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Canva is a top-rated graphic design app used to create visual content such as flyers, logos, presentations, social media graphics, and many others. You can create your Canva design using any of the templates that are found on the app. Based on a detailed Canva review we did, Canva has a free version you can start with before you decide to go pro to explore more features. Additionally, Canva has a Canva Pro version and the Canva for Enterprise that comes with additional features.

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Pricing Model: Subscription

  • Free Trial
  • Free Version

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Canva Alternatives

Adobe Spark

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Canva – graphic design platform

Canva is a tool launched in 2013, and anyone in the world can use it to design and publish any creative visual content. Moreover, it’s a really easy-to-use online platform. If you want an accurate definition, Canva is a graphic design platform suitable for anyone who is not an experienced designer. You can use the Canva app to create any design like invoices, flyers, banners, or PDFs. Based on a Canva review we made, to create a Canva design on the Canva app, you can either choose to begin from scratch or use their templates.

What is Canva?

You don’t need to be an experienced graphic designer before you can create a Canva design. The Canva graphic design tool is a complete design tool for anyone who wants to be creative with designs. Also, you can use the Canva logo maker to create a logo for yourself or your business.

Using Canva online to create your designs would be best–users can’t use it offline. With Canva, you can create flyers, logos, PDFs, infographics, invoices, and many other visual contents. Based on your previous experience, you can either choose to create your Canva design from scratch or use the templates in the app.

Canva online graphic design

Canva has a web version, so you don’t need to download the app necessarily. Canva is suitable for marketers, social media managers, online entrepreneurs, and small business owners who need to design certain things quickly. In addition, Canva’s pricing is quite affordable. It has a free version and a paid version that starts at 12.95 dollars each month.

How to use Canva

 Whether you want access to the Canva resume, the Canva logo maker, the Canva flyer maker, or the Canva app, you will need to first turn on your internet connection before going to the Canva login page. If you want to use Canva to create a quick Canva design, follow these steps:

  • Choose your size and shape

Go to You will need to set up an account with them if you haven’t used it before. Then, click the ‘create a design’ button in the top right corner. You can either choose from several pre-selected sizes or from “custom dimensions.” You can easily create your design using a template with the right size for any social media platform on Canva.  Go ahead to select the size and shape for the Canva design you want to create for any social media platform of your choice.

  • Pick your background

There are many colors of backgrounds you can choose from on Canva for your design. You can select a plain color or pattern. There are abstract images and photos that you can select from too. You can also upload a photo from your device to use as your background.

  • Include your text

Go to “text” on the left-hand menu. You will see options for you to choose a simple text box or certain font combinations and effects. Select a font combination idea you like, then type in the quote you want to use. Please choose the one you want before using the round dots in every corner to make it bigger. You will see small purple lines that will appear so you can easily go to the center. Then, feel free to add your text to your canvas design.

  • Include your URL or name

If you want to add your URL or name to your graphic design, choose a text box and move it to the bottom. Then, choose the font menu at the top before adding your URL or name.

  • Save

Give your design a name so you can easily find it ok your device. Then go ahead to click the “download” button to download your image. Choose your most preferred format before saving it.

Canva features

There are so many Canva features that are available to you when you want to create a design. For example, you can choose to use the Canva watermark feature, the Canva photo editor or the curve text in the Canva feature, the transparent background Canva feature or the Canva templates feature, or the Canva presentation feature.

  • The Canva PDF editor will help you edit and convert your PDFs into online designs, import and edit PDF files right into Canva for free, and many more.
  • The curve text in the Canva feature will help you curve your text as whole text boxes rather than letters within a few minutes.
  • The image cropper feature will help you trim and crop your images to your preferred sizes.
  • Canva also has the additional text to photo feature.

Other features you can explore ok Canva are the photo straightener feature, the transparent background Canva feature, the design and photo grids feature, the frame, stickers, and the vignette feature.

Canva editor

Canva Pricing

If you’re wondering how much you will pay for this online graphic design platform, let’s find out! First of all, Canva offers a free version, and you can take advantage of it. Yet, if you want more from Canva, they offer other paid plans to choose from.

Starting From: $12.99/month (Monthly Plan)

Pricing Model: Subscription

Free Trial: 30-days - Credit Card Required

Canva Integrations

If you want to enjoy Canva at its full functionalities, you may want to know what integrations are available for this tool.

  • Shift
  • Schoology
  • Pardot
  • Post Planner
  • PowToon
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • OneDrive
  • LinkedIn
  • Slack

Canva Alternatives

Are you looking for an alternative to Canva? There are apps like Canva that you can explore to create beautiful designs. Adobe Spark is an example or a Canva alternative. Here is a list of some Canva alternatives:

  • Adobe Spark
  • PicMonkey
  • Crello
  • Creatopy
  • See All Alternatives

Canva Review Conclusions

To sum up this review, Canva is a complete design that users can use to create beautiful graphic designs within a few minutes. Canva is a web app that is very easy to use and is affordable too. According to the Canva review we made, you can use any of the numerous templates available on Canva to create your Canva design. You can also collaborate with your team members to work together on a design.

After creating your Canva design, you can share it with other people to view what you created. There are many ways you can share your work in Canva. It could either be through scheduling them for social media or printing your designs right in the Canva app.