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Wistia Pricing

Wistia offers a range of video hosting plans tailored for various needs, from beginners to large enterprises. Their Free Plan supports basic video marketing, while paid plans, including Plus, Pro, Advanced, and Premium, provide advanced features and analytics.

Each plan has clear bandwidth limits, with options to upgrade if exceeded. Wistia’s pricing is competitive, considering its robust features, customization options, and integrations.

Overall, Wistia is a valuable investment for those prioritizing professional video hosting and analytics.

Wistia Plans

Wistia Free

Limited Features
  • Customizable Player Color
  • Customizable Controls
  • Video SEO
  • Video Chapters
  • No-Code Replace
  • Screen and Webcam Recording
  • Max Length - 15 min (per screen/webcam recording)
  • Basic Editing
  • Included Media - 10
  • Media Limit - 10
  • Zoom Integration
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Basic Analytics
  • Users - 1
  • Bandwidth - 200 GB
  • Included Computer-Generated Captions & Transcripts
  • Email Support

Wistia Plus

  • Everything in Wistia Free, plus:
  • Remove Wistia Branding
  • Max Length - 30 min (per screen/webcam recording)
  • Lead Capture Forms
  • Basic Calls to Action
  • Channels - 3
  • Included Media - 20
  • Media Limit - 75
  • Extra Media Cost - $2.00
  • Archived Media - 100
  • Email Integrations
  • View Stream
  • Users - 3
  • Bandwidth - 1 TB
  • Order Human-Generated Captions & Transcripts

Wistia Pro

  • Everything in Wistia Plus, and:
  • Max Length - 60 min (per screen/webcam recording)
  • Custom Calls to Action
  • Password Protection
  • Channels - 5
  • Included Media - 50
  • Media Limit - 500
  • Extra Media Cost - $1.00
  • Archived Media - 500
  • Heatmaps
  • Exporting Data as CSV
  • A/B Testing
  • Users - 5
  • Live Chat & Priority Support
  • Onboarding Specialist

Wistia Advanced

  • Everything in Wistia Pro, plus:
  • Channels - Unlimited
  • Included Media - 250
  • Media Limit - 2,000
  • Extra Media Cost - $0.50
  • Archived Media - 2,500
  • Marketing Automation Integrations
  • Advertising Integrations
  • Time Limit - 2 hrs
  • Live Attendee Limit - 500
  • Hosts - 1
  • Panelists - 4
  • Event Registration
  • Audience Chat
  • Backstage Chat
  • Users - 20
  • Customer Success Manager

Wistia Premium

On Request
Get in Touch
  • Everything in Wistia Advanced, plus:
  • Included Media - 1,000
  • Media Limit - Unlimited
  • Extra Media Cost - $0.25
  • Archived Media - 5,000
  • Time Limit - 4 hrs.
  • Live Attendee Limit - 2,500
  • Users - Unlimited
  • Bandwidth - 2 TB+
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
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How much does Wistia cost?

Wistia pricing offers flexible plans for businesses of all sizes, including freelancers and corporations. Both free and paid hosting plans support an unlimited number of users.

Furthermore, Wistia provides both monthly and annual subscription options, with the annual plans offering a discount of 20%.

Free Pricing Plan

Wistia’s Free plan is designed for those just starting out with video marketing. It offers access to the basics, allowing users to host up to 10 videos. Users can benefit from basic analytics to track video performance and understand viewer engagement.

Additionally, the plan provides computer-generated captions and transcripts, ensuring accessibility for a diverse audience. Screen and webcam recording tools are available, with a maximum recording length of 15 minutes. The Free plan also includes 200 GB of bandwidth. While it doesn’t encompass advanced features, it’s a great starting point for individuals exploring video marketing.

Keep in mind that the player will be Wistia branded in this free version.

Paid Plans

Wistia offers a range of pricing plans tailored to different video marketing needs.

Plus Plan

The Wistia Plus Plan is designed for those looking to implement a more strategic approach to video marketing. Priced at $24/MO or $19/MO BILLED ANNUALLY, it offers everything included in the Free plan, along with several advanced features. Users benefit from lead capture forms, email integrations, and basic video editing capabilities.

The Plus Plan also provides access to 5M+ stock media items and over 100 advanced editing features. Additionally, subscribers receive 1GB of Filmora Cloud Storage, 30 minutes of Speech-To-Text functionality, and 5,000 characters of Text-To-Speech. This plan is ideal for individuals or businesses seeking to engage viewers and capture leads effectively.

Pro Plan

The Wistia Pro Plan is designed for users aiming to scale their video strategy and gain deeper insights into video performance. Priced at $99/MO or $79/MO BILLED ANNUALLY, this plan builds upon the Plus Plan by offering advanced features. Users get access to video heatmaps, which provide a visual representation of viewer engagement.

The A/B testing feature allows users to compare different video versions to determine which performs better. Custom Calls to Action (CTAs) can be added to videos, enhancing lead generation. The Pro Plan also introduces password protection for videos, and users can create up to five channels. Additionally, there’s support for exporting data as CSV, and users receive live chat & priority support, along with assistance from an onboarding specialist.

Advanced Plan

The Wistia Advanced Plan is designed for businesses aiming to fully optimize their video strategy and control the viewer’s experience from start to finish. Priced at $399/MO or $319/MO BILLED ANNUALLY, this plan encompasses everything offered in the Pro Plan. Additionally, it introduces marketing integrations, live streaming capabilities with a 2-hour time limit, and the option to host unlimited channels.

Users also benefit from audience and backstage chat features during live streams and can register attendees for events. Dedicated customer success managers are available for support, ensuring a seamless experience. This plan is ideal for businesses seeking advanced video marketing tools and integrations.

Premium Plan

The Wistia Premium Plan (Custom Pricing) is tailored for businesses seeking an expansive video strategy with maximum content and collaboration capabilities. This plan offers everything included in the Advanced Plan, with the added benefits of unlimited users and media. It ensures seamless collaboration with Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality.

While the exact pricing is customized and requires direct contact with them, this Wistia Pricing plan is designed to provide a comprehensive video marketing solution for larger enterprises or businesses with extensive video needs, ensuring they have all the tools and features necessary for a successful video strategy.

All plans come with varying levels of support, from email support to dedicated customer success managers. Whether you’re just starting out or are a large enterprise, Wistia pricing comprises a plan to support your video marketing goals.

Wistia Bandwidth Pricing

Wistia’s bandwidth pricing is designed to ensure a seamless video hosting experience for its users. Each of their plans comes with a clear bandwidth limit to accommodate varying user needs.

Firstly, the Free Plan offers 200 GB per month, suitable for up to 10 video uploads. For those on the Plus, Pro, or Advanced Plans, the bandwidth limit is set at 1 TB per month. Next, the Premium Plan users benefit from custom bandwidth coverage tailored to their extensive usage.

Finally, if users ever exceed their allocated bandwidth, Wistia provides notifications and options to upgrade to a plan with a higher bandwidth limit.

Is Wistia worth it?

When evaluating video hosting platforms, it’s essential to consider both features and cost. Wistia’s pricing options are structured to cater to a wide range of users, from individuals just starting out with video content to large enterprises with extensive video hosting needs.

Each Wistia pricing plan is packed with features that enhance video playback, analytics, and customization. The platform offers robust analytics, a customizable player, and integrations with various marketing tools. Moreover, the clarity in bandwidth limits and the ability to choose between monthly and annual payments add flexibility for users. The range of plans ensures that businesses of all sizes can find a suitable option.

Given the comprehensive features, the quality of video playback, and the scalability it offers, Wistia presents a compelling case for its value. In conclusion, for those seeking a professional video hosting solution, Wistia is undoubtedly worth considering.


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