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WordTune is powered by AI technology that assists you throughout the entire writing process, understanding what you try to say. You can call it a rephrase tool because it gives suggestions on how to improve your writing in terms of clarity, comeliness, and tone of voice. Moreover, this writing assistant is a Chrome extension that works in any digital place you want to write, like Gmail, Google Docs, Facebook, and many others. Additionally, the rephrase tool allows you to use it across browsers without the extension via WordTune Editor. Finally, it is a web page to copy and paste the content you want to check.

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WordTune – your AI writing tool

Apps that incorporate AI technology fight a tough battle with each other. The WordTune app is a bit new, launched in 2020. But due to its amazing features, it manages to be a heavy competition to other popular writing tools. This WordTune review encompasses everything you need to know about this tool to have a clearer picture before reaching for writing software. After testing it, we can say that the platform not only helps you to rewrite sentences but make your entire written content remarkable. 

WordTune rewriting tool - review by Tekpon

What is WordTune?

Coming back to the main purpose of this review, let’s see what WordTune is really about. Firstly, this tool belongs to the productivity proofreading platforms that support anyone who wants to write. Content writers, copywriters, researchers, businesses, or students’ creative processes can be fine-tuned using this app. You can write personal emails, create documents for clients, and blog posts, write articles and research papers, and exchange instant messages with your colleagues. This app can deal with all of these uses. 

WordTune review by Tekpon

What makes a piece of content be considered well-written? Is it the narrative thread? Is it its comprehensiveness, readability, or authenticity? Could it be all of these? As a content writer, I asked myself the same questions. And I’ve concluded that a good piece of work is written with honesty while putting yourself in the reader’s shoes.

It is all of the aspects mentioned earlier, including the last. Then, of course, you need great techniques and … software for this to happen. This WordTune review will see why this rephrase tool can make your writing outstanding.

Writing tools can make your articles easier to read and more engaging. Surely, WordTune is no less than others. It is available in English only, but even if you are an English speaker or a non-native, your can improve your vocabulary and become a better writer. In addition, your writing efforts are sustained in real-time because the app can spot mistakes right after you put them in your document. 

How to use WordTune? 

WordTune helps you express better what you are thinking, so I guess this sums up the entire process of working with this tool. Not to mention that you can easily log in to the platform and use it instantly. Because we got to this point, I will explain how WordTune login works. 

Go to the Google Chrome web store, search for the WordTune extension, and install it. After this, a WordTune login page will open. You can log in with your Google account, Facebook, Email address, or continue without an account. In addition, you can pin the extension into the Chrome toolbar.

Now, you are all set in. You will be presented with the pricing plans and all their features. All that remains is for you to go on web pages and give WordTune a spin. It is available on Google Docs, LinkedIn, Gmail, Twitter, WhatsApp Web, Slack Web, Outlook Web, and Facebook. It works with the main social platforms giving you the possibility to express yourself better in all aspects of your digital life. 

WordTune rewriting tool - review by Tekpon

Start by writing a sentence in your editor, highlighting it, and hitting the rewrite icon. WordTune app Editor will give you a selection of rephrased sentences you can choose from. In addition, the app provides you with formal or informal alternatives to your sentence, with a different tone of voice phrases, with long or short reformulations. 

Also, while using this tool, you will be given suggestions of words more appropriate for the context you are trying to build. This saves much time and improves your productivity. Because the app gives you immediate sentence alternatives and words recommendations, you will not have to drain your energy into thinking of the best way to put your ideas.

Furthermore, WordTune offers plenty of rewriting options you can choose from. If you are not pleased with the first, go with the second or tenth. Choose the selection that represents you the best.

WordTune Features

Due to its features, we can say that WordTune is one of the best proofreading apps on the market. However, it is not the free version that makes it great, but the paid options that offer a broad spectrum of useful functionalities. And we will focus on those.

  • Grammar Check

Sometimes you might be out of focus and have a couple of glitches in your writing content. WordTune has the capability of recognizing grammar mistakes in your text. We include grammar errors like misspelling, punctuation, run-on sentences, and fragments. This is a useful feature because it makes your text qualitative, accurate, clear, readable, and error-free. Moreover, it watches out for your sentence’s length and overall text clarity. 


  • Tone Checker

Thanks to AI-driven technology, WordTune can detect the tone of voice in your content. Due to this feature, you can ensure that your article keeps its line and a smooth flow of ideas. You can set how you want to sound your text like. You can opt for formal or informal writing or any feeling and emotional tone you want to convey. Perhaps you want to sound compelling and professional while presenting products and services, or you may want to go with a casual tone for a blog post or an email. And you really can do this!

Check your tone with WordTune

  • Sentence formatting

To avoid the risk of repeating ideas, the sentence formatting option can give suggestions to improve your writing flow. In some way, because it assists you throughout the entire writing process, you can say that this tool gives you back control over your ideas. 

  • Style Editor

Also, it can evaluate your writing style and lets you customize it based on what you want to say. Because it can get challenging to select the appropriate words to express yourself, WordTune has your back. It can add relevant words to your sentence to make the most out of your ideas. It gives you directions to match the style you want for your text. And it is really helpful when you have a vague idea in your mind but can’t manage to make it a reality. Then, WordTune can compose the sentence correctly in line with the style you thought of. 

Shorten & Expand phrases with WordTune

  • Sentence rephrasing

If you run low on other ways to put your ideas, WordTune sentence rephrase helps you with synonyms, idioms, and alternate phrases to express yourself better. Most of the time, when I could not formulate my thoughts well, WordTune quickly got what I was trying to say and gave me valuable rephrasing recommendations. It predicts the words based on the inputs that you give.

You might be a content writing guru, but you will be surprised by this tool’s capabilities. You can see this as a tool to find inspiration. Through the wide range of suggestions, you can see great sentence alternatives and the many ways a text can be written. Testing this feature, we discovered one drawback with longer sentences. It is more of a sentence-to-sentence prediction than a paragraph prediction. 

  • Multi-language

Although the app supports only English rewriting sentences, if it happens to be a non-native, the app can translate texts from other languages into English. This feature supports Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Hebrew, and Russian. Along with the features mentioned above, you can find other interesting functionalities, like:

  • Autocorrect
  • Activity 
  • Engagement Metrics

WordTune Pricing

WordTune seems to address anybody even when it is about the pricing range. The free version has only the basic feature, Rewriting. But, this functionality is limited to twenty rephrase selections daily. The premium pricing plan starts from $9.99 per month and is billed yearly. It gives you unlimited rewrite tool uses, unlimited casual and formal tones, and shortened and expanded options. Within this plan, you can get customer support.

See all Features

The last plan is Premium for Teams which integrates all the features designed for the WordTune app. With this team billing plan, your team will enjoy unlimited functionalities like exploring ways to rephrase sentences, choosing the right tone to match your topic, or changing the length of the text. And, of course, you will get prioritized service. For the pricing plan, you have to contact WordTune for an offer. 

WordTune Alternatives

Since we are digital natives looking continuously for software to make our lives easier, it is not unexpected to find variations of writing tools on the market. However, if you are not convinced of this AI-driven software’s worthiness of being your project writing companion, we will give you a few alternatives to WordTune. 

WordTune vs. Grammarly

If you have already used or heard about Grammarly, you are right to say, ‘There is Grammarly. Why do I need another writing tool like WordTune?’ Both are AI-driven writing tools, but they are used for different reasons. 

While Grammarly is an assistant that ensures your grammar is on point, WordTune is a piece of software that thinks and rethinks what you are trying to say. The first one focuses on grammar, spelling, readability, and sentence clarity—the last help you express yourself better.

And one of the differences between those two is that WordTune manages to give words synonyms that match your context perfectly. As a result, it understands what you want to say and where you are going with your text, while Grammarly has more general approaches without understanding your sentence’s context.

Grammarly Editor

Still, Grammarly is a very good alternative to WordTune, but that depends on why you would like to have a writing assistant. If you want to spot spelling and grammar mistakes and have your text error-free, Grammarly might be your winner. It also gives rephrasing and switching words suggestions for better clarity and readability.

Another notable difference is the pricing plan offered by these two. WordTune has a lower price than Grammarly. So, we have seen that both writing tools might look the same at first glance. However, the details make a big difference because they speak to your needs.  

WordTune vs. QuillBot

QuillBot is another great writing tool that can assist you during your creative process. It is a web-based paraphrasing and rewriter tool and grammar checker that can also understand the context before suggesting changes. This might be a life-changing program for content writers due to the 7 Quill Modes that allow them the freedom to express themselves the way they want.

These modes provide different tones. You can choose a formal approach to your text, a simple one that makes the text easy to read, adds new words, or removes unnecessary ones from the text without changing the meaning. 

QuillBot app can easily summarize your texts, create citations, or generate your next sentence. QuillBot uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing algorithms which give you distinctive and unique rewritten sentences adapted to your settings. 

WordTune vs. QuillBot -review Tekpon

Among the things that distinguish it from WordTune is the ‘Fix all errors’ feature that allows you to accept all the suggestions and rephrase the sentences with only one click. Quillbot is a writing tool solution with an easy-to-use interface, interesting features, and functionalities. At the same time, it is also a more affordable writing assistant. So, if you are on a budget, Quillbot would help you save a considerable amount of money. 

WordTune Review Conclusions 

I hope that this WordTune review helped you find the answer to my opening question. Writing for different audiences takes a lot of target understanding, empathy, creativity, and inspiration. And WordTune seems to have them all. As we saw together, WordTune is a useful rephrase tool for everyone who has to work on any writing project. Moreover, this app goes beyond grammar and misspelling checking. Its ability to understand what you are trying to say and adapt its rewriting selections to your context makes WordTune a reliable writing solution. 

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