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Why is it important to implement a live chat on your website

Tekpon Author - Ana-Maria Stanciuc

Competition and the connections

Websites are the primary source of introduction and communication among visitors and service providers. Unfortunately, several organizations provide the same services with different names. As a result, customers have a lot of choices if one vendor is not responding properly. Therefore, it is recommended to have a link such as FAQs or live chat to answer the queries popping into the mind of customers.

Many websites contain the same, but the service is not active enough to proceed further except few automated answers. This leaves a negative impression on the reputation and revenue of the organization. Satisfaction of the customer is possible only through effective communication.

How to communicate effectively?

Multiple options are available to answer the questions and satisfy the doubts of the customers. Websites contain a specific interface such as “contact us.”  This section contains the email, phone number, and social media page information to contact or have more information about the product and services offered by the specific organization.

But this is not enough as telephone, mobile phones, and emails cannot be replied to in bulk quality. A proper customer relations department is necessary to reply to the visitors. Live chat is a suitable option as it is an easy and cost-effective method for customers and organizations. Moreover, an attachment facility can improve communication.


Some tools for effective communication

Here are two of many chat tools for effective communication. And they are widely used worldwide due to their efficient functionality. These tools are available in all communication gadgets, and one can easily use them to convey messages in seconds to any corner of the globe.

  • Landbot

Landbot is the most effective online chatting platform for communication, promotion, and marketing processes among business organizations and customers (B2C). This chatbot uses UI elements to create a spontaneous chat interface without coding. In addition, this application has customizable features to enhance its usability. Yet, if you don’t believe us, you can always read our Landbot review to learn more about this tool and how it can be useful to your business.

Improved customer management, better leads, personalized, effective communication according to the customer’s needs, enhanced entrepreneurship, automated data collection, better conversion ratio, and survey information collection are some renowned functions that can be played through this application.


Its prominent features include a code-free drag and drop interface, predesigned templates for lead generation, customer support during a product launch, media integration for multichannel conversation, customization for natural chatting, and many other advanced features. In addition, starter, business, and professional plans are available so a user can select according to his needs and affordability.

  • ManyChat

It’s a perfect solution for people who want to automate their business response and advertisement. ManyChat is an AI-based system that mimics human speech patterns (written or oral). This solution best suits Facebook messenger for better communication with customers on behalf of a business.

Its automation rules, syntax, and captivating bot creation feature fulfill the needs of a business for a live chat on a website. This makes message broadcasting, drip advertising, marketing, focusing on market segments, and lead conversion easier. But in our ManyChat review, you will find more of its features and utility.

ManyChat - chatbot - review by Tekpon

Flow builder interface in it enables the users to organize chat, user information view helps to watch the audience, AI and NLP enable to respond to messages according to given keywords, multichannel support the users to add other platform chat on it, and pre-designed templates are also available to help the users to design a chatbot.

Key benefits of using live chat on a website

Here are some of the benefits of launching live chat on websites.

  • High conversion: Chat is the source of customer satisfaction. Objections, questions, and doubts are removed through effective communication. In this way, chats increase the sales volume of the business.
  • Cost Reduction: It helps to reduce costs as promotion is covered automatically when customers get direct information. Chats let them know how the products and services might be helpful for them. In this way, the message of the organization reaches out effectively.
  • Enhanced Credibility: A strong relationship through customer satisfaction is possible, which increases credibility. Credibility and trust are the priceless assets of an organization that you can buy at any cost, but influential communication can do it alone.
  • Happier Customers: Live chat plays an important role in making customers happy as most questions are answered satisfactorily. This happy customer would be fruitful as they will promote the business free of cost.
  • Proactive measures: It helps to be proactive as data collected through chats helps to make early decisions. This data is more reliable than data collected through any other source.


Live chat is necessary for customer satisfaction. And customer satisfaction should be the primary focus of a business. Moreover, conventional chat and messengers cannot perform this function actively. The use of technology is the only solution to keep pace with the modern world. Efficient use of tools enables us to answer all the customers effectively.