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ClevGuard Reviews

& Product Details

What is ClevGuard?

ClevGuard is a data privacy and protection company that promotes kids’ protection with their products. They have a team of data security experts who create solutions that protect consumers when using online services. This includes kids, family members, and employees, to name a few. Its core product is KidsGuard Pro, one of the best parent control solutions out there in the market.

You can install it on modern devices with support for Android, iOS, and Windows. Moreover, it is easy to use, and you support multiple languages. Easy remote monitoring, checking phone files, location tracking, and other features offer its users peace of mind with better online security.

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Protect kids from harmful online content.
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    Cleverguard Technology Co., Limited

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    United Kingdom

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Starting from:

$9.99 /month

Pricing Model: Subscription

  • Free Trial
  • Free Version

Pricing Details:

ClevGuard follows the subscription-based model. You can cancel the subscription anytime you want. They are also covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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KidsGuard Parental Control


KidsGuard Pro for Android


KidsGuard Pro for iOS

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Mobile Access

Additional Features

  • Social Apps Monitoring
  • Remote Tracking
  • Remote Control Features
  • Phone Files
  • Dashboard
  • Real-time data syncing
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Location Track
  • Activity Report
  • Record Calls
  • Anti Spyware
  • WhatsApp Monitoring

Net Nanny

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Global Average Score
  • Diverse Features

    The software offers a broad spectrum of monitoring tools including web and app filtering, location tracking, geofencing, activity reports, and more.

  • Advanced Surveillance

    KidsGuard Pro provides extensive surveillance capabilities, like call and SMS monitoring, social media tracking, remote device controls, and keylogging.

  • Effective Social Media Monitoring

    It tracks a wide range of messaging apps and provides detailed insights into social media activities.

  • Useful Parental Controls

    Users have found the app useful for monitoring children’s online activities and keeping them safe from inappropriate content.

  • Limited Web and App Filtering

    Web filtering is not as comprehensive as some competitors, and app filtering is limited to certain time periods.

  • Lack of Screen Time Limits

    The software does not offer screen time limits or scheduling features, which are common in other parental control apps.

  • High Price and Limited Devices

    It is relatively expensive and allows monitoring of only one device, which is restrictive compared to other apps that monitor unlimited devices.

  • Potentially Intrusive Features

    Some features, like undetectable installation and extensive surveillance capabilities, might be considered too invasive for typical parental control needs​.

  • ixed User Feedback

    Some users reported difficulties with installation and operational steps, while others expressed a need for call history help.


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ClevGuard – parental control app

ClevGuard is the company behind one of the most popular parental control apps, KidsGuard Pro. If you are looking for an app that lets you protect your kid’s digital life and monitor it, then you need a monitoring app for your digital devices such as tablets, phones, and computers.

ClevGuard’s products aim to protect kids from online content that can harm them. That’s why they have developed one of the reliable yet trustworthy computer monitoring and smartphone tracking solutions. They offer four main products: KidsGuard Pro for Android, KidsGuard Pro for iOS, KidsGuard for WhatsApp, and MoniVisor for Win. In total, they offer two main products, KidsGuard and Monivisor. It also recently came up with KidsGuard Parental Control and ClevGuad Anti-Spyware.

You can also think of ClevGuard as a spy tool that can track different data on the device it is installed on. For example, it tracks locations, social media apps, phone calls, cell phone history, internet browsing history, etc. Apart from Kids, you can also use ClevGuard to track your employees in an organization o a family member. It is also suitable for marital relationships where they need to know more about the spouse and clear doubts.

ClevGuard has over 400K+ registered users with over 390K+ downloads on their apps. Let’s look more deeply into what ClevGuard offers in our ClevGuard review.

What is the use of ClevGuard?

ClevGuard offers a plethora of solutions for users. Their main products include KidsGuard Pro, MoniVisor, and ClevGuard. The KidsGuard Pro is their top-rated product for Android, iOS, WhatsApp, iCloud, and Line.

So, using KidsGuard Pro, you can monitor the device you have installed. It supports a wide variety of files and also covers the social media apps such as TikTok, YouTub, and so on. Furthermore, the KidsGuard Pro is 100% undetectable; hence, you can use it to monitor the well-being of your close ones and detects inappropriate content.

Next comes the KidsGuard, their best parental control tool. It works differently compared to Kidsguard Pro and offers better control over what your kids do online. For example, you can use web and app blocks to protect your kid’s time with the device. It also offers a capture/lock screen and a call filter feature that protects them from online scams.

If you are using Windows, you need MoniVisor, which also offers excellent monitoring capabilities. Lastly, you have ClevGuard, which protects against spyware and malicious files and applications.

How does ClevGuard work?

To make different ClevGuard products work, you must install them on your preferred device. Currently, ClevGuard supports a wide variety of devices and operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, and iCloud. You can also use it with WhatsApp or Line.

Let’s take an example of how KidsGuard Pro for Android works.

The first step is to sign up for the ClevGuard account. Once done, you need to do ClevGuard login or ClevGuard sign in with your valid email address. Next, you will be redirected to the ClevGuard dashboard. You need to choose the plan(more on it in the pricing section) and then subscribe to it. After completing the purchase, you will get the product download link.

With the download link available, you need to download it for your target device. The target device can be Android, iOS, and Windows.

Once you install the app, it will start monitoring the device. In addition, the ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro solution will track social apps and location tracking by distinguishing itself as a system service.

You can get all the information from the dashboard, including checking phone files, tracking social apps, remote control, and location tracking.

Details of ClevGuard features

As ClevGuard offers an ecosystem of different apps and services, we will list each and discuss its features. The three software that we will go through include:

  • KidsGuard Pro
  • MoniVisor
  • ClevGuard

KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is their top-of-the-line software for Android, WhatsApp, and Line. They also offer a non-pro version available from Google Play and App Store.

For each platform, it has some unique features. However, the majority of the features are common among them. Let’s take a look at the key KidsGuard Pro features.

  • Social Apps Monitoring

Kids spend most of their time on social media platforms. That’s why you need to know where your kid is spending time. KidsGuard Pro makes monitoring social media apps easy, including Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, TikTok, and Line. Currently, it supports monitoring for more than 20+ social apps.

As most kids spend more time on YouTube and TikTok, KidsGuard Pro offers the best way to monitor these apps. As a parent, you can check both TikTok and YouTube watch history. Along with it, you can also check the search history. You are instantly alerted to risky keywords to ensure that your kids do not wander off too much. You can set these risky keywords for TikTok and YouTube.

  • 100% undetectable and Remote Tracking

As a parent, it is always a good idea not to tell your kids they are being monitored. This will allow you to monitor properly without them trying to cheat the system and bypass the monitoring. Once installed, ClevGuard’s KidsGuard Pro stays completely hidden on the system you have installed; it can be Android or iOS. It disguises itself as a system process; kids cannot determine if their parents monitor them.

Another feature is 100% remote tracking. Once you install the ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro on your target device, you do not need to get direct access to the device to learn what your kids are doing. KidsGuard Pro’s remote tracking gives you all the information on the site’s dashboard. All you need to do is login into the ClevGuard account, and you will get all information from there.

  • Remote Control Features

Apart from remote tracking, you also get remote control features. These features let you perform actions on the target device using stealth-mode operations. These operations include:

  • Record Phone Calls: Easily record the communication between the receiver and the sender without any detection.
  • Capture Screenshots: You can also capture screenshots on the device and sync them automatically.
  • Take Secret Photos: With ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro, you can control the target device’s camera and take photos secretly.
  • Record Phone Screen: Similar to screenshots, you can record the target phone completely.
  • Phone Surrounding: With complete control, you can also listen to the sounds surrounding the phone.
  • Set Sensitive Words: To know about your kid’s vocabulary use, you can set sensitive words to know if they are using it or not. 

  • Phone Files

Another huge KidsGuard Pro feature is to access phone files. Under phone files, the following are covered:

  • Call logs
  • Messages
  • Photos
  • Video thumbnails
  • App activities
  • Browser History
  • Calendar
  • Contacts

It also comes with Keylogger, which gives you an idea of what they are typing during the search. Overall, you get a complete record of the device and can learn about the habits of your kids. This information is stored for one year and gives you a good reference point for what your kids do over time.

  • Dashboard

The dashboard is where you get all the information in a single place. The dashboard contains vital information upfront. Here, you learn about Device Info, Top 8 Calls and Messages, and Last Know Location. Moreover, you can also get to know about your account and order info right when you log in. The dashboard menu on the left side is where you get more information. For instance, you get phone files, call logs, messages, browser history, contacts, video previews, photos, and more!

  • Other features worth noting

You also get plenty of other features with KidsGuard Pro. These features include:

  • Real-time data syncing
  • Easy installation
  • Privacy and data protection with encrypted user data
  • Supports a wide range of data types
  • Competitive price as it costs only $0.27 per day
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Comes with 24/7 customer support through live chat and email

KidsGuard For WhatsApp

ClevGuard also offers KidsGuard for WhatsApp. Here, you can monitor your kids/spouse/employee Whatsapp. Also, you do not need to root your device to install KidsGuard for WhatsApp. It is easy to install and takes a couple of minutes. It works on all Android phones and tablets and runs in stealth mode. Currently, it supports Android 4.0 to Android 12.

The key features that you get with KidsGuard for WhatsApp include:

  • Read WhatsApp messages, including photos, GIF previews, documents, and video previews
  • Track WhatsApp Calls to learn with whom your kid is talking to
  • View WhatsApp Status anonymously
  • Record WhatsApp Calls remotely with an easy playback feature
  • Complete access to all WhatsApp media types

KidsGuard for LINE

ClevGuard also offers KidsGuard for LINE, a popular social communication app. With this installed on the target device(Android 7 to Android 12), you can learn about your Kid’s activities using the LINE social app. The key features include:

  • Monitor the 10+ file types, including Videos, Audio, Images, Messages, and Call Logs
  • install KidsGuard in just 5 minutes
  • There is no need to root the target Android device to install and activate it
  • Monitor the date and time associated with the files
  • You can monitor the LINE app shared media from anywhere, including checking chatting audios, videos, or shared photos
  • You can also check call logs or capture screenshots


KidsGuard Pro is a passive way to monitor and control your Kid’s activities online. However, if you need an active way to control your Kid’s online activities, then you need to get KidsGuard (Not the Pro version). It offers all the necessary tools that you will need to block inappropriate apps and also get a real-time location for your kid’s device. However, to make it work, you must install it on the target device (Kids) and another app on your device (parent).

So, what does KidsGuard do differently compared to KidsGuard Pro? Here, you get to block the apps you do not want your kids to access. Moreover, it also tracks and gives you vital digital activity, which you can use to protect them against sexual predators and cyberbullying. The real-time location also lets you keep track of your Kid’s location. This way, you can know where they are without worrying about losing them.

The KidsGuard tools include:
  • Web Block: Block websites, games, or any inappropriate websites
  • App Block: With App Block, you can block any apps that you find inappropriate for them
  • Capture/Lock Screen: Easily capture kids’ devices and lock screens to learn about their activities. You can also lock screens and make them focus their time on more productive things such as studying or exercising.
  • Realtime GPS: The real-time GPS lets you monitor your kid’s location.
  • Activity Report: Get proper phone activity and app installation history
  • Call Filter: Filter calls for online scams and strangers
  • GeoFences: Create alerts for specific areas
The steps to make KidsGuard work include:
  • Install the KisdGuard app on both the kid’s and parent’s device
  • Register the KidsGuard account and fill in all the details
  • Connect the devices from the KidsGuard dashboard

KidsGuard Pro – iPhone Monitoring and iCloud Monitoring

Using the Apple ecosystem, you can also take advantage of the KidsGuard Pro for iPhone and iCloud. The only difference between these two versions is that you must install local software to monitor the iPhone. In contrast, the iCloud Monitoring app works without the need to install one, as it monitors the iOS devices by the iCloud account. The key features you get include:

  • Easily monitor more than 20+ iOS apps, including social media accounts, calendars, notes, audio, and more!
  • Read messages 
  • Track calls
  • Check media files
  • Safari bookmarks and history
  • View Text files

Also, you do not need to jailbreak your device to install the apps.

MoniVisor For Windows

ClevGuard also offers MoniVisor for Windows. It is a great software to do employee monitoring. Once installed, it is completely undetectable, and you can capture different information, including Gmail, WhatsApp, screens, and so on! Also, you do not need direct access to the target computer, as you can check the data remotely from the online dashboard. Moreover, you can also do real-time data sync and ensure you know what your employee is working on. Currently, MoniVisor is available for Windows 7,8 and 10.

The key MoniVisor features include:

  • Social media conversation monitoring supports tracking WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (Messenger). You can also check other social media information, including emojis, documents, shared contacts, etc. All of these are updated in real-time, and you do not need access to the target computer. It also works silently without alerting the employee.
  • You can also track the download history and internet activity. Here, you can capture how the user browses the internet through their browser history. The browser history tracking is supported on all modern browsers, including Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge.
  • MoniVisor also lets you read emails from your employees. This can enable businesses to ensure they are not sending out sensitive information.
  • Easily capture the screen automatically to learn what the user is doing. The screenshot is taken at regular or specific intervals. This way, you can learn about your employee working routines and habits.
  • Record keystrokes to learn what the user is working on. It offers 100% accuracy.

MoniVisior also comes with other features, including:

  • Track App activity
  • File activity
  • Login Activity
  • Print activity
  • USB connection activity

To enable MoniVisor on the target Windows PC, you need to download and install it on the target PC. You also need to install the chrome extension so that it can track social media charts and employees’ emails. Once installed, you can monitor all the activities with the data directly from the ClevGuard website’s dashboard.

ClevGuard Anti Spyware

ClevGuard Anti Spyware for Android lets you protect your Phone Data from spyware. It offers 24/7 real-time protection and ensures no malware can infect your phone. The Anti Spyware key features include:

  • Real-time protection
  • Guard Event
  • Detect hidden app
  • Email beach
  • Junk clean
  • App audit
  • Scan all phone app
  • Delete threats in one step
  • A simple and quick scan
  • App whitelist enumeration
  • Customized blacklist report

ClevGuard Review Conclusions

ClevGuard, with its three software solutions: KidsGuard Pro, MoniVisor, and ClevGuard Anti-spyware, offer an easy yet extensive way to control how your loved ones spend online time. The KidsGuard Pro is specially made for kids. It lets parents monitor their habits and uses blocking apps to limit their access to certain websites or apps. Moreover, its privacy and antispy solution, ClevGuard, is also a good way to protect Android phones and tablets from malware.

ClevGuard also works for employers who want to monitor their employees. The subscription-based pricing model gives the user the option to go as long or as short as they want. Overall, ClevGuard is a good buy for individuals and businesses as it has decent features.

Is ClevGuard legit?

Yes, ClevGuard is legit. It offers one of the excellent parental apps known as KidsGuard Pro. However, their reputation is not as clean. In 2020, TechCrunch reported them for Stalkerware with no response from their side. However, ClevGuard seems to fit all the right boxes, but it may need to fix its approach to storing users’ data in the cloud so it doesn’t leak them. They also need to tighten how and what data they capture from devices with or without the user’s permission.

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