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What is Video Marketing Software?

Video marketing software can help achieve any business’s major objective, which is to sell its products. And it can only happen if people know about them. And if you make your products look better, you will have a better chance of selling them.

A video marketing software lets you make videos, edit them quickly, and use them to make your products and services more personal and unique. Your videos will raise your online profile and make more people aware of your brand.

Using tools for digital video editing can make your content strategy more appealing and interesting. Making professional videos and using them in marketing campaigns is very important. This will not only increase sales, but it will also bring more people to your website and get more leads interested.

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Tekpon Score
Billo is an all-in-one social media marketing platform where eCommerce brands can discover video creators and editors to create user-generated content. From Video Ads to Testimonials, How-to, Unboxin...
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Hippo Video

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Hippo Video is a one-stop shop for creating and editing videos ideal for business users. Furthermore, thanks to its rich combination of tools, Hippo is an all-in-one solution that provides video cont...
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Contrast is a full-stack video engagement platform giving businesses video superpowers: create interactive live streams and webinars that convert, edit and distribute replays and leverage powerful an...
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Viddyoze was founded in 2015 with the goal of helping small businesses create videos without paying high amounts of bucks. Viddyoze is a famous video animation software that allows people with little ...
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Animaker software helps you create animated and live videos in a breeze. I’ve mentioned above that video content is becoming more and more popular. Besides, this will separate you from other br...
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Wistia is a video marketing software & podcast software that helps you build your brand. Sounds simple, right? Let’s get into details and discover together this excellent marketing tool. If you...
Learn more about Wistia


Product not verified by the Software Seller.
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Boosted is a video marketing software that helps businesses create professional-quality videos for their marketing campaigns. The software offers a range of features that allow users to create and ed...
Learn more about Boosted


Product not verified by the Software Seller.
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Adilo is a video marketing software that offers a comprehensive set of features for creating and managing video content. It provides a user-friendly platform for businesses and marketers to create an...
Learn more about Adilo


Product not verified by the Software Seller.
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Mindstamp is a video marketing software designed to help businesses create interactive and engaging videos. It provides a range of features that allow users to add clickable elements such as buttons,...
Learn more about Mindstamp


Product not verified by the Software Seller.
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Vadoo is a web-based video marketing software that simplifies video hosting and marketing. With an easy setup and a supportive community, it allows creators to engage and grow their audiences. The pl...
Learn more about Vadoo

Writing about a service or product is just not enough to promote it in this digital era. Because, to a large extent, we are visual beings, everything that we see in image or video formats has a bigger potential to remain imprinted in our memory. As a business that wants to stimulate the buying desire of its customers, you should know the power video marketing software has.

Whether it is a post on social media or your business website, a video marketing strategy should be at the core of the campaign creation. Every advertising agency would recommend using video marketing software.

Why use Video Marketing Software?

Videos are the best way for communicating with an information-overloaded audience with a short attention span. Videos cut through the internet clutter more effectively and leave a lasting impression on viewers. The following advantages of automating video marketing processes can improve campaign efficiency and scale:

Increase brand accessibility across devices and platforms: By automating distribution, video can be easily accessed via platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and mobile devices. Smartphone users can access online video anytime and from any location, which is not the case for more traditional media channels.

Improve your SEO: Videos that are properly tagged can improve search engine rankings, click-through rates, open rates, and conversions. Remember that YouTube is owned by Google and is the second-largest search engine.

Increase conversion rates: Almost 60% of online shoppers say they get confidence in purchasing a product after watching a video demonstration. According to numerous studies, retention rates for video information can reach up to 80%. This figure falls to 20% for information that can only be seen and 10% for information that can only be heard.

How does Video Marketing Work?

Several brands and businesses try to make video marketing work. To be successful, they must understand that the campaign must act strategically to convert, attract, and close sales while also delighting audiences.

A video marketing campaign is more than just a website explainer video or a series of social media videos that don’t solve customer problems. It is a component of the strategic approach that attracts customers through content and engages them in helpful interactions.

Video marketing platforms work best when it is part of a well-planned process. A video marketing strategy is similar to blogging in its approach. You’ll need to spend time researching, brainstorming, and planning what each video will cover—and, more importantly, how you’ll get it in front of your target audience.

What are the types of Video Marketing Software?

There are various types of video marketing tools and their use cases, just like any other type of software.

Animations: In the form of a short story, animated videos are an excellent way to convey technical and complex ideas or messages. Animations are also more entertaining and enjoyable than other types of videos.

Promotion: Some best video marketing tools are excellent for creating promotional content and enhancing your brand image through advertisements.

Optimization: Optimizing your videos (for example, by creating an appealing thumbnail) is critical so that they rank higher in search results and entice viewers to click and watch the video.

Podcasting: Some marketing video software is excellent for podcasters looking for a simple way to promote their content and add music overlays and sound effects to improve the quality of their videos.

Making GIFs: Some tools allow you to make GIFs from any video if you enjoy such images. You can add text to GIFs, cut them, and resize them.

Key Features of Video Marketing Tools

Here are some of the important video marketing software:

  • Video-making software (screen and webcam recording, music and dialogue editing, advanced video editing, mobile compatibility)
  • Interactive elements embedded (calls to action, links, forms, polls, quizzes)
  • Animation, graphics, and text
  • Customized video player, logo, thumbnail, and brand
  • Video content management, video repurposing, and reusable content
  • Audience personalization
  • Advertising campaign integration
  • Integration of a Calendar System
  • Lead capture, customer survey, feedback collection
  • Playback options that are limited, such as by company domain or by age
  • Integrated video hosting with service-level agreements that are sure to be met
  • Split A/B testing of personalized, targeted videos
  • Tracking leads and analyzing conversions
  • Allow integration of CRM, CMS, Digital asset management, and marketing automation systems
  • Provides a detailed analytics dashboard and metrics
  • Gives insights into viewer demographics such as their location, age, device.
  • Get data on view counts, conversion rates, click-through rates, and tracking performance

How Much Does A Video Marketing Platform Cost?

Video marketing software is typically given as a monthly subscription to software as a service (SaaS). Pricing can range from $0 for plans with extremely limited usage to over $2,000 per month for goods with all available features. Most entry-level to mid-level products cost between $39 and $500 per month.

The price is generally influenced by the variety of features offered, the size of the supported video library, and the quantity and scope of system integrations. Enterprise-level items necessitate obtaining a vendor quote. Frequently, free trials are provided.

How to evaluate Video Marketing Software?

Here are some questions to assess the suitability of a platform for your business. Once you have the answers, you’ll be in a better position to choose the right marketing video creation software that best meets your needs.

Does the software provide templates for launching video marketing campaigns?

Beginning your video campaigns from the beginning can be difficult if you do not use software that includes pre-built storyboard templates. You may find these templates less useful if you are already familiar with video marketing and its fundamentals. However, having these on your side as a newbie will greatly assist.

Does the video marketing software show insights for different performance metrics?

Ensure you have adequate performance and ROI tracking to optimize your video campaigns for the best results. When you use video campaigns to achieve specific marketing goals, it is not enough to launch them and wait for the results. You must monitor and track each performance point to determine how well they are performing.

Can you use video marketing software to edit and create videos?

Because you will need to create and edit videos regularly, having the ability to do so within your video marketing software will be extremely beneficial. Almost all video advertising software includes these features, but double-check to be sure.

Does it help you plan content?

Planning your content ahead of time is very helpful, especially if you need to make and post a lot of content at once. A clear plan keeps you on track and helps you stay organized. Find a platform that lets you plan and schedule your videos ahead of time so you can stick to your content strategy.

What Is The New Trend Of Video Marketing?

Over the last decade, video content trends have exploded in popularity. Marketers embrace communicating key messages to their target audience and strengthen their marketing strategy. Here are a few things that are trending right now in the market:

  • Live Streaming

This trend was especially pronounced during the pandemic. Live streams brought people together. One could watch concerts or weddings from the comfort of their own home. Furthermore, it enabled businesses ranging from small start-ups to large corporations to maintain contact with their customers.

Influencers are increasingly using live videos to promote products. It also enables marketers to gather viewer feedback and respond to questions quickly. For these reasons, live streaming should be at the top of your video marketing to-do list.

  • Vlogs

Vlogs, also called video blogs, are a good way to tell a brand’s story and show who the brand is. These help people know more about the brand and what it wants to do. Vlogs are also being used more and more instead of regular blogs, so brands need to keep up with this video marketing trend.

  • AR/VR Videos

Although Augmented and Virtual Reality content has been around for a while, it is finally recognized as a viable video marketing technology for brands. This is because technology is becoming more accessible while consumers demand more interactive content.

A wide range of industries is using AR and VR video content. Although such video content will never be able to replace the in-person experience, it is an important trend for video marketers.

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