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What is QuillBot?

QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool that lets you easily rephrase your content. It utilizes state-of-the-art AI to rephrase the content. It also has a free-to-use Grammar Checker, Summarizer, Citation Generator, and Co-Writer. You can use QuillBot for free, but it is very limited and best used with its paid plan. Users can change the Quill mode, completely customizing how QuillBot rephrases the text.

Moreover, the web-based paraphrasing tool lets you easily paraphrase your content. It utilizes the content using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence(AI). To achieve the result, it changes the synonyms and understands the context before making any changes.

Moreover, you can choose between seven Quill modes to change the paraphrased work. For example, if you want to balance meaning and paraphrased text, then Standard for you. On the other hand, if you want more freedom, you can go Creative, which can completely change the meaning of the text. The other Quill modes include formal, simple, expand, shorten, and fluency. Users can also utilize these modes effectively for content writing.

Apart from paraphrasing, QuillBot also offers a grammar checker – a free tool that lets you quickly check the grammar and spelling of your content. The other tools offered by QuillBot include:

  • Summarize: Easily summarize your text
  • Citation Generator: Create a citation for your work
  • Co-Writer: It is an excellent way to write your paper as it comes with an easy way to research, generate citations or use AI to generate your next sentence.

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Pricing Details:

Quillbot pricing plan is fairly simple it comes with either a Free plan which is limited in features and users and a premium one unlimited in all.

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  • Grammar Check
  • Text Editing
  • Style Check
  • Spell Check
  • Search/Filter
  • Contextual Guidance
  • Assisted Content Creation
  • Automated Text Generation
  • Text Similarity Detection
  • Plagiarism Detection
  • Punctuation Check


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QuillBot – paraphrasing & grammar checker tool

Are you looking for an essay typer or a paraphrasing tool that lets you manage your content project or your school essay? If you do, then check out QuillBot. It is a paraphrasing/rewriter tool that lets you easily rephrase your content. It also comes with a good grammar checker tool that lets you remove any grammar or spelling mistakes. In our QuillBot review, I will explore how QuillBot paraphrases fairs as a rephrase as I will cover different aspects of the tool, including its features, pricing, and ease of use.

How to use QuillBot?

QuillBot is easy to use. To use QuillBot, you need to go to their website. Once you land, you will find the paraphrasing editor. All you need to do is paste your content, change modes and adjust the synonyms. Once done, you need to click on the Paraphrase button, and from there, QuillBot will do the rest. Also, QuillBot will utilize artificial intelligence and natural language processing algorithms to give you unique paraphrased content based on your setting. This way, you can use QuillBot as a rewriter tool or an article rewriter.

If you want to save your work, you need to create an account and log in. However, it is unnecessary, and you can use QuillBot without creating an account. Similarly, people can use other grammar Checkers, summarizers, and Citation Generator tools.

QuillBot Detailed Features

QuillBot is primarily a paraphrasing tool powered by A.I. However, it does come with other useful tools that can help you improve your productivity, make changes faster, and let you deliver clear messages to your audience.

The five products offered by QuillBot include:

  • Paraphraser
  • Grammar Checker
  • Summarizer
  • Citation Generator
  • Co-Writer

Let’s go through each of the product features below.

  • Paraphraser

The Paraphraser is the core QuillBot product. Quillbot advertises itself as a paraphrasing tool that lets users easily rephrase sentences, paragraphs, and articles. The paraphrases utilize state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to enhance rewriting while ensuring it takes context into account. Unlike other Paraphrase or article rewriters in the market, it focuses more than just changing synonyms. Instead, it takes context into account, which improves the paraphrased content.

The key features offered by QuillBot Paraphraser include:
  • Vocabulary enhancement: QuillBot offers vocabulary enhancement, letting users improve their vocabulary when using the tool. So, if you are looking to build your vocab, you can use the feature to your great advantage. You also get to choose how many synonyms you want to change. The free version provides the first two levels, while the third is locked for the premium version.
  • Modes: QuillBot also offers seven different modes that let you change how the paraphrase works. These modes provide different tones and help the tool understand what you want to do. Out of the seven modes, only fluency and standard modes are available in the free plan, while all seven are available in the premium plan. These seven modes include:
    • Standard: When you start using QuillBot, you will find that Standard is the default mode. The standard mode brings balance to the paraphrased text without changing the meaning of the text too much.
    • Formal: The formal mode lets you set the paraphrasing tool to sound professional. It would help if you used the mode when writing business emails or academic content.
    • Simple: The simple mode makes your text easy to read and understand for your audience.
    • Fluency: With fluency mode, you can make your text more believable with special care on grammar. Also, the fluency mode makes the least amount of changes as it has the synonym set to low.
    • Expand: The expand mode lets you increase the length of the text by adding new words.
    • Creative: The creative mode is where you can experiment the most, as most changes occur. You can expect a completely different text using the mode.
    • Shorten: With the shorten mode, you can remove unnecessary words and shorten your work without changing any meaning.

  • Clean Editor: You get an easy-to-use clean editor to work with.
  • Web-based: QuillBot is web-based which makes it accessible from anywhere you want.

  • Grammar Checker

QuillBot Grammar Checker is another handy tool that you can use for your writing needs. It is a free online grammar checker where you can easily fix your grammar, punctuation errors, and spelling. The tool is very handy for basic grammar checks. It also checks to spell, making it easy for you to fix typos or wrongly typed words. You can also opt to write directly to the editor. If you do so, it will promptly tell you about the mistakes.

However, the biggest feature offered by QuillBot is one-click, “Fix all errors.” This will change all the suggestions in one go. You can copy-paste your work or write in the editor to use the tool. The tool is best suited for students working on their assignments and quickly checking their work for grammar, spelling, or punctuation.

In summary, you get the following features with the Grammar checker:
  • One-click Fix all issues button.
  • Promptly tell the user about any mistakes when using the editor.
  • Work with copy-paste
  • No word limitation
  • Completely free to use 

  • Summarizer

The summarizer tool lets you quickly summarize your input text. With it, you can easily summarize your documents, papers, or articles with a single click. In the end, you will get key points summarized. In addition, you can choose to put the output as key sentences or paragraphs. Moreover, you can also choose the summary length, moving the slider between short and long. Lastly, you can also choose a keyword to improve the summary.

With Summarizer, you get the following features:
  • Quickly summarize your text
  • Choose keywords to improve the summary text
  • Set summary text to key sentences or paragraph
  • Choose summary text length using slider between short and long.

  • Citation Generator

With QuillBot Citation Generator, you can quickly generate citations for your work in MLA, APA, and Chicago style. In addition, you can use the tool to write citations for your document, presentations, and essays. Like Summarizer and Grammar Checker, Citation Generator is also free to use.

  • Co-Writer

QuillBot recently added Co-Writer- an AI-powered tool that offers a unified place to write your papers or do your work. You can use the Co-Writer to keep your research refined and organize it in the best possible way. Researching a topic is also easy with QuillBot, as you can easily research your topics directly from the editor. All you need to do is enter an URL or search topic and then click on “Pull Source.” Moreover, you can also generate citations using a single right-click.

The AI also plays a key role in your work as you can use Ctrl + Spacebar to generate the next sentence quickly. Moreover, you can also take advantage of the QuillBot paraphrase and quickly rewrite or rephrase your work when needed. You also access content statistics to check the content’s readability, words, sentiments, reading time, paragraphs, and sentences.

To summarize, you get the following features with Co-Writer.
  • Easily organize your work
  • Generate citations with a single right-click
  • Research topics directly from the editor
  • Use AI to write your next sentence by pressing Ctrl + Spacebar
  • Type down your thoughts and ideas on the Notebook.

QuillBot Cost

QuillBot offers both free and paid options. Let’s go through them below.

  • Free

The free version gives you access to all QuillBot features. However, you get limited usage with the free plan. With the free plan, you get the following:

  • 125 words paraphrase
  • Two writing modes
  • 1200 words summarizer
  • Three synonym options
  • One phrase or Freeze word
  • Two sentences processed at once
  • Access to Doc and Google Chrome extensions

  • Premium

The premium version starts at $7.95 USB if billed monthly. If you opt to get the semi-annual plan, you will get it at $4.99 US per month, where $29.95 is billed every six months. QuillBot also offers an annual plan to save 58% cost with annual pricing at $39.95 per year and $3.33 per month.

To summarize, the Premium plans are:

  • Monthly: $7.95 per month
  • Semi-annual: $4.99 per month, $29.95 every six months
  • Annual: $3.33 per month, $39.95 per year

All the plans come with a 100% money-back guarantee which you can exercise within three days of purchase. Moreover, QuillBot also supports subscription pause, where you can temporarily pause the subscription if you intend not to use it.

The key features that you get with QuillBot Premium include:

  • Seven writing modes
  • Paraphrase unlimited words
  • 6000 summarized word limit
  • 4 Synonyms options
  • 15 sentences processed at once
  • Google Chrome and Doc extensions
  • Compare modes available via desktop
  • Unlimited phrases and Freeze Words

Alternatives to QuillBot

QuillBot is not the only paraphrasing software out there. Irrespective of its features, many may find QuillBot limiting, especially for the free version. The premium plan is also a limitation, and if you are someone who works with huge documents, you need to find an alternative. Another significant limitation is the lack of checking or updating multiple documents.

The paraphrased tool performance is also not consistent. Sometimes, it works wonders, and you get a perfect paraphrased result. Other times, it fails to reach your desired quality, and you need to redo the paraphrasing multiple times to get the desired result. Apart from that, the grammar tool is still under active development. Therefore, even if you use it, you must go through your content manually to ensure it is grammatically correct.

So, what are your alternatives? Let’s explore below.

  • Spinbot

If you work on a larger piece of content, then you will find Spintbot a great option for your work. The Spinbot free plan is very generous, where you can rewrite up to 10K characters, which is more than what QuillBot has on offer. Moreover, you do not have to sign up to use their service. If you find their service interesting, you can also go for the premium plan to save time without the need to fill captcha or go through ads. Spinbot pricing starts at $10 per month or $75 per year.

  • Conversion AI

Conversion AI is the best QuillBot alternative out there. With it, you can generate natural-sounding and unique content. Conversion AI is a step forward for QuillBot as you can generate an article by simply entering keywords. This means it supports AI-based content generation with keyword or topic input. You can also choose the type of content you want to generate, including short-form or long-form content. Another benefit that comes with it is the Surfer SEO integration which lets you further optimize your content. The Conversion AI prices start at $29 per month with a 20K words per month limit. They also offer unlimited words via their Pro plan, which starts at $109 per month.

  • WordAi

WordAi is an article rewriter solution that you can use to paraphrase your content. As you may have guessed, WordAI uses artificial intelligence to rewrite or paraphrase your work. Overall, WordAI is very easy to use and comes with tons of features, including artificial intelligence, multiple languages support, direct content import, SEO content support, and much more. It comes with a three-day free trial with pricing starting at $27 per month if you go for their yearly plan.

  • Grammarly

Grammarly is not a direct alternative to QuillBot, but still a good alternative to QuillBot if you are looking for a grammar checker. Thus, Grammarly is a well-known AI and NLP-powered grammar and spell checker. Currently, it has more than 10 million daily users worldwide. It offers both free and paid options. The free version is limited but provides great assistance when checking your writing project for spelling or grammar mistakes.

It also provides real-time checking and alerts you instantly when you make a mistake. Apart from grammar and spell check, you also get a competent plagiarism checker. Other key features include checking documents with different writing styles and paid grammar-checking options via real people. Grammarly is available in different ways, including browser extension, Microsoft Word, desktop app, and Grammarly web tool. The paid Grammarly plan starts at $12 per month if you buy their annual plan.

QuillBot vs. Grammarly

By now, you should be interested in knowing the key difference between QuillBot and Grammarly. Fundamentally, both are different toolsets with slightly different target audiences. For example, if you want to focus on rephrasing your content, then QuillBot is for you. As for Grammarly, it is suited for users who want to make their content error-free. However, Grammarly’s ability to provide synonyms can be effectively used as a paraphraser. The Grammarly plagiarism checker also lets you check plagiarism which QuillBot doesn’t support.

To summarize the key differences, let’s go through the following criteria:

  • Grammar checker: Grammarly comes with a high industry standard grammar and spelling checker. QuillBot, on the other hand, offers a basic grammar checker that does the job but is not as consistent as Grammarly.
  • Paraphrasing: QuillBot offers an excellent paraphrasing feature, whereas Grammarly doesn’t haven’t any such feature.
  • SEO tools: Grammarly doesn’t come with any SEO tools, whereas QuillBot offers SEO tools to grow your business and attract a new audience.
  • Customer support: QuillBot provides support via chat and phone. On the other hand, Grammarly offers support via phone and is responsive.

QuillBot Review Conclusions

In our QuillBot review, I found that QuillBot is a good paraphrasing tool that lets students, markets, and writers rephrase or rewrite their content. State-of-the-art artificial intelligence makes it a worthy tool as it adopts the inputs and becomes better with time. Moreover, the rephrasing is done not to bring in new grammatical mistakes.

QuillBot’s value resides in its paid tool. The free version is very limited and is best suited to learning about QuillBot. However, you can use other free tools offered by QuillBot, including Grammar Checker, Summarizer, Citation Generator, and Co-Writer. Overall, the QuillBot paraphrase is a good pick if you are looking for a paraphrase or rewriter tool.