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Juni Pricing

Juni is completely free if you want to sign up. As they are saying, with Juni, pretty much everything is free.

  • Virtual platinum credit VISA
  • Physical platinum credit VISA
  • EUR/GBP/USD IBAN accounts
  • SEPA and faster payment transfers
  • ATM withdrawals for Visa Card

However, for some other services, you have to pay:

  • ATM withdrawals for Mastercard – Up to €3
  • Account Transfer FX Fee – Up to 0.25%

Moreover, new customers get 2% cashback on their virtual Juni card spending for the first 30 days. In this way, rather than getting non-cash rewards like on other financial platforms, the users can immediately reinvest the money into their business.

To sum up, Juni pricing is almost completely free!


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Tekpon Score
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