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Vendoo Pricing

Vendoo pricing is affordable. Yet, you will pay depending on how many products you want to list. Moreover, it provides three optional add-ons. Each of them costs$ 4.99, or you can choose to pay $11.99 for all of them.

For the importing feature, you can import your listings from one marketplace. It is helpful when you begin to use Vendoo. When you buy this importing feature, you can get all your listings quickly into your system for the first or two months. After that, you can decide to save yourself the stress of uploading every product by copying and pasting everything over. This feature costs $4.99.

The relist and delist feature is a strategy resellers use to keep their products close to the top of search results. If your item has not sold after a very long period and you have lowered the price as low as you want to go, you will need to relist the product. It also costs $4.99

The all-marketplaces feature enables you to list three marketplaces. This add-on allows you to list a lot of products. It costs $4.99.

The analytics features were just currently launched. It helps to break down sales by time, such as month or year to date, revenue and profit by the individual marketplace, top-selling categories, and brands.

You don’t have to fill in the details for every sale manually. Instead, Vendoo will help you gather the details from different marketplaces automatically. This feature is presently free for a limited period.

The pricing for using Vendoo is excellent because you will experience large sales when you cross-post your products. It has a free trial option where you are free to cross-post five products each month. The cheapest option is $8.99 every month for up to twenty-five products each month, and if you use our coupon code you can get 25% off your first month.

As soon as you subscribe to Vendoo, there are specific helpful add-ons that you can add to your subscription for just an extra $4.99 each month. So, the free version will give you access to five new products. It has all the add-ons. It is best for those who want to try out everything Vendoo has to offer.

  • $8.99 plan gives you access to twenty-five products. It is suitable for resellers.
  • $19.99 plan gives you access to 125 new products. It is best for part-time resellers.
  • The $29.99  plan has allowed you to access 250 new products. It is also suitable for part-time resellers.
  • $49.99 plan allows you access to 600 new products. It is excellent for full-time resellers.
  • $99.99 gives you access to 2,000 new products. It is suitable for full-time resellers.
  • The $149.99 plan gives you access. It is best for full-time resellers.