How he used personal branding to co-author a book

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Co-writing a book with bootstrapped SaaS founders

Cristian: “Any tips for personal branding that worked for finding founders and convincing them?”

Bulat: “I think that nowadays you should start before building before like thinking about any idea, before thinking about how to execute, you should start building your personal brand online and that’s because your personal brand is always with you and with every year failure as a founder and every year win as a founder, the personal brand will gain just more value. Your audience will see you as a valuable person regardless of how many launches you have and regardless of how many startups you launched. Your personal brand is basically your like platform to do these multiple launches – it’s very important nowadays as always, but with the platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, it’s way easier to build it. Convincing startup founders I actually am kind of surprised sometimes how it’s easy to sign up them for the book and sometimes how it’s difficult to sign them for the book because once I approach the guy who has like 50k MRR and he just said yes it’s no problem. Other times I’m trying to approach someone with like 2k MRR, and they’re just too busy, but maybe they don’t understand that it’s great marketing for them.”

Cristian: “I think it’s important not to judge first and not have any conceptions before going in, so give everybody a chance”

Bulat: “Of course, I mean I’m trying to explain that hey it’s your co-marketing campaign, all founders will share the book and you’ll be exposed to different audiences, and potential customers. I’m trying to do this as a very good product for everyone, for the readers because there will be really good insights and learnings from founders and also to benefit founders because it will be a new audience for them and it will also be a good marketing tool for them.”