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WooCommerce Alternatives

Probably you are asking what is better than WooCommerce or if there is another alternative that can offer you more options for your website. Honestly, you always have another choice, but this depends on what you need or want from your online shop.

  • WooCoomerce vs. Magento
  • WooCoomerce vs. Shopify

WooCoomerce vs. Magento

WooCommerce is an open-source build specially for WordPress and can be used by companies no matter their size. The main attribute is that it can be used by both developers and everyday people that don’t know how to write code. That means it can be easily optimized and customized. On the other hand, Magento is an e-commerce platform designed to be used by professional developers. With Magento, you can grow medium to large online stores with a more complex design and aspirations.

Both are good, but WooCommerce can be used by all people without knowing code or web design, while Magento is for professional developers.

WooCommerce is an entirely free platform, while Magento offers a free community version and several premium services. On the other hand, if you choose WooCommerce, you will have to find your own web host, while the Magento community version is self-hosted, and their premium version includes hosting. In addition, both of them allow you to add unlimited products. But, Magento offers advanced security features to keep your online shop safe, while WooCommerce offers only basic ones.

Is Magento faster than WooCommerce?

We can’t say that one is faster because the loading fact is not connected to the platform but the hosting provider. What we can say is that Magento is not a friendly platform for beginners; it is more complicated but also complex and offers you bigger aspirations for your online shop.

And the last element is your budget and how much money will cost you for each of them. WooCommerce is entirely free, while Magento offers a free community version. The pricing for Magento’s premium options is only accessible via a chat with their sales team. With both of them, you can build an online shop without spending a dollar. But if you want some premium extensions, you have to pay for both WooCommerce and Magento.

And the winner is…

If you are a beginner in this industry, you should choose WooCommerce. It is more friendly and easy to use without spending much money. But if you want something more complicated than that and have a dedicated team to build your website, the choice would be Magento.

Again, it depends on what you want from your online store, your budget, and your aspirations. For users who are just starting to get familiar with WordPress, WooCommerce will be a natural choice.


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