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Intego Pricing

Intego pricing is quite affordable. The Intego free trial varies from 7 to 30 days, depending on the product you want to try. In addition, the Intego Student Discount is 60% off Mac Internet Security X9.

Here is a breakdown of Intego pricing.

  • Mac Premium Bundle X9 pricing

The cost of the Bundle varies on the number of devices & period, as follows:

  • 1 Mac: 1 Year protection – $69.99, or 2 Year protection – $129,99
  • 3 Macs: 1 Year protection – $94,99, or 2 Year protection – $174,99
  • 5 Macs: $119,99/year or $219,99/2 Years

Dual protection for both Mac and Windows is also available at an extra cost.

  • Mac Washing Machine X9 pricing

Intego Mac Washing Machine X9 costs $39,99/1 Mac or $79,99/3 Macs.

  • Mac Washing Machine Secure X9 pricing

Washing Machine Secure X9 cost depends on the number of devices and period. So, if you need it for 1 Mac for one year, it will cost $55,99. Like the Bundle, you can opt to protect Mac & Windows devices, costing $65,98/year.

  • Mac Internet Security X9 pricing

Mac Internet Security pricing starts from $39,99/1 Mac/year. The cost will increase if you need protection for more than one device. The same is if you need protection for Mac & Windows devices. For example, the Dual protection cost is $64,99/3 devices/year.

The same goes for all the other products like ContentBarrier X9 and ContentBarrier Secure X9.

The Business products pricing, VirusBarrier X9 & NetBarrier X9, is available on request. You first need to request a quote and then wait for one of their sales representatives to get back to you.

Furthermore, upgrades and renewals are available on request and with custom pricing.

Finally, to take advantage of the 60% Student discount for Mac Internet Security X9, you must enter your student email on the form on their website, and they will send a code immediately.

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