4 Amazing editing tools for your Instagram food pics

Cristiana Trifu - Tekpon Author

There are two types of people in this world. Those who handle themselves and wait to take the perfect picture for Instagram of their food before eating. And those who plunge themselves into the dish right after it is served. Sure, I won’t ever get the first typology. But I admire their stoicism and strength when being face to face with the gastronomic temptation. Thus, their efforts should be complimented by Instagram editing tools to make their food pics outstanding. Moreover, if you are a food Instagram content creator, these tools will make your feed look more delicious!

Best photo editing tools to make your dishes tastier

Taking the perfect photo doesn’t happen in a minute. Sometimes the lighting is not right, and the final result might have too much exposure or shadowing. However, this is not the world’s end, thanks to Instagram editing tools that step up your food pics game. Let’s see which image manipulation apps are our picks of the day!


Fotor is a tool of a kind and will get along very well with your editing requirements. This photo editor is intelligent technology-powered. Its rich features allow content creators to adjust their photos, giving them a glowing look. Thus, color correction, adjusting image color, and high-resolution image outputs are just some of Fotor’s robust capabilities. Fotor has design templates that users can customize according to their content strategy.

Moreover, to put a spotlight on your dish, these photo editing tools offer transparent backgrounds. This way, every detail in the picture complements the other, and the composition is smooth and eye-catching. In short, Fotor can create cool edits for your Instagram food feed due to the wide range of customizable design templates. In addition, if you aren’t sure which photo to choose for posting, maybe the best solution is to create an aesthetic collage. And Fotor collage maker handles this very well.

Fotor Design Templates


A tool that provides seamless photo editing capabilities is InPixio. Its user-friendly and out-of-the-box feature suite can create aesthetic images in a breeze. We say that because InPixio is included in the photo editing apps suitable for non-experienced photo editors. 

InPixio allows content creators to remove unwanted objects from their pics using the object removal feature. Moreover, the background eraser ensures that your photo will look stunning and won’t be filled with random distractions in the back. This quick and easy Instagram photo editing platform has automation detection for unwanted objects. At the same time, the perspective tool allows users to straighten and change the angle of the photo. Also, InPixio comes with a crop image tool perfect to fit Instagram sizes and formats. 

Inpixio Object Remover

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is one of the best photo editing tools suitable for every professional photographer and social media content creator. This image manipulation app supports many camera RAW formats, provides tool sliders for easy adjustments and advanced features for HDR and panoramic photographs. More than this, you can create filter presets to save time and keep your photos consistent. And this is the beauty of Instagram content: consistency and a recognizable editing style. Adobe also has a crop image feature and straighten tool. Although Adobe Lightroom provides a broad spectrum of presets for landscape, headshots, baby and family photography, and weddings, we are also looking forward to seeing presets for food pics.  

Besides editing functionalities, Adobe Lightroom improves photographers’ workflow by providing them with a platform where they can keep the work organized and into place.

Adobe Lightroom Import Photos


VSCO is both a photo editing app and a sharing platform. It has great content creation tools such as photo filters and many presets. Overall, VSCO edits are primarily about the filter presets of exceptional quality. The only downside of this is that only subscribers can use all of them. Instead, non-paying users can enjoy only ten of them. However, you can purchase additional presets without a monthly or annual subscription. 

VSCO also works as a social network where people share their adjusted photos using this app. Moreover, you can take instant in-app photos and use filters in real-time. Then, you can post them easily on your VSCO feed and share them with the VSCO community. 

VSCO Functionalities

Photo editing tools can enhance the quality of your pictures. Every social media content creator should give a try to these four Instagram editing tools!