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What software should you use for your business?

Ever wondered what software you should use for your business? Meet Alex who will share his expertise

Go from failure to failure with your head up. It only takes one “Yes” to succeed!

Today we have a surprise prepared for you. We present you a webinar between Simon Squibb, Alexandru Stan, and David Bara, all serial entrepreneurs willing to share their experiences with you.

The three entrepreneurs manage to touch in fifty-five minutes on subjects such as success and failure in business, how to make a business successful, and the importance of network for success. Take a look at the table of content and view the video.

Table of Contents

  • 0:00 – 2:33: Intro – Simon Squibb
  • 2:34 – 4:00: Who is Alexandru Stan
  • 4:01 – 5:50: How to build a community
  • 5:51 – 7:54: How to manage an online community
  • 7:55 – 9:58: First advice for entrepreneurs
  • 9:59 – 12:12: How to deal with failure

  • 12:13 – 14:50: Marketing Tips
  • 14:51 – 16:49: Alex’s biggest failure
  • 16:50 – 19:00: About being positive and hot to get more energy
  • 22:21 – 25:15: How we can feel good/bad intention
  • 25:16 – 28:32: Simon Squibb is part of and Cogneve, INC.
  • 28:33 – 52:52: Let’s meet David and what he is doing for the world

We hope you enjoyed the webinar! Also, that you got some great insight and ideas for the problems you might encounter in your business.

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