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Top 5 tools for content writers to use in 2022

Cristiana Trifu - Tekpon Author

I have heard many people saying that writing is not for them throughout my life. They don’t get how someone could write articles and research studies clearly and engagingly. And that they don’t know what to do to upskill. It may look that the appanage of content writing is passion and creativity. However, I have learned that traditional knowledge about writing is just not enough for a long time now. Nowadays, blog posts and social media are no longer diaries you keep for personal use only. This personal use has the potential to become a selling masterpiece. Thus, to be in trend and on point with your communication, you might try some content writers tools. 

Article writing tools are your go solution for creating clear, compelling, and search engine optimization-friendly texts. In the next section, we’ll give you some tips for the best apps you should use.

Five content writer tools you should use to improve your articles

But before we dive in, we want to reinforce the importance of grammar, clarity, readability, and, of course,  SEO content writing when you start this journey. So let’s see what our picks for 2022 are!


Grammarly is our number one pick. Using it daily, we discovered every secret about it and its capabilities, which are a lot. Grammarly is the tool on that every content writer should base their articles. You can take this tool as a reliable English assistant. Yes, English is the only language that works with Grammarly. But it surely improves your texts if you are a non-native. This writing tool is great for giving you writing tips about clearness and readability. The platform also detects grammatical mistakes and misspellings. Moreover, your tone of voice will remain consistent due to Grammarly’s tone detector feature. 

Grammarly Writing Tool


Outstanding writing is the phrase that best describes WordTune. When talking about the WordTune app, we should say it is an AI-driven content creation platform. What it does is fine-tune your essays, emails, blog and social media posts, contracts, and many others. Besides grammar and tone checker, WordTune helps writers with sentence formatting and style editor. Thanks to AI technology, this tool understands your whole text and gives suggestions for improving it. In addition, it avoids ideas redundancy and completes your sentences with appropriate ideas and words. Autocorrect and engagement metrics are other useful features you can get with WordTune. 

WordTune Productivity Tools


We see QuillBot as a quintessential productivity tool that should be included in a content writer’s routine. This paraphrasing tool works for digital content creation and writing business documents or research papers. What makes it stand out is its ability to check your grammar and summarize your piece of text, and it also has the functionality of a citation generator. A highly customizable tool, users can change how QuillBot rephrases the text. It is like giving you full control of your work. Whether you want to sound formal or enhance your vocabulary, the QuillBot app is not a software to miss out on!

What is WuillBot


ProWritingAid is one of the best content writers tools that works smoothly for digital marketing writing and other types of content. After giving it a try, it seems to us a teacher that is prepared to help at any moment and give accurate feedback on your writing. This easy-to-use tool allows you to check texts’ grammar and style. Spelling, style issues, readability improvements, any error won’t get away from the watchful eye of ProWritingAid. Furthermore, this tool presents in-depth reports, perhaps more than any other editing software. The service can be used almost on every platform, such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, HTML, Rich Text, Open Office, and Scrivener. 

ProWritingAid Writing Tool


Beewriter is another powerful essay tool that checks your writing in real time. It is not uncommon for a content writer to feel uninspired at times. But Beewriter works as an inspiration source for the lack of creativity. This content writing tool finds the right words for you, compares different wording options, and resolves grammar errors in no time.

BeeWriter Overview

So don’t waste any more time! Test these creation tools and see how you can become better at creating content. Your creative pieces are looking forward to this decision.