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Bright Data

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Bright Data Reviews

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What is Bright Data?

Bright Data (formerly Luminati) is the world’s leading web data platform that offers structured public web data on demand. It also offers access to 72+ million powerful proxy servers spread across 195 countries. The Bright Data Proxy Manager handles all the proxy requests while ensuring that no data policies, including CCPA and GDPR, are broken. Bright Data offers excellent data collection and is a no-code platform. It is reliable, efficient and offers an excellent customer experience with great 24/7 customer support.

Best For

Web data platform to retrieve the public web data you care about.
  • StartUps
  • Freelancers
  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Enterprise
  • Non-profit Organization
  • Personal
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  • Mobile - Android
  • Mobile - iPhone
  • Mobile - iPad
  • Desktop - Mac
  • Desktop - Windows
  • Desktop - Linux
  • Desktop - Chromebook
  • On-Premise - Windows
  • On-Premise - Linux
  • Company Name

    Bright Data Inc

  • Located In

    United States

  • Website

Starting from:

$3 /CPM

Pricing Model: Subscription

Pricing Details:

Bright Data pricing works in three ways: minimum monthly commitment, yearly subscription & Pay as you go. Furthermore, Bright Data is divided into two main products: Web Data & Proxy Infrastructure, each with its individual pricing plans. Datasets are also available, but you must complete a form to get a custom quote.

  • AI/Machine Learning
  • API
  • Document Extraction
  • Email Address Extraction
  • Data Verification
  • Image Extraction
  • Phone Number Extraction
  • Pricing Extraction
  • Web Data Extraction

Additional Features

  • Data Structuring
  • Data Cleaning
  • Datasets
  • Diverse Extraction Points
  • Web Scraper Templates
  • Search Engine Collector
  • Proxy Networks
  • Residential Proxies
  • ISP Proxy Network
  • Datacenter Proxy Network
  • Mobile Proxies
  • Proxy Manager
  • Proxy Browser Extension


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Bright Data – data collection and analyzer tool

Bright Data (formally Luminati Networks) sells itself as the number one web data platform. With a data collection infrastructure at its disposal, its users can benefit from its ready-made datasets or the ability to retrieve public web data when needed. Additionally, it also houses one of the finest proxy infrastructures out there. Bright Data offers six products: Datasets, Web Unlocker, Data Collector, Proxy Browser Extension, Proxy Manager, and Search Engine Crawler.

The company behind Bright Data is Bright Data Inc. They currently serve more than 15,000+ customers worldwide and cover almost every industry out there. Bright Data Inc. relishes its approach, how it can store public web data at scale and how fast they do it. Moreover, they also have mastered the trade of unstructured data into structured data. This takes away the onus to clean and make the data structured.

All of the Bright Data infrastructures are created with the use of next-gen proprietary technology. More than 2200+ granted patent claims power it. Moreover, they are also partnered with other worldwide partners that deal with breakthrough technology. They also focus on CCPA and GDPR compliance as they deal with data.

They started Bright Data in 2014 and have grown tremendously in the past eight years. In 2022, they passed $100M in annual revenue.

How does Bright Data work?

Bright Data works through proxies. As they own 72 million shared and exclusive IPs, they are rarely blocked on the web for performing their actions. Furthermore, these IPs are not fake as they are IPs of real people who have given their consent for utilization when idle. Removing any stumbling blocks means companies can use Bright Data to do quick research without worrying about IPs. Currently, Bright Data offers both traditional server IPs and P2P IPs.

During Bright Data’s inception, they were related to Hola VPN but received negative press. However, since 2017, Bright Data is now owned by EMK capital, making things promising for them.

At its core, Bright Data follows a simple mechanic. It enables businesses to utilize real consumers’ IP addresses for traffic throughput when the consumers are not using their devices but are connected to the internet. The users who are part of the consumer’s IP address consent to using their device.

Developers can also utilize the open-source Bright Data SDK for non-intrusive ads for monetization. This also protects the user’s data as it gives them anonymity. In the end, the user’s become Bright Data P2P network’s exit nodes.

Technically, Bright Data works as below:

  • Bright Data’s network sends requests from the browser.
  • The request is sent through the Super Proxy peers to the registered real user PC.
  • The user’s PC then sends the traffic to the target website
  • The response is registered from the target website and goes through the same Super Proxy peers and then to your crawler.

What are the benefits of using Bright Data?

Bright Data offers plenty of interesting features that are beneficial for any organization out there. It offers a great set of features at affordable prices. Bright Data offers access to an excellent infrastructure capable of routing traffic that leads to interesting use cases.

With over 72 million use cases, organizations can use them to set up their web-scraping duties. It also helps them to get other critical data, including customer data and ad verification. Moreover, brands can also use it to do brand protection and SEO audits.

Bright Data also comes with an excellent dataset enabling businesses to take advantage of existing data without the need to scrap the internet. Also, Bright Data’s universal approach means that any industry can take advantage of it, including Ad Tech, Travel, SERP & SEO, Website Testing, and so on!

Bright Data Features Explained

  • Datasets

Bright Data is a powerhouse in web data scraping. This also means that they have already collected tons of data across different industries – leading to already-existing public web data collection. As a business, you can cost-effectively use public web data. You can also use the available data and effortlessly convert them from unstructured to structured data. In the end, you are left with meaningful datasets that are accurate and complete.

The main categories from which you can get the dataset include:

  • eCommerce: Shopee, Amazon, Walmart, etc.
  • Business Information: LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.
  • Social Media: YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc.
  • Search Engines: Yahoo, Yandex, Google, Bing, or custom
  • Directories: Manta, IMDB, Zillow, Google Maps, etc.

Before getting the dataset, you can request a sample to make a sound decision. Moreover, if you do not see the category or option for the dataset you are looking for, you can also “Request Dataset Sample.” They will create the dataset for you to use.

You can purchase complete datasets covering different key industry verticals with millions of data points. Apart from that, you can also customize existing datasets based on various parameters, including category, location, and so on! Lastly, you can also request the dataset from them according to your requirements.

The key feature of the dataset include:

  • Easy discovery for all the available website data points.
  • The datasets are complete and accurate. They are constantly updated for new data and checked against accuracy.
  • You can further enrich the data by providing multiple data sources.
  • The datasets are completely compliant with GDPR and CCPA.
  • The dataset is available in different formats, including ndJSON, JSON, Excel, or CSV.
  • The dataset delivery methods include Google Cloud Storage, SFTP, AWS, Google Drive, and others.

The datasets are available in flexible pricing, starting from $3,000. You also get account management and dedicated support for your datasets. Lastly, you can always try out the sample dataset before deciding.

  • Data Collector

Businesses relish public web data as it enables them to learn about their product, services, strategies, and customers. With Bright Data Collector, companies can get into the driving seat and scrape web data without investing in their infrastructure.

Bright Data’s Data Collector is codeless. This means you can start web scraping without writing a single line of code. However, it is not as easy, considering that you will still need data acquisition specialists that know web data extraction and proxy management. Nevertheless, the no-code approach does help the engineers to set up the data collector quickly.

The unique aspect of their data collector is their proxy servers. With access to more than 72+ million IPs, the data collector can access any available websites or networks. This way, you can overcome any roadblocks or obstacles to capturing your data.

Currently, they offer their service as a self-service platform. You can use their development resources. If you need any help, you can also connect with their product or account managers, which will help you solve any problem during data collection.

The Data Collector works in three easy steps:

  • Choose the website you want to scrape data from.
  • Now select the frequency: scheduled or real-time
  • Next, you need to select the delivery format: Microsoft Excel, CSV, JSON, or HTML
  • Lastly, you must decide where to send your data. You can send data through webhook. You can also choose to send to email, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, SFTP, or Amazon S3. API support is also provided.

Web Scraper Templates

Bright Data’s Data Collector comes with ready-made templates. These templates let you quickly get started with your data collection. Some of the ready-made templates you can get are:

  • Amazon product search
  • Facebook profile
  • Reddit post collector
  • Crunchbase company
  • Eventbrite Event
  • Google Search Results
  • Twitter Profile

A plethora of algorithms aid the data collection process, as Bright Data does extensive research in this field and has done 2,200+ patent claims. These patents and algorithms ensure seamless data structuring, enterprise-grade scaling, and automated flexibility.

During Data Collection, they also ensure they maintain the highest data compliance and follow the best practice.

In summary, if you choose the Data Collector Full Service plan, you get the following:

  • Customized software development to meet your requirement
  • A-Z data management with the help of a dedicated account manager
  • Full access to JavaScript development environment IDE
  • 24/7 Bright Data technical support
  • Adapting and maintaining code to ensure proper compatibility
  • Personalized data enrichment and personalized
  • Industry-leading proxy and website unlocker technology

If you go with self-service, you get IDE, success rate alerts and monitoring, proxy and website unlocker, and faster results.

  • Search Engine Collector

Next comes their Search Engine Collector/Crawler. If you are a business heavily relying on search engine data, then the Search Engine Collector is for you! Companies can use the tool to get search results using any keyword choice. It also works on every search engine out there, giving you accurate results in less time.

By using the tool, you will see cost reduction and a high success rate with the help of excellent geotargeting.

The Search Engine Crawler is capable of providing access to the following data types:

  • Searches
  • Shopping
  • Maps
  • Images
  • Hotels
  • Videos

It is also customized to business needs and will help you do different tasks, including price comparison, brand protection, results page ranking, keyword research, Ad intelligence, and much more.

The benefits are there, and you only have to pay after successful querying. With a fast response time of fewer than 3 seconds, you will find it very easy to get results quickly. In addition, the high customizability aspect means you can change different parameters, including language, request type, geolocation, etc.

The steps that Search Engine Crawler takes to do its research are:

  • Choose the dataset you want to access to
  • Set proper parameters and send a request
  • Get response in HTML or JSON format

  • Proxy Networks

When it comes to proxies and IP addresses, no one can beat Bright Data. It is the leading proxy provider with access to the residential, data center, ISP, and mobile proxies. This wide access and variety of proxies make it easy for businesses(including many Fortune 500) to use their Proxy Manager and get access to data otherwise impossible to gather.

Apart from that, Proxy Networks are spread across the globe, giving you wide coverage. The major countries where its rotating residential IPs are located include:

  • United States
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Great Britain
  • France
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • Russia
  • Japan
  • South Korea

And, they are not all. Their other proxies are spread across 200 regions and countries, listing over 20,000 cities.

The key Bright Data proxies and unblocking features include:

  • They are one of the most reliable home proxy networks out there.
  • The proxies support the modern SOCKS5 protocol.
  • Bright Data proxies are fast. This is possible thanks to the rotating proxy server with an efficient rotating manager.
  • The proxies support concurrent sessions. This means you can send as many connection requests as possible without any slowdowns or scalability issues.
  • Organizations can use Bright Data proxies to complete commercial tasks, including partner verification and validation, security reviews, B1 completion, etc.

Now, let’s discuss their different proxies below.

Residential Proxies

Bright Data proxies mainly consist of Residential proxies. With an uptime of 99.99%, you will not find any slowdowns during data scraping. Currently, they offer more than 72+ million ethically-sourced IPs that support unlimited concurrent requests. Moreover, they follow a simple method of acquiring the IPs with complete user consent. And the IPs are only utilized when the said system is not in use.

Bright Data’s residential proxies are widespread and located in 195 countries. This allows organizations to collect data from anywhere without any sort of blockage. These proxies are also very robust and work at a large scale without any issues. You also do not have to worry about the performance at peak times as the Proxy Manager can handle the requirement without any issues. Apart from that, you can also maintain anonymity while capturing web data.

The Residential IPs are also 100% compliant, which means they are ethical and meet the compliance standard. Only real people are part of Bright Data’s Residential Network. These people volunteer to be part of the peer-sharing community. All of these are proper proxy networks that also manage to match the GDPR and CCPA guidelines. Moreover, they also support the major protocols, including SOCKS5, HTTPS, and HTTP protocols.

In summary, you get the following with Residential IPs.

  • 99.99% uptime
  • Fast and reliable
  • Spread across 195 countries
  • Ethical and meets compliance standards such as GDPR and CCPA
  • Supports HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS 5 protocol
  • Easy to get started with no-hassle integration using API or control panel
  • Offers excellent documentation

ISP Proxy Network

Next comes the ISP Proxy Network. Unlike residential IPs, ISP Proxies are far less at 600K. These proxies are fully-compliant and static and are leased from genuine Internet Service Providers(ISPs). Moreover, they also offer the fastest response time and are used by more than 15K+ businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

The ISP proxies also offer an excellent high success rate at 99.99% with an amazing 99.99 network uptime. Developers can also quickly get started as it offers easy integration.

Apart from easy integration, the ISP proxies have one of the widest geographical coverage out there. These proxies are spread across 49 counties with one of the highest success rates.

Just like Residential IPs, the ISP Proxies are also 100% compliant and 100% ethically sourced. As they are legally sourced, the ISP proxies offer long sessions without the fear of losing connection. As for compliance, it follows both GDPR and CCPA guidelines.

Proxyway has awarded Bright Data ISP Proxy Network the Best Proxy Ecosystem.

With BrightData ISP Proxy Network, you get:

  • Fully-compliant and static ISP IPs
  • 99.99% success rate and network uptime
  • Proxies spread across 49 countries
  • 100% ethically sourced

Datacenter Proxy Network

Bright Data also offers Datacenter Proxy networks. These data center proxy networks are spread worldwide and have one of the largest geographical coverage. Right now, Bright Data owns 1.6 million Datacenter IPs(shared and dedicated) with an outstanding 99.99% network uptime. Performance-wise, it is top-notch and also offers enterprise-grade scaling. The top three zones covered by the Bright Data Datacenter Proxies include the US, China, and Europe.

The data centers are spread across 98 countries and also support unlimited concurrent sessions, just like ISP proxies and Residential proxies. These proxies are also easy-to-integrate and manage through the Proxy Manager. Developers can opt to use APIs and follow documentation for easy implementation. Apart from that, developers can also define custom rules to optimize the DC proxies results.

The Datacenter IPs let you gather a vast amount of data anonymously with a 99.99% success rate. It also allows you to bypass any form of geographical or website restrictions with its vast array of IPs worldwide.

In terms of performance, you get excellent performance out of the box. They can also scale easily depending on your requirement, which can differ based on country, state, or city-level targeting.

Like other Bright Data proxies, the Datacenter proxies are also GDPR and CCPA complaints.

In summary, the Bright Data Datacenter Proxy Network offers:

  • 1.6 million Datacenter IPs
  • Supports shared and dedicated IPs
  • 99.99% network uptime
  • Enterprise-grade scaling and good performance
  • Supports API for easy integrations
  • Supports custom rules for faster response and less data consumption
  • GDPR and CCPA compliant

Mobile Proxies

The last type of proxies offered by Bright Data is Mobile proxies. These mobile proxies are from mobiles and are completely authentic and 100% legal. They are generated through mobile device IPs from real mobile users. This also means you can access the 3G/4G mobile proxy network. The coverage is huge, and you can choose to target any city, country, ASN, or carrier.

Like other Bright Data pixies, these Mobile proxies also offer 99.99% success rates. Also, you can target any country in the world without limitations on data and traffic. They also support concurrent connections and can bypass the CAPTCHA and IP location restrictions. Moreover, these Mobile proxies also follow the GDPR and CCPA compliance.

As for integration, you get smooth API integrations for the 3G/4G networks. Furthermore, you can create and manage sub-users and work through the user-friendly Bright Data Control Panel. The Proxy Manager further makes it easy to work with Mobile proxies with a clean dashboard and easy integrations and custom rules.

In summary, you get the following with Bright Data Mobile Proxies:

  • 100% ethical proxies
  • 99.99% success rates
  • GDPR and CCPA complaint
  • Unlimited data and traffic
  • Can select any city, country, carrier or ASN

  • Proxy Manager

Bright Data’s Proxy Manager offers an easy yet effective way to manage your proxies. It comes with a user-friendly proxy dashboard. Moreover, it is open-source and hence comes up with new features and bug fixes all the time.

The Proxy Manager offers tons of features, including:

  • Waterfall routing routes your requests through Data Center, Resident, and Mobile IP networks. The routing is done using custom rules. This makes it cost-effective.
  • You can also reduce the required bandwidth using custom rules and regex
  • Get all the request information using the detailed request logs.
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • No-hassle integration
  • Developer’s friendly

You can install Proxy Manager on Windows, Linux, Docker, and macOS.

Key Proxy Manager uses-cases include Ad Tech, Web data extraction, e-Commerce, and stock market data collection.

  • Proxy Browser Extension

The Proxy Browser Extension lets you control your proxies directly from the browser. With it, you can easily rotate static and shared IPs. Moreover, it also supports custom headers, high-resolution targeting, and session control.

The key Proxy browser Extension features include:

  • Easy to use
  • Supports incognito mode
  • Integrates well with the Proxy Manager

  • Web Unlocker

The Bright Data Web Unlocker is your gateway to the web. It is an automatic tool that unlocks the web for you using automation. This means the automation takes care of cookies, user agents, and captcha solving so that you scrape data without any interruptions.

To further improve scraping, it also comes with automated IP address rotation that bypasses any IP bans done by a website.

It considers four key aspects and ensures that the scraper/crawler can reach the target site. These key aspects include:

  • Full proxy management
  • Browser fingerprint
  • Captcha solving
  • Automated retry

The Web Unlocker automation is also smart. If a bot modifies itself and blocks its attempts, then it will adjust in real-time to unblock itself. Captcha solving also has high success rates and is tackled by Web Unlocker’s machine-learning algorithms. To ensure high performance, the Web Unlocker only uses residential or data center IP addresses, making it easy to bypass the bot detection system.

Web Unlocker offers better benefits compared to self-managed proxies. These benefits include:

  • Automated unblocking
  • CAPTCHA solving
  • Auto retry mechanism
  • Handling target sites markup changes
  • Results parsing for chosen domains
  • Asynchronous requests support

Web Unlocker works in three easy steps:

  • Select a site to unblock
  • Use the site URL and make a simple proxy request
  • Get your data

To ensure that the Web Unlocker doesn’t get blocked, it limits the requests per IP and tries to emulate a real user by imitating the right devices expected by the server. Additionally, it also identifies honeypots to ensure crawler safety and loss of bandwidth. Finally, it further improves functionality by calibrating the referrer header and setting request intervals.

The benefits of using Web Unlocker include:

  • Bypass website restrictions
  • Pay per success and not failures
  • Easily scalable with the help of 72+ million IP
  • Real-time web data gathering
  • Stay undetectable

Bright Data Review Conclusions

Bright Data is undoubtedly one of the best proxy service providers in the market. It offers a more fine-tuned and feature-rich service when compared to the nearest competitors, such as Smartproxy and Oxylabs, while maintaining good value for money. The biggest advantage is their 72 million IPs that are genuine and follow the data safety recommendation of GDPR and CCPA. They are also growing fast in the last couple of years. Besides that, Bright Data’s open-source Proxy Manager is excellent as it offers great control over your operation with the ability to add custom rules, operations, and much more!

The no-code web scraper also adds value to the whole Bright Data package. Overall, Bright Data is the best web data platform with key features such as proxies, datasets, and the ability to match the demands of the ever-growing web.

Is Bright Data legit?

Bright Data is legit. They own genuine proxy IPs with the user’s consent. Moreover, they also follow GDPA and CCPA guidelines regarding data protection.

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