How to start building your personal brand with Guillaume Moubeche

Author Cristian
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Tips for personal branding

Cristian: “What are your best tips for growing a personal brand?

Guillaume: “The first thing is to find a topic that you want to discuss. That can be two things, either the topic you want to become an expert at so,  let’s say I want to become the best entrepreneur, which means that everything that I’m going to learn about entrepreneurship, I’m gonna document it and share it. So every time you read an article, watch a post, or you learn something, write a post about this and post it. You could also do the past test, which is what you have learned in the last two years, and you can teach people all of that is similar in the sense that if you want to master something, you need to teach it. Writing to me is the best way to teach anything to anyone because whenever you think something is very clear in your mind and start writing it, you will see whether it’s true or not. Most of the time, people believe that they master something because everything seems clear out in their mind, but whenever you ask them to write it, everything feels like I haven’t thought about that this, it is not really clear, etc. For me, it’s like two options, option one – think of the things that you’ve learned in the past, and that’s where you can list down everything and start writing about it because you already mastered it or option two – just think about where you want to be in the next years and start writing about it you know, like as you go, so learn in public

Cristian: “Something that I know Gary Vee recommended is that you don’t have to create content, you just have to document your process, and it’s a simple shift that allows you to create the content and don’t have that fear of judgment. One more thing, it’s a saying that the teacher learns the most – when you teach something, you also learn it better yourself.

Guillaume: “Definitely, definitely.”