Oxylabs

Another tool from the Bright Data alternatives list is Oxylabs.

Oxylabs is one of the leading proxy and web data providers. It houses a top-tier web data collection infrastructure that offers scraper APIs and proxy networks. The infrastructure can also match clients’ requirements and scrap web data at scale. Currently, they have access to 102M+ IPs worldwide, making them one of the largest proxy services providers in the world.

They are highly focused on innovation. As for service, you get a dedicated account manager and 24/7 live support. For proxies, it offers Datacenter, Residential, and Next-Gen Residential proxies. In Scraper APIs, you get SERP Scraper API, E-Commerce Scraper API, and Web Scraper API. All the proxy pool IPs are ethically sourced with complete users’ consent. The other Oxylabs key features include a self-service dashboard. Its pricing starts at just $100 per month for Proxies and $99 per month for Scraper APIs.

  • Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies are high-performing residential and private dedicated proxy providers that offer unlimited bandwidth and automatic and instant delivery. They offer various proxies, including Backconnect Rotating Proxies and Private Dedicated Proxies. With over 200K+ rotating proxies, you will never feel slowed down or get interrupted when performing your tasks. Additionally, all their proxies are HTTP(s), not Socks.

Fivetran vs. Bright Data

Fivetran is our first comparison with Bright Data. Bright Data is a leading web data platform that offers businesses access to proxies and web data sets, helping them deal with different use cases such as gathering data, SEO audit, data verification, SERP analysis, and so on. However, you also need a platform that can deal with the data and offers a centralized way to manage them. This is where Fivetran comes in. It offers a centralized platform where teams can store data and gain insights from it.

Fivetran sells itself as the best platform to create and manage data pipelines. As a business, you need to connect your apps and databases and pull the data to a centralized place. From there, the platform lets you use tools to do analytics and get new insights.

Oxylabs vs. Bright Data

Oxylabs is a proper alternative to Bright Data regarding features and functionality. The first difference comes in their target audience. Bright Data is suitable for small to large businesses, whereas OxyLbs focuses more on mid to large businesses. As for the services, there are also a lot of similarities between them.

The key differences and similarities between Bright Data and Oxylabs are as below:

  • Bright Data offers both shared and dedicated data center proxies. However, Oxylabs only offer dedicated data center proxies.
  • As for residential proxies, both of them offer static and peer-to-peer proxies.
  • As for Proxy APIs, Bright Data offers Data Unblocker and Search Engine Crawler. Oxylabs, on the other hand, supports next-gen residential proxies APIs
  • Oxylabs don’t support mobile proxies, whereas Bright Data does.

Pricing-wise, both are right on the margin for affordability and scalability. With different services offering different pricing plans, it is hard to quantify which offers the best pricing. However, Bright Data offers a pay-as-you-go option, whereas Oxylabs doesn’t.

Both of them also offer excellent customer support for their services.

Smartproxy vs. Bright Data

Our last comparison is between Smartproxy and Bright Data. Smartproxy is also one of the biggest proxy provider solutions out there. However, it started its journey in 2018 when compared to 2014 for Bright Data.
As for the target audience, Smartproxy is more concerned with small to mid businesses, whereas Bright Data targets small to large businesses.

In terms of features, let’s see the similarities and differences below:

  • Smartproxy only supports Datacenter proxies, whereas Bright Data supports both shared and dedicated.
  • Smartproxy supports no Mobile proxies. Bright Data supports rotating mobile proxy.
  • Smartproxy doesn’t support web scraping tools. On the other hand, Bright Data comes with a dedicated web scraper tool known as Data Collector.

Pricing-wise, Smartproxy is slightly cheaper compared to Bright Data.


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