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What is Owner?

Owner.com is an all-in-one platform designed for independent restaurants to enhance their digital presence and grow their business. It offers a range of features, including real-time reporting, website analytics, commission-free delivery, direct online ordering, branded web apps, and excellent customer support.

With the platform, restaurant owners can increase their direct online sales, save on third-party fees, automate online marketing, and streamline various operations such as email and text marketing, recruiting, and loyalty rewards. The platform empowers independent restaurants with the technology and marketing capabilities typically associated with major brands.

It integrates seamlessly into the Point of Sale (PoS) system and provides tools for search engine optimization (SEO), customer database management, order conversion, and customer feedback collection.

The platform aims to help restaurant owners take control of their businesses, attract more customers, and drive revenue growth.

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All-in-One Restaurant Marketing Platform.
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Owner pricing is not available. Get a Free Demo, see it in action, explore all its features, and get a custom quote adapted to your restaurant needs.

  • Customer Management
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Order Management
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Delivery Management
  • Food Delivery Dispatching
  • Customizable Branding
  • Employee Management
  • Reservations Management
  • Access Control/Permissions
  • Offline Access
  • Inventory Management

Additional Features

  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Customer Accounts
  • Mobile Access
  • Loyalty Program
  • Payment Processing
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Website Analytics
  • Customer Care
  • List Building
  • Upsell Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Text Marketing
  • Job Recruitment
  • SEO Management
  • Customer Database Management
  • Review Generation
  • Kitchen Ticketing


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