How to improve your productivity as a service worker?

Cristiana Trifu - Tekpon Author

Until recently, it seemed that software was designed solely for companies and office workers until recently. Yet, on the other hand, a service worker has the same productivity enhancement needs as an employee who works in front of a computer. Take the examples of plumbers, electricians, waiters, housekeepers, home services, and so on. Regularly, they communicate with many individuals and receive numerous requests to provide their services.

As a result, to provide exceptional service, service workers must be well-organized, prompt, law-compliant, and establish good client relationships. Hence, field service management software is ready to assist them. In addition, these apps can be easily classified as productivity tools since they can help the service worker improve his workflow.

Best workforce management tools to increase a service business’ productivity 

As I said, a service worker is also striving to increase performance. At the same time, fieldwork needs a great deal of organization to provide good results. It goes without saying that if you run a service business, you want your personnel to be as efficient as possible. To increase the effectiveness of a service worker, you must provide tools that can help them perform their task.

Many workforce management tools handle task automation, employee scheduling, time tracking, invoice creation, or reporting. All of these are useful for keeping your employees on track and getting information that will assist you in making improvements to enhance everyday workflow substantially. Let’s look at some of the most reliable field service management tools. 

  1. Jobber

Getting your business organized is Jobber’s specialty. It works great for home services due to its useful features. For example, with Jobber, you can create employee schedules and invoices, estimate, quote, and get paid. This way, you are sure you won’t miss any client appointments. Jobber serves multiple functions such as scheduling app, customer management software, billing software, and field service management tool.

Every service worker can broaden their activities, plan appointments, and perform home services more efficiently. In addition, Jobber places high importance on customer communication. Thus, it offers a platform to communicate with customers effortlessly. This app allows customers to submit service requests online. Additionally, service workers can send them automated emails and text messages to keep them updated regarding every stage of the work. 

Jobber Home Services

Moreover, Jobber is a time tracking app that allows service workers to update the status of their completed tasks and in-progress work. In this way, the employer has an overview of the company’s productivity. Clients can use the Jobber payments tool to make digital payments for quotation deposits and invoices. Furthermore, the integration with Stripe allows clients to make credit card payments. 

  1. Connecteam

A workforce management software that aims to improve team collaboration comes from Connecteam. Connecteam is a shift scheduling app suitable for managing small business employees. This employee management tool’s friendly user interface is similar to social networking sites. Users can create posts, share files, add comments, and react to posts. 

Apart from that, Conecteam is largely used for the time tracking functionality. The Connecteam app’s time clock function allows every service worker effortlessly clock their shift. They can clock in and out using the built-in scanner or phone’s fingerprint as a safety measure. 

Connecteam Employee Time Tracking App

Moreover, you can see on the dashboard employee’s real-time location, which one is at work and who is out of the office. It might sound like a tool to monitor your employees to apply sanctions to them. But, in reality, this feature is helpful because it shows the company’s overall productivity and gives insights into what you can improve in the future. In addition, with the scheduling tool, you can create daily work plans and assign specific duties to your staff.

This way, every service worker knows what they need to complete on any given day. Furthermore, the app allows you to identify which employees have worked overtime and whether or not you need to pay them more. Finally, because feedback is an important element of the efficiency improvement process, Connecteam integrates well with forms and surveys.

  1. Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is an all-in-one tool to help every service worker from any industry. From plumbing, electrical, and custom home building to pest control and windows cleaning. This app streamlines the work in a service business by providing scheduling tools, dispatching, estimates, and the QuickBooks invoicing. You can create invoices with your company logo and send them via email or text messages. Moreover, it works as an automation tool because it automatically sends customer receipts and reminds clients of past-due payments. As for the QuickBooks integration, you can sync your invoices, clients’ data, line items, and payments without the risk of data duplication. 

Housecall Pro QuickBooks Integration

To sum up, productivity tools are not designed only for office work but also for service businesses. Thus, service businesses can use many field service management tools to increase work efficiency. Schedule appointments, stay in touch with customers, and improve your overall productivity with these workforce management tools!