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Top 5 tools for a startup to succeed

Running a business might be difficult. But to set up a company from scratch, only with a dream, is tougher. This is why for a startup to succeed, it needs a solid basis. A lot of internal and external help. Much dedication, inspiration, and great strategies. If you plan to set up a startup, learn that you are not alone. And you won’t be throughout your journey. Besides people who can give you a helping hand, there is also software created exactly for your needs. Here I talk about any need you might have because these tools are designed to meet every desire and expectation. Be it productivity tools or network security software. 

Yet, the automation technology responds very precisely to your gratifications. To begin with, a business is comprised of people. Thus, collaboration software such as team productivity tools or project management programs enhance team communication and improve workflow.

Also, networking security services and payroll software have a prominent role in a business with big aspirations. Not to mention the significance of how to sell yourself and what image you create for your business outside. Essential software such as photo editing and graphic design tools can help you even if you are a beginner.

Best startup tools to grow your business

Having online collaborative tools at our disposal is an opportunity no one should miss. Especially when taking into account the current situation of remote work. To keep up with your team is the main aspect you should be concerned about. So, without further ado, we compiled a top 5 list with the most useful tools for a startup.

Being organized is the luxury that all businesses strive to achieve. is a great project management software that allows you to avoid time-consuming daily meetings and endless email discussions. It works as a CRM and is one of the most popular virtual collaboration software because it lets you manage and work on multiple projects with remote teams. This app tracks employee engagement with their overall activities. You can set deadlines and add notes to improve the workflow. Moreover, pricing plans offer five schemes depending on what features you want to get and how many members use them, costing $8 to $1,999 per month. Project Management TekponShift

Shift app is one of the most well-known businesses and productivity tools. Shift has a major contribution to keeping your life in place, mainly because it is a desktop app that cleans space for multiple email accounts and apps. In addition, it connects to your Google Calendar so that you can add important dates and create to-do lists. As one of the best productivity tools, Shift considerably improves your workflow by managing all your accounts and social apps on only one platform. This app gathers your favorite apps such as email accounts, social media channels, and Google suite. So, you won’t waste any time switching between apps and from one tab to another. 

Shift app


Your startup should use a logo design app to create an engaging visual identity for your business to gain traction. BrandCrowd is one online graphic design software known for its great functionalities as a logo maker. You can easily create your branding design, business cards, social media posts, banners, and many others. Moreover, you don’t need prior expertise to use BrandCrown. It is a perfect tool for beginners. BrandCrowd comes with multiple and customizable templates, an image library, and interactive content to help you streamline the creative process. 

BrandCrowd AdGuard

For the team collaboration and the entire startup to run smoothly, you need to take care of online security. To be sure you stay away from cyber security threats, AdGuard is there for you to ensure a secure connection. Besides blocking pop-ups, it keeps you safe from malicious ads that can put your device at risk. This way, data leaks or cyber-attacks won’t prejudice your business. 

AdGuard adblocker Tekpon


Finally, payroll software is great when you work remotely. Deel is that tool that handles your business’s financial part, such as tax forms, invoices generation, or compliance documents collection. Furthermore, Deel allows you to hire people despite their geolocation. Also, it is a useful and detailed solution for remote payroll.

Deel overview Tekpon

The recipe for a successful startup requires many ingredients. But when these ingredients are just a click away, everything becomes much simpler. Thus, productivity, management tools, security software, payroll programs, and graphic design services are key to thriving businesses.