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What Is Dropshipping Software?

Dropshipping software allows online retailers to list products for sale without purchasing inventory. Instead, retailers buy products only after a customer places and pay for an order, and the products are shipped directly from the wholesaler’s warehouse.

Dropshipping software allows e-commerce businesses to start or expand their business quickly. However, they do not want or have sufficient funds to invest in a huge inventory or a warehouse to store their custom orders.

Dropshipping software automates listing items online, receiving customer orders, and sharing information with suppliers to fulfill these orders. It simplifies supplier-business communication, resulting in on-time processing, shipping, and delivery of customer orders. Users can also change product pricing and track the status of orders with the software.

Dropshipping software tools can integrate with eCommerce software to help align supply chain processes and provide customers with a positive shopping experience. An integrated dropship tool can automatically pull product details from the eCommerce platform, such as product descriptions and pricing.

Dropshipping software must have the following features to get qualified for inclusion in the Dropshipping classification:

  • Connect businesses with dropshipping providers.
  • Integrate with a wide range of e-commerce platforms.
  • Track and order management for both the customer and the company.
  • Allow businesses to manually or automatically adjust pricing.

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Product not verified by the Software Seller.
Tekpon Score
Shippo shipping services is a popular shipping platform that many e-commerce platforms use to integrate many well-known carrier service providers with their shipping. With Shippo international shippi...
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Product not verified by the Software Seller.
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ShipStation is a web-based, multi-service shipping answer designed to streamline the success method for eCommerce retailers. This software program gives many integrations that permit customers to imp...
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Product not verified by the Software Seller.
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Sendcloud is the all-in-one shipping platform that accelerates international growth. Shipping should be easy, no matter what, where, and how much you ship. Sendcloud helps online retailers to save ti...
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Product not verified by the Software Seller.
Tekpon Score
Shiprocket offers e-commerce companies several tools for managing shipping and logistics. These tools include calculating shipping rates, creating labels, tracking packages, and organizing deliveries...
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Product not verified by the Software Seller.
Tekpon Score
Easyship is a cloud-based shipping platform designed for global eCommerce. The all-in-one system provides users with tools to manage domestic and international shipping through over 50+ couriers and ...
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Product not verified by the Software Seller.
Tekpon Score
ShipWorks is great shipping software for e-commerce businesses. This software is easy to use and very effective for all businesses. With this software, you can manage your orders, create labels, auto...
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Inventory Source

Product not verified by the Software Seller.
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One of the best dropshipping websites you can use to manage your inventory and run your online store is Inventory Source. Inventory Source is an inventory management software that proffers solutions ...
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Product not verified by the Software Seller.
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Spocket is a leading dropshipping platform that allows you to run an eCommerce store without worrying about inventories and warehousing. In addition, it provides direct integration into Shopify and W...
Learn more about Spocket


Product not verified by the Software Seller.
Tekpon Score
Wholesale2B is a web-based dropshipping software for automating product uploads, syncing inventory, and order fulfillment. Ideal for online merchants and eCommerce businesses, it helps users manage a...
Learn more about Wholesale2B

Why Should Businesses Use Dropshipping Software?

Dropshipping software is excellent for e-commerce company owners with little resources. A small firm can quickly establish a business using dropshipping or dropship automation software.

When the purpose of the dropshipping model is to reduce pain points and the supply chain, the dropshipping platform makes it simple to add a supplier and a product to an existing e-commerce business. Those operating the e-commerce store are still responsible for customer care, whereas dropshipping software handles most of the logistics once an order is placed.

  • Scalability

A dropshipper is a good idea because its infrastructure is already set up, and you can use it as needed. Since you are not building the supply chain, it is easy to grow. Most drop shippers want a store to buy a certain number of products ahead of time to be worth their time and money. For the retailer, scaling can mean buying more products upfront.

  • Low overhead

Dropshipping makes it much easier to start an e-commerce business with low overhead. Dropshipping software makes inventory management, order fulfillment, and management of custom orders much more accessible by eliminating the cost of keeping up a supply chain and sending out orders. Even though the margins aren’t as good as in a traditional retail business, it’s much faster and easier to set up because the costs are low.

  • Easy & Quick Setup

Drop-shipping software makes it quick and easy to start selling things on an e-commerce store. This is in addition to the low costs of doing so. Many software for dropshipping work with e-commerce platforms. Users choose what they want to sell, import it to their store, and buy any stock upfront. The dropshipping platform handles order fulfillment in the background and communicates directly with the dropshipper. This makes it easy for users to build relationships with different drop shippers.

Who Can Use Dropshipping Software?

  • E-commerce business owners

If you want to start selling things quickly without setting up a long supply chain, dropshipping software can help you get started. Dropshipping platform is made to work like a marketplace, so users can choose which items to sell in their store based on market value, bulk price, reviews of the product, and how fast it ships.

As a result, Dropshipping software speeds up the process of e-commerce for people who don’t have the resources to build their supply chain. This is done by making it easy for users to choose and highlight products in their store.

  • Drop shippers

Drop shippers use dropshipping software to find clients and fulfill orders placed by customers of retailers who sell their products. Dropshipping software’s back end usually handles order fulfillment and shipping information for the ordered products. Then, drop shippers can stay organized and fill all orders on time, no matter how many different stores sell their products.

Main Benefits Of Using A Dropshipping Software

While some of the advantages of dropshipping software are obvious from our discussion above, we’ve listed the most important ones in this section.

Operate business from any location

Dropshipping software allows you to manage your online business from anywhere as long as you get a supplier to deliver products to your customers’ locations. To conduct business, you do not need to be physically present near a customer or supplier location. You only need to enter supplier information into the system to begin accepting orders.

Sell a wide range of products.

Most retail or online stores specialize in a single product category (e.g., apparel, skincare, footwear). Dropshipping software, however, allows you to sell products from various categories—computers, smartphones, kitchen appliances, stationery, books, and more—without incurring enormous upfront inventory costs. You can also add or remove product categories based on supplier availability.

Provide more seller options to customers

Dropshipping software allows you to provide multiple seller options to your customers. For example, when a customer orders a product, the software routes the order to the best supplier based on delivery time or profit margin. If the supplier is out of stock, the software reroutes the order to the next suitable dropshipping supplier on the list.

Key Features Of Dropshipping Software

Here are some of the primary features of the dropshipping software:

Marketplace features

Some dropshipping software works like a marketplace, with products from different drop shippers that users can choose to sell in their stores based on price, reviews, and other factors.

Product reviews

Some dropshipping platforms let customers review products so that users can make better decisions about which ones to add to their stores. Users may also be able to choose whether to let their customers write reviews of their products. There may also be reviews from other stores.

Order fulfillment

Since the retailer isn’t taking care of customers’ orders, drop shippers need a way to take care of orders quickly and correctly. Order fulfillment features give the drop shipper information about what a customer ordered and how it was shipped. This lets the drop shipper keep a close eye on orders.

Integration of e-commerce platforms

Many dropshipping platforms integrate with e-commerce to provide a unified experience for retailers and customers. Dropshipping platforms can easily export products to an online store by integrating with e-commerce platforms, and crucial information from the customer can be easily communicated to the drop shipper to fulfill the order.

Fee calculator

The ability to automatically calculate taxes and shipping fees benefits customers and retailers. Retailers must comply with local tax laws to stay in business, and customers want to know how much they will pay for shipping upfront. In addition, drop shippers must also receive those shipping fees because they are frequently housed overseas, where shipping and customs fees to the United States and Europe are higher.

How Much Does Dropshipping Software Cost?

Dropshipping pricing is determined by the number of drop shippers and eCommerce platforms integrated, as well as the number of product listings and orders. Pricing starts at around $12 per month and can go up to $1,500 per month. Large-scale eCommerce businesses’ operations will require a price quote from a vendor. Free trials are available, and a few vendors provide free versions that support a limited number of products and orders.

E-commerce analytics

E-commerce analytics software allows e-commerce businesses to import and analyze data collected by their online store. This can be a valuable resource for retailers who use drop shipping to improve margins and quickly determine which products are in demand and which are not.


E-merchandising software assists e-commerce site owners in presenting their products to increase customer engagement. Product photos are one aspect of e-merchandising that drop shippers may lack. Therefore, it is critical to present product photos pleasingly to improve performance.

E-commerce personalization

E-commerce personalization software recommends products to customers based on their viewing and purchasing history. This can improve the customer experience by displaying products they may be interested in but unaware of.

Catalog management

Catalog management software assists e-commerce business owners in managing and organizing their product catalogs. Keeping product information organized makes it simple to update an online store and change prices as needed. This is particularly important for retailers who use drop shipping and other strategies.

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